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CS2D is in the top 10!
500 Follower & Rank 11
Release date: 2004
CS2D is a fast-paced top-down multiplayer shooter! FREE for Windows, Linux & MacOS!

Two teams fight each other in action packed matches. With a variety of missions like bomb planting, hostage rescue, V.I.P. assassination, capture the flag, construction, zombies, deathmatch and team deathmatch. You have access to a huge arsenal of weapons - also including crazy stuff like portal guns, lasers, RPGs and much more. Play online, in LAN or against bots. Use the built-in map editor to create your own maps within seconds or write Lua scripts to modify and extend the game!

CS2D is 100% FREE! Zero costs. No payments. No pay to win. No way to spend money.
That's right! You don't have to pay anything to play this game! We just want you to have some fun!

  • Fast paced online action (or offline against Lua scripted bot AI)
  • Pistols, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, (S)MGs, grenades and many other weapons
  • Many game modes: Classic (Bombs, Hostages, VIP), Deahtmatch, Zombies, Construction...
  • Easy to use map editor with entity/trigger system
  • Console & buy scripts
  • Modify & extend with Lua scripts (yes, we also have mods with funny hats!)
  • Dynamic light effects and a "GTA 2"-like top-down 3D mode
  • Win, Linux & MacOS clients and headless dedicated server
  • Many active players around the world, loads of custom maps and scripts!
  • ... also... did we mention that all this is FREE OF CHARGE?!

  • Many different firearms and a tactical shield
  • Fancy special armors (including a medic armor and a stealth armor)
  • Medikits & bandages (instant health recovery on pickup)
  • Money items (gain money by collecting them)
  • Close combat: machete, wrench, claw, chainsaw
  • Special "grenades": flare, molotov cocktail, gas grenade, airstrike, snowball
  • Launchers: RPG launcher, rocket launcher, grenade launcher
  • Mines: anti-personnel mine, laser mines
  • And more: flamethrower, laser, portal gun, ... - over 70 different items in total!

  • Classic mode with DE, CS and AS maps (bombs, hostages, VIPs)
  • Deathmatch: just go crazy and kill everyone!
  • Team Deathmatch with capture the flag and domination maps
  • Construction mode: Build your own turrets, walls, teleporters, dispensers and more!
  • Zombies! Try to survive or be a zombie and infest all survivors!

  • CS2D has been around for over a decade and it has been improved with many updates
  • A complete and working game! No early access! no wrong promises! WYSIWYG!
  • The awesome CS2D community already created tons of custom maps and mods

Learn more and get the game now @

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Dan The Mann
1 hour ago
Сколько-бы вы заплатили за неё?
Rak123 БАН
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Playing since 2009 with passion. Can't wait to see it released on Steam!
oldIceTube 8 hours ago 
Playing this game from 2011. Love it. I hope it comes on steam fast.
el pistoleiro ryu 8 hours ago 
Playing this game from 2009.And I hope it gets approved, so that the community grows again.
Yellow fidget spinner 9 hours ago 
Yashukiller 10 hours ago 
Playing this game from 2009. Love it. I hope it comes on steam fast.
Mipial 11 hours ago 
KaR_MeLorDe 11 hours ago 
this game was interesting
Archembo 12 hours ago 
ZxC 13 hours ago 
@Maccas Has Better WiFi Than Me: The game is entirely for free, without any additional costs or charges.
Never Mind