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Fantasy RP Food Mod
This is an advanced food system which adds 26 fantasy themed food and drink items to Garrysmod.

  • Includes general, exotic and evil themed food and drink!
  • Each item has [1 to 25] charges and can heal the player
Created by Steinman
Welcome to Hogwarts,

rp_hogwarts is roleplay map that take place in Hogwarts (no shit sherlock).


This map has been made for my friends from the RPoudlard Community for their awesome server, you should check it o...
rp_hogwarts content
Created by Steinman
This is the content pack needed to play rp_hogwarts....
Rubeus Hagrid Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Professor Rubeus Hagrid (b. 6 December, 1928) was a half-giant wizard, son of Mr Hagrid and the giantess Fridwulfa, and elder half-brother of the giant Grawp.

Hagrid attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1940 and was sorted into ...
Dumbledore Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa

Dumbledore from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Player Model


Models and textures: KnowWonder / EA UK / Griptonite Games
Porting, rigging and compi...
Dementor Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa

Dementor from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Player Model


Models and textures: KnowWonder / EA UK / Griptonite Games
Porting, rigging and compiling...
Harry Potter Brooms
Created by Revan
I promised to bring the brooms back on to the steam workshop. Well here it is. NOT MINE JUST TO LET YOU KNOW. They belong to HK47 (kekc) but he removed them, then Mr. Mind uploaded them, then deleted them. Then I did so i can see happiness from you.
Medieval Wizard Player Models
Created by KoZ
Medieval Wizard Player Models for Garry's Mod 13

Me - converting to player models
half-dead - for the base models...
Amnesia: TDD Lantern
Created by Buu342
reuploaded because i broke it with an update XD

The lantern is your primary tool in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is, of course, used to light up dark spaces in the game and can be found in the Old Archives. When seeing or encountering a Gatherer, the b...
Lord Voldemort Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Lord Voldemort, was a half-blood wizard who was considered to have been the most powerful and dangerous Dark wizard of all time. The son of the wealthy Muggle Tom Riddle Sr. and the witch Merope Gaunt, he was orphaned and raised in a Muggle orphanag...
Medieval Hud Materials
Created by PsychoPL
Textures for Medieval Hud for Roleplay Server
Please Subscribe and favorite.

Buy on Script Fodder for $4.99...
Black -Vest Suit
Created by Moonlitnight
A custom the vest suit the character models.

-Ragdoll model
-High - quality models

-No skin
-Only three heads

Anyway, already could not be better.
Bioshock Infinite: Booker DeWitt Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Booker DeWitt

Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite
  • Player Model


Models and textures: Irrational Games / 2K Australia
Porting, rigging and compiling: Voikanaa...
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Yennefer of Vengerberg (NPC & Playermodel) *faceposing will be added*
Created by //RatedR4Ryan//
"Yennefer of Vengerberg was born on Belleteyn in the year 1173. She is a sorceress, and once resided in the capital city of Aedirn. She is the youngest-ever member of the Council of Sorcerers, and was later a target recruit for the Lodge of Sorceresses...
Playable Piano
Created by MacDGuy
A completely playable piano that features multiple play modes, multiplayer support, and sheet music!

Visit Us

Share Sheet Music
Please post your sheet music on our forums: [...
Created by Malboro
PermaProps 4.0

What is the PermaProps:
The permaprops is a lightweight addon written to save entities on a map.
This is very useful to improve servers and help builders.

How use it:
  • Saving: Aim a entity an
Harry Potter Music Speakers Part.1
This addon is the same as Star Wars Music Speakers (Extended) but in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter !

- Battlefield (Year 7/2)
- Big Beat Repeat (BONUS)
- Broomstick and Fire (Year 7/2)
- Chess Game (Year 1)
- Christmas (Year ?)
- C...
Harry Potter Music Speakers Part.2
This addon is a sort of DLC for the First Harry Potter Music Speakers !
Download the first pack here:

- The Story Continues (Year 4)
- Voldemorts End (Year 7)
- Dumbledore's Farewell (...
3D2D Textscreens
Created by James
Textscreens - Construction

This addon is now open source! Contribute to development of this addon on GitHub[]. All pull requests are welcomed!
This tool can be found under "Constr...
Alchemy Mod 1.02
Created by Xenikay
Create a custom potion with an alchemy table !
Make strange composition and drink it !
All ingredient have their effects , enjoy !
Report any lua error please :D
Logo :

● 1.02 :
- Change Brial effect
- Add Venenu...
[Official] Precision Tool
Created by [XTT] General Wrex

Thank you all so much for subscribing and keep nudgin those props!

