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Malukah's 'Tale of the Tongues' Menu Theme
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Aug 24, 2012 @ 11:48am
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This replaces the main theme on loading with Malukah's cover of the in-game bard song 'Tale of the Tongues' written by Jeremy Soule. - just enable when you want to hear it and disable when you don't - job done.

If you aren't sure, thinking 'Hey I like the main theme, why would I want to change that?' just watch the video.... The little picture under the main picture with a play buttton in the middle of it, make sure you have the sound on and then make up your mind.

If you want Malukah's songs to be played in game by the bards of Skyrim, grab the 'New Bard Songs Mod' on Steam and make all your bard dreams come true...

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Credits: All go to Jeremy Soule for the original music and Malukah for her great cover of it. Check her out at http://www.malukah.com/ (yes she has a .com website heh) or her youtube page for the track at:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q1) I want these lovely sounds to be louder but am too lazy to reach over and turn up the volume. Please fix it for me so I don't have to burn any calories.

A1) Sadly Skyrim has a set 'Awesome Sound Limiter' which prevents your computer from exploding with the amount of awesome it is trying to process. You can however circumvent this safety limiter, by working those things that normally hang limp from your side and using them to manipulate the speaker volume to the level you desire.

Q2) I am a man and I felt funny and my eyes started leaking after using this mod - do I need medical help?

A2) It's ok my friend - is a normal reaction, just make sure you have some man sized tissues handy for eye leaks in future when listening to this.

Q3) I jus dun getit, I got to this page sumhow by headbutting the keyboard, then scratched myself a bit and strangely nothing works in game - howz duz i makez it wurk?

A3) There is a GIANT big bright green button with subscribe on it - clicking on it might make something special happen, like making this mod work for you.

Q4) Will this work with your other menu theme mods?

A4) Very good question - you can download any or all of my theme replacer mods, and then is entirely up to you which you want to listen to at any particular time by enabling the theme you want in Datafiles, which is a menu option on the main launch screen. If you want to go back to the original theme, just disable all my theme files. If you want to change a theme, just disable the current one, and enable the one you want - the choice as always is yours! XD

Just in case anyone asks, if you want to go back to the original soundtrack after a while, then disabling this mod in your datafiles (available in Launch Screen) will make you get your original theme music come back again as if nothing had changed - this wont 'ruin' your Skyrim as with any mod (except those with scripts which this doesn't)

As a last tip - chances are if this gets popular enough comments will be spammed by trolls/griefers and general ashats trying to get a rise and a reply out you - ignore them - I will delete their comments when I see them. Also people may start to spam "OMG FREE STEAM GAMES at this link!" - this is a con designed to make you give them your login details - ignore those aswell - will delete as soon as I see them also.

OK Have fun you crazy cats out there!

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[AGGC] Airforce Grandpa Jul 8 @ 6:27pm 
Makes me feel ever more badass!