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Hot Planet
Platforms: PC
Players: Multi-player
May 1 @ 1:19pm
May 4 @ 12:52am
Hot Planet
We like Planets. We like Gravity. We like Fun. We like Weapons.
Hot Planet is a mix of that we love.

Hot Planet is nice unusual first person shooter with multiplayer. Firefights on planets is main idea of our game.

    What we have now:
  1. Multiplayer
  2. 2 maps and 2 gamemodes (Bomb Match and Death Match)
  3. 4 types of weapon(Sniper Rifle(AWM), Automatic Rifle(AKM), Pistol (Beretta 92), Knife)
  4. 6 planets and over9000 planets in in the imagination.

    You can join to alpha test. Subscribe for Updates on our site.
    Contact and support
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Maverick May 9 @ 11:11am 
looks cool!