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Aug 25, 2012 @ 6:22pm
Nov 28, 2012 @ 4:41am
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UPDATE 1.2 Nov 28, 2012

Quest updates:

In order to begin A Trace of Aetherium: you must be at least level 10 and have already killed Sahloknir

In order to begin Synearil's Legacy: after completing A Trace of Aetherium, you must return to Synearil's Shrine and pray to Talos

Thanks to Mizzou for the excellent suggestion!
UPDATE 1.1 Nov 20, 2012

Two new quests added, A Trace of Aetherium and Synearil's Legacy.

These quests make it possible to craft the Dovah Mir, a magical talisman you can give to your follower to protect them from friendly fire damage by player shouts.

Other changes in v1.1 include:

- Third word of Ice Form enhanced with an AoE Ice Form Blast
- Fire Breath fixed so VFX imagespace is appropriate for fire
- First word of Fire Breath and Frost Breath damage reduced slightly
- Unrelenting Force damage reduced to vanilla (but force is more powerful for third word)
- Third word Dismay has new visual effect
- Third word Throw Voice summons decoy and allows player to remain undetected

Many thanks to B1gBadDaddy, Herko_ter_Horst, hellay-fr, Irfeir and Black RL for all your help with this update! And special thanks to Chesko, who suggested the idea of the Dovah Mir talisman.

The goal of this mod is to enhance the fun and usefulness of some of the less popular dragon shouts. The damage dealt by Fire Breath and Frost Breath has been significantly increased, and many of the shouts have been tweaked in various ways. Now you can engage in a battle of the Thu'um with the deadliest dragons of Skyrim.

In particular it seemed if the player goes through the effort to find and unlock the third word of any dragon shout, it should be both fun and useful. Accordingly, the third words of several shouts have new secondary effects.

Also available on the Nexus:

Changes to the shouts:

First Word:
Radius: 75ft → 150ft
Duration: 30s → 30s
Cooldown: 50s → 35s
Max Level: 20 → 15

Second Word:
Radius: 150ft → 250ft
Duration: 45s→ 60s
Cooldown: 60s → 45s
Max Level: 20 → 30

Third Word:
Radius: 250ft → 350ft
Duration:45s→ 100s
Cooldown: 70s → 60s
Max Level: 20 → 70
Added: The power of the Thu'um summons mighty beasts of the forest to aid the Dragonborn.

Slight cooldown reduction, third word has temporary boost to Sneak and Pickpocket skills.


First Word
Cooldown: 30s → 15s
Max Level: 12 → 20

Second Word
Cooldown: 35s → 20s
Max Level: 20 → 30

Third Word:
Cooldown: 40s → 25s
Max Level: 30 → 49

First Word
Cooldown: 40s → 15s
Max Level: 7 → 20
Duration 30s → 30s

Second Word
Cooldown: 45s → 20s
Max Level: 15 → 30
Duration 30s → 30s

Third Word:
Cooldown: 50s → 25s
Max Level: 24 → 50
Duration 30s → 40s
Added: The Dismay shout is so forceful that even undead flee in fear.


First Word
Damage: 50/s for 1 sec → 60/s for 3s
Cooldown: 30s → 20s
Stagger Push: 0.05 → 0.25

Second Word
Damage: 70/s for 1 sec → 70/s for 3 sec
Cooldown: 50s → 35s
Stagger Push: 0.50 → 1.25

Third Word:
Damage: 90/s for 1s → 100/s for 6s
Cooldown: 100s → 50s
Stagger Push: 1.00 → 1.50

First Word:
Damage: 10/s for 5s → 25/s for 5s
Cooldown: 30s → 15s
Stagger Push: 0.05 → 0.25
Slow SpeedMult 50 → 50

Second Word:
Damage: 14/s for 5s → 25/s for 8s
Cooldown: 50s → 25s
Stagger Push: 0.50 → 1.00
Slow SpeedMult 50 → 75

Third Word:
Damage: 18/s for 5s → 50/s for 8s
Cooldown: 100s → 40s
Stagger Push: 1.00 → 1.50
Slow SpeedMult 100 → 175
Cooldown reduced, also third word has new AoE Ice Form Blast effect.
Cooldown reduction, effect radius increased, also third word has new secondary effect that calms not only the beasts of Skyrim, but even the most hostile people.

Slight cooldown reduction, also the third word has new secondary effect. The Dragonborn's stealthy whisper summons a decoy to distract enemies.

Slight cooldown reduction, also third word has a bit more force (but no damage increase).
Slight cooldown reduction for Become Ethereal, Call of Valor, Call Dragon, Elemental Fury, Slow Time, Storm Call, Whirlwind Sprint. No change for Clear Skies, Dragonrend, Marked for Death
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IcyDeadPeople  [author] Sep 22, 2017 @ 1:34pm 
@Ezekiel it's a sort of puzzle what to do at the shrine. There is something you must do with the amulet and the tempered aetherium
IcyDeadPeople  [author] Sep 22, 2017 @ 1:33pm 
Hmm, did you try flipping through the pages @Dwarf ? There is a stage that updates just from accepting the letter and another from the book, and then from opening the book.
Rithari Sep 5, 2017 @ 6:53am 
I'm supposed to read a book to progress with this quest, but I had already read it before and now I can't continue.
Ezekiel Aug 14, 2016 @ 11:13am 
Okay, so.. I've found the shrine a High Hrotgar but the quest does not update. Yes, I have the amulet and the tempered aethernum.
REDUCE SPEED MY ASS Jun 8, 2016 @ 7:01pm 
does the quest with this mod have an ID?
fatnoob918 Feb 20, 2016 @ 9:38am 
Can you either give me the I'd for the amulet or a treatise on the dovah mir because I lost the book
Tomstah Jan 1, 2016 @ 4:04pm 
I'll check later.
IcyDeadPeople  [author] Jan 1, 2016 @ 1:50pm 
Hmm... is the other mod lower on your load order?
Tomstah Jan 1, 2016 @ 9:51am 
I think only a mod that affects cool down. But yes he was wearing amulet, managed to see it barely under his daedric armor
IcyDeadPeople  [author] Jan 1, 2016 @ 6:13am 
@Tomstah, you had your follower equip the amulet of dovah mir? It should make him immune to friendly fire damage from all shouts except those added by dragonborn/dawnguard. For example, full Unrelenting Force on my follower barely tickles them, they don't fall down or become hostile (although they will tell you to be more careful)

Otherwise, do you have any other mods installed that affect shouts?