Formerly 'Easy Precision', this tool allows exact movement of objects for accurate building. Push/pull, rotate, and...
Atmos - Day / Night and Weather Modification
Created by looter

Update Notes / Changelog
Patch Notes


Garrysmod Day / Night and Weather modi...
Assassin's Creed Chronicles China: Shao Jun Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Shao Jun (1505 – unknown) was a member of the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins. A former concubine of Emperor Zhengde, she was rescued by the Assassins after the emperor's death, and devoted her life to the Order as a result.

During the interregn...
Gandalf Playermodel
Created by MrNiceGuy518
A playermodel version of the Gandalf model.

This really just made so I could put it on my server with ease, but anybody's welcome to it....
GOT: Jon Snow P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
"I am the SWORD in the darkness. I am the WATCHER on the wall." -Jon Snow

Jon Snow, Centinel, in charge of everyone whose present in everything, has come from pretty far way, to Garry's Mod. You can enjoy him (winky winky) as both p...
Gmod Legs 3
Created by Valkyrie
Gmod Legs
Now works with all custom playermodels

Its just like the Battlefield 3 Legs system or the Left 4 Dead leg system but this time it's in Garry's Mod.

[ADD] Legs now support SubMaterial
[ADD] cl_toggle...
QB: Jack Joyce P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
Huge thanks to Luxox_18 on FacePunch for extracting the model and converting it to OBJ.

If anyone use the models for SFM, put the animation in "Ragdoll", because the method of CBB if you put the model in SFM that use the normal animations, so please,...
Elizabeth Student Pack for NPC & Playermodels
Created by On The Railroad
Important Note: This workshop is a part of full add-ons, You must subscribe to the all of workshop part below in order to prevent missing hairs texture.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poe [NPC/Playmodel]
Created by Ariaro
Poe Dameron was a human male starfighter pilot who served the New Republic and, later, the Resistance during its conflict with the First Order. He was born the son of Lieutenant Shara Bey and Sergeant Kes Dameron of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Da...
[ULX] Decals/Sounds/Cl.Ragdoll Clean up!
Created by George Clark :]
[ULX] Decals/Sounds/Client ragdoll Clean up module!
Works only in ULX Admin[]!

Chat | Console commands:
!decals | ulx decals - Clean up all decals.
!sounds | ulx sounds - St...
Originahl Content Pack [For Nordahl's script]
For use with my addons found here if you dont have fast download:

Link :

This is not a addon, but just content pack for my scripts: Models + Materials + Sounds

resource.AddWorkshop( "493897275" )...
The sit anywhere script!
Created by Xerasnow
I will not take bug reports / suggestions on this page anymore, please leave them on the github issues page

This script allows you to sit on nearly every flat edge! Just press alt (or the key you have walk bound to) + e (or the key you have use b...
Connor Kenway
Created by Nikout
Assassin's Creed 3 Ratonhnhakéton Connor Kenway

-2 props:
-A tomahawk with jiggleboned feathers.
-A bow with extendable rope (use joint tool)

Connor Kenway:
- 1 model with npc animations
- Flexible physics
- Face posing (Than...
Assassins Creed: Altair Ibn-La'Ahad Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (1165 – 1257) was a Syrian-born member of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins and served as their Mentor from 1191 until his death in 1257. During his tenure as Mentor, Altaïr made several discoveries and inventions that greatl...
Silviu's Silly Dragon playermodel
Created by Silviu
A cute and awesome dragon, that was originally made by T_Vidotto as "Silly Dragon" Courier in Dota 2 (title in game "Prismatic Drake"), that I ported, converted and made into a playermodel for Garry's mod with animations for running,walking jumping, noclip...
RP Good Reads: Books and Signs
Created by Twink™
RP Good Reads is a mod developed by me, dougRiss, in hopes to add readable stuff to rp servers. DarkRP's notes were ... decent, but I wanted something better.

This is the first version. I plan to add more content as I get better with Lua.

Later relea...
iNPC - Artifical Intelligence Module
Created by xyzzy
iNPC - Artifical Intelligence Module

iNPC (Improved NPCs) is an addon that adds huge improvements to the existing HL2 NPCs.

If you find that the NPCs in GMod are not so intelligent, or too easy to fight, then iNPC will solve your prob... - Client Jack o Neill
Créez vous aussi votre propre addon personnalisé unique à votre serveur en vous rendant sur[]

Modifications, re-publication sans autorisation non ...
JR Hogwarts 1
Created by Reee
11th Doctor Player Model
Created by BlueCube
This is my first addon for Garry's Mod so it will have issues and bugs. Please let me know if you find anything that needs fixing.
This model currently does not have face posing, but I may add some in the future.

The model is from BBC's game ...
NieR: Automata 2B ENHANCED (V2) [PM/NPC]
Created by Kuma
2B, from NieR: Automata
Pictures taken in gm_blackbrook_asylum

Changelog (V2)
- Fully reworked the model structure.
- Added high resolution textures (Specular and AO).
- Improved the base textures.
- Adde...
Hide names and death notice
Created by le0nid0s
Script hides players names on your server. So nobody can see name and health % of his target. This also hides death notice in top right corner.
Use console command "toggleHideNames" to turn on and off. Default is on....
Simple ThirdPerson - Sliders & Fixes!
Created by FailCake xㅅ'
Its just a simple client side ThirdPerson.
Note, the playermodel is a PAC

Wanna help out? Check


If y
Catmull-rom Cinematic Cameras
Created by FreezeBug
Re-introducing the Catmull-Rom Cinematic cameras by Lua Pineapple

There were quite a few hacky fixes in this version, beware!

Yes, ive asked LuaPineapple (though it was a while ago) If i can re-upload this, and was approved to do so as long as I prov...
Cinematic Camera
Created by Patrick Hunt
With this addon you can add some more drama to your videos because it cinematicly shakes like a handheld camera. It also has toggleable zooming sound effects and a camcorder overlay. Also, in recent update i added letterbox feature, film grain and some opt...
Alternate Weapon Switch Sounds
Created by PaladinWat †
Replaces the weapon switch and weapon select sounds with simple click sounds

Switch sound[] is by PaulMorek from Freesounds
Select sound is from Meta Constr...
4K Blood
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone, you probably don't know me but I'm a L4D2 modder that loves to play with material proxies (I manage to create new stuff for mods using texture programming, I managed to create a Random Texture System and other stuff)
Back in summer, I did ...
Game of Thrones - Margaery Tyrell
Created by K🎅nnie
Margaery Tyrell model from Game of Thrones Telltale Games.

Map: Game of Thrones Red Keep

Background info on Margaery Tyrell:
Queen Margaery Tyrell is a major character in the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. She is played by Natalie ...
Created by Josh100
What happens when a successful scientist turns into a drug dealer? Or a loving father into the head of the local group? And maybe, a
former guard into the corrupt cop who is also a member of the same group? Have you ever seen a vortigaunt-saxophonist?!
Combine Admin Player Models
Created by Oculus
After countless requests, it is finally here! The model we have all been striving for, AS A PLAYER MODEL!
Fire Breath SWEP
Created by Mailer
I did not create this SWEP from scratch.
All I've done is change some values in order to make it a little more balanced but I also revorked the visuals so that it would look less like an actual flamethrower and more of an actual fire-breath.
This was ma...
Librarian Force Power Sword
Created by Visserin Oriontus
This is a re-upload with adjusted damage output for the force power sword for this server:

Re-uploaded from the original Jenssons Force Powersword, which is also linked, and I recommend you subscribe to it, if you haven'...
Harry Potter Brooms Extended
Created by Rekno_
[fix]Combine gold bar
Created by #Tea
This models consist of Gold, Silver, Bronze bar and gold coin with combine mark

Please press like button :D,, thank you!

donate Bitcoin: 16YoW8tx4k2JcbfN4qYFjNZPsjsPuUNmfU...
DAFK - AFK Watcher and Notify
Created by DBotThePone
DAFK - Be notified when someone goes AFK, or backs to his keyboard!
This would be useful for server owners only.

* sv_dafk_chat 1 - Notify in chat (player still would be not notified IN CHAT if he is 2048 Hammer Units away from player (play...
Alternate Toolgun Sound
Created by PaladinWat †
Replaces the original toolgun sound with a simple click sound

Sound is from Meta Construct server[]
Thumbnail ...
SligWolf's Phys-Grav-Gun
Created by SligWolf
►►► Please read the description for all informations about the addon!
►►► This addon is not perfect!
►►► Click For The Terms Of Use If You Want To Rework This Addon.

Magic Wand Rewrite
Created by calafex

Meet the replacement of old Harry Potter Wand! Now with even more spells, awesome effects and battles!
You dont need any other addons ...