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Skyrim Punch Collection
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Aug 24, 2012 @ 4:41pm
Sep 1, 2012 @ 6:27pm
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So I was watching The Dark Knight the other day, and I noticed that Batman is awesome. I also noticed that part of the reason for that is that he punches stuff instead of stabbing it or whatever.

Then I realized that in Skyrim, unarmed combat is exeptionally weak, as if Bethesda is witholding the awesome from us.

So I decided to let you punch stuff.

Adds a bunch of unarmed "weapons" to the game. Most of them can be crafted at a forge.

All the fists have the damage rating of their respective swords.

The Weapons:
These can be crafted at forges and improved.

Steel Fists
Dwarven Fists
Orcish Fists
Ebony Fists
Daedric Fists
Elven Fists*
Glass Fists*
Dragonbone Fists*
Quicksilver Fists*
Gold Fists

*These have a higher attack speed than normal punches. Dragonbone is 1.1x faster, Elven and Glass is 1.5x faster, and Quicksilver is 2x faster.

All of these will benefit from your one-handed skill, except for the Gold Fists, which use Two Handed.

The ones that can't be crafted at forges:
Electroshock Cyborg Fist
When you punch something, makes an explosion of sparks and sends it flying. Does extra damage to creatures.

Dimensional Fist
When you punch someone, they go away.

Blast Punch
Punchsplosion. Sends everything caught in the blast flying.

Blast Punch MKII
Punchsplosion. Sends everything flying, except for you.

All of the non-craftable unarmed attacks can be found in small strongboxes hidden within the Jarl's house thing inside each hold (ex: one is hidden in Dragonsreach, another in the College of Winterhold). You must look carefully, because I hid them well.

Currently working on a unarmed perk tree.
Dawnguard is NOT required.
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Batman 2 hours ago 
someone how likes me
Fancy Walrus Jul 11 @ 1:43am 
where is the one in draongsreach
JORJICOSTAVA Jun 28 @ 10:25pm 
the fist dont actually show up
Gordon Freeman Jun 17 @ 11:18am 
If u thoght batman was asome then add in bat fist
Nephazim Jun 11 @ 3:57am 
pictures please!....
greg64 Jun 1 @ 4:44pm 
Okay. I just saw Robbaz's video on how to be an unarmed viking. I deal almost 165 or something damage with my fists. Does this cancel it out or add on to my damage? Please answer.
Bricius May 23 @ 5:57pm 
I cant wait for the perk tree!
Bricius May 23 @ 5:56pm 
@Stupendous Man

Yes they do. I've seen it myself.
Logpete99 May 5 @ 6:49pm 
Finally! An unarmed mod! Thank you!
La Loutre Mar 22 @ 12:15pm 
Fond the Dimensional Punch !