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Anti-Theft Backpack
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Apr 29 @ 9:00pm
May 10 @ 4:07pm
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Anti-Theft Backpack

In 3 collections by Ertosi
Skull Island ARK's Mod Testing Grounds
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ARKLife: Quality-of-Life ARK Mods
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Asteria Map Test Server
13 items
Protect your valuables from the thieving claws and beaks of pegomastax and ichthyornis with this secure backpack!

Mod Id: 916018220

This mod overwrites files for the pego and ichthyornis; please do not use with any other mods that overwrite these files. Pegos and ichthyornis from other mods will not respect an Anti-Theft Backpack. Other than that, this mod is clean; it stacks with other mods and can be removed without issue.

Originally posted by Kimokogy:
Soooo never ever build ground level windows again, apparently pegos can leap thru windows and steal your♥♥♥♥♥♥had it happen in one of my taming pens, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ stole all the tranqs and tried to leap back out the window......
Originally posted by Anas Platyrhynchos Gaming:
Well, it seems Pegos don't just terrorize The Island and The Center. Pegomastax spawn on Scorched Earth too.
Originally posted by WinterWendigo:
Little thieves are not giving back any of the items they've stolen. I've chased them down and knocked them out, check inventory and there's nothing. Kill them and still nothing. [...] They are becoming a growing issue.
Originally posted by Pheonix8809(Main):
Frickin seagulls: OK seriously guys when are the seagulls getting sorted? They steal from you but when they die they glitch and stay airborne and you dont get your stuff back when u kill them!
Originally posted by ian.silver67:
....don't get me going about the frickin' weapon stealing seagulls......really......don't. A dead ovis would have enough brains to not put these damn things in the game and have them swarming all over the beach 'safe areas' full of newby characters.

These people were victims but they are not alone. Every hour hundreds of innocent survivors are harrased by pegos and ichthyorni while trying to make their way along the beach. The items these monsters steal could make the immediate difference between your life or death. Don't ever let it happen again; get an Anti-Theft Backpack today!

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Never be a victim again!

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•No requests. Consider this mod as-is and exactly how I want it.
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Zephyrbell Nov 12 @ 11:27pm 
Ohhh hell yes. Thank you so much you beautiful human.
Deadman Oct 18 @ 9:11pm 
After reading comments, I guess I'll figure out another solution since
Tek isn't supported. Good job! Have fun and enjoy life
(its too short to do anything else)...
Ertosi  [author] Oct 5 @ 2:28pm 
You should get the option back after removing the backpack skin from the chest piece. If not, RIP ;) Its just an item skin; you'll see the same behavior when applying dino hats to a saddle. (Paint a saddle, stick something like the dino santa hat on the saddle, *poof* the saddle is back to its regular colors. Remove the hat, all the coloring is back. Some skins override the base item back to default, others share their own colors with whatever they are put on; no rhyme or reason.)
Nuala Oct 5 @ 2:15pm 
Not sure if this was on purpose or not but after applying your awesome backpack to my chillie chest piece it lost its applied colouring on the front (I believe that was region 6 but not absolute sure) and no matter what I do the options to colour that part of my chest piece is now gone, is there any way to get that option back? Thank you so much for making this as pego' s are a huge pain.
Scott_hn Jun 24 @ 6:53am 
I mostly play solo, so functionality is my priority, but the useless "little pony dress-up" crap has its place too, especially when you're playing with lots of other people and can show off your creativity and sense of humor. Some of the crazy get-ups and designs I've seen are absolutely hysterical and I love seeing what people come up with... Either way, It's all about entertainment folks, nothing to get so upset about. Modders like @Ertosi obviously get that, and without them the game wouldn't be nearly as fun. Cheers!
Ertosi  [author] Jun 24 @ 5:47am 
Although, Dazzletrap, I will admit to making some of your hated useless crap like hair (and hats, for dinos, even!) and have had an offer from another modder to send me a bunch of mlp assets that I may mod with later ;)
Ertosi  [author] Jun 24 @ 5:47am 
lol @Dazzletrap :D Thanks for the hysterically supportive post! You would not believe how many requests I've gotten to make a fidget spinner mod. I'm an older dude and had never even heard of those things before. I still don't see their point and most certainly won't be making a fidget mod. I just ignore all the lame requests peeps make for me to make alt versions of this mod. It works great and I, as the maker of the mod, like how it works n looks. Why do I use the word lame for requests? Cause I firmly believe approaching someone who generously made you something awesome for free and saying "gimme that, too" is a pretty sleazy thing to do. Have some class, peeps. If you haven't contributed , you've got no right to ask for free I'm just a dude making mods I want, not running a soup kitchen.
Dazzletrap Jun 24 @ 1:05am 
The silly ungrateful whining pokeymon fidget spinners need to understand. ALL YOU need is to NOT get robbed!!! If you need more go someplace else and get it FFS hair and all the other useless crap this game has added instead of usefull things like S+ and things like this pack is grabage like TEXTING when ur holding a fing PHONE when you can talk and be done in 10secs so get over it play the game ,thank the nice guy that made this thing that fixes yet again another game breaking feature Wildcard thinks is needed and move along. How it looks is irrelevant like that hair if u want to play my little pony dress-up then go do it and stop messing with my DINO SURVIVAL GAME!!!
Summer Jun 22 @ 4:51pm 
I would LOVE to use this but the backpack is -so huge-!
I know you're happy with it but would their be any way you'd consider a smaller pack or an invisible pack even?
It blocks my long flowing locks from view and dwarfs my strange overly squat body
VampiricGoddess~ Jun 21 @ 4:11am 
Am really greatfull for this mod.. But could you maybe make somekind of anti theft backpack or something like that for saddles? So our dinos doesnt get robbed by that stupid stealing bird and pego. Just an idea. Think about it :3 And thanks a lot for this mod!