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[2017] Respawn-Mod with GPS-feature & Orbit / Space spawn
By jk
Learn how you can create a respawn-mod for Space Engineers in less then 15 min... ;-)
(include GPS-Feature and Spawn out of Planet-Gravity) - Version: 2017
Basics & Samples
This guide expect that you already know some game-basics, like: Grid-create, Grid-setup, Grid-items, Grid-name, Grid-ownership, Blueprint/Mod-Folder-Location, SE-Data-Folder-Location, etc.

Info: Dont forget to add some items, like ice, uran-barren for reactors, some tools, bottles, rifles/ammo, etc... - (nobody need empty grids) Key-configs is fun, too. :-)

Mod-Samples with keyconfig, items, filter, etc:

GameDefault GPS-Data
(source: SpaceEngineers\Content\Data\Prefabs)

Default Planet-Lander Spawndata in StarSystem-Map:

EarthLander (AtmosphericLander)

<Position x="996602.62880573969" y="99869.904341933754" z="1673338.0319257686" />


<Position x="1031072" y="131072" z="1631072" />


<Position x="131072" y="131072" z="5731072" />

Before we export the grid we check some things:
(we dont want to create a mod that can crash the game)

- one short word (a-z) for grid-name like: myshipname
- complete grid (terminal-list) is without any onwership

Time for export
(ctrl+alt+e for export is currently bugt, but we can use another way for export)

- Aim the grid and press ctrl+c to copy the grid into the clipboard
- Deselect the grid and press F11
- Press the button create file from clipboard
- Press Escape

Some file work now - Part I
Lets create the mod-folder now.

- Press on your keyboard Windowkey + R
- Open path %appdata%
- Goto Space Engineers-Folder
- Goto Mods-Folder

- Create a folder for the mod
- Lets name it: myshipmod
(the name of the folder will be the name of the mod ingame and inside of the workshop.)

This folder is our root-folder. Now we need a mod-pic/logo for the workshop.
Into the root-folder we create a pic i.e. with the free program Gimp.

- Lets create: thumb.jpg (size 300*300 pixel with compression ~75-92%)

Now we need two subfolders. Lets create:

- Data (include RespawnShips.sbc from SE-Datafolder)
with subfolder:
- Prefabs (include myshipname.sbc from Exportfolder)

- Goto Space Engineers-Folder again
- Goto Subfolder Export and Copy:
- myshipname.sbc
- Into: Prefabs

Some file work now - Part II
Go now to your install-folder of Space Engineers
(we are looking for: steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Data)

If you cant find it, use steam to open it.

- Goto Subfolder Data
and copy:
- RespawnShips.sbc

into: Data (of your modfolder)

Create-Edit Spawnlist
Lets edit our modfolder again, open RespawnShips.sbc

Add a ship into the Spawnlist

For each ship that we want to add we need the <Ship>...</Ship> lines. (use the current lines from the SE-Datafolder, this here is only a sample that can change in the future.)

Looks like:


Info: Last <Ship>...</Ship> entry in the file is on top of the spawnlist! ;-)

Disable Default-Ships

To disable the Default-Ships we need to change all lines in the RespawnShips.sbc for each ship-tag:

- Change <Ship> into: <Ship Enabled="false">

Spawn in Space & GPS-Feature
For both features, we grab our Prefab-file(s) now: myshipname.sbc

Info: To change values for a ship here, we need to edit each ship-file, if we have more then one!

Spawn in Space

To spawn with our ship(s) outside of the planet-gravity we need to edit our Prefab-File(s).
Inside of the <CubeGrid> Tag we

- search for: <PersistentFlags>CastShadows InScene</PersistentFlags>
direct below this line we paste:


(1.0 is maximum, out of planet gravity. play with this values: 0.005 - 1.0 and found what you like)


To use the GPS-Feature we can edit: <Position x="0" y="0" z="0" />
(we can use the ingame-gps-system, to found our values here)
(creative-gamemode + cammode or with space master alt+f10)

btw with ctrl+alt+e (currently bugt) we can copy/export these values direct out of the game. I think this dont works currently with F11 export, so we need to change that by hand.

Last Check, Upload into Workshop & Special Thanks
Check the mod

Lets check the mod in local mode first, before we upload it!
After everything works fine:

Upload the mod to Steam Workshop

- Start Space Engineers
- Click Load Game
- Mark a Savegame and Open Settings
- Click Mods

- Search the local-icon of the shipmodfolder and mark it
- Click Publish
- Place a checkmark in the Respawn-Ship category and click ok.

- Write a nice discription and add some nice high-resolution images / videos.

Info: You need to set it public, if you want to use it on a server! (hidden workshop-objects cant be used!)

NOTE: I tend to prefer making changes direclty in the Steam client rather than the in-game pop-up due to some wonkiness of the system...clicking "Browse" when picking images for example is very clunky in-game but perfectly normal directly in the Steam client.

Special Thanks

Goes to:

Check out, too:

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jk  [author] May 1 @ 2:03pm 
btw respawn-ships without modlogo makes me sad... :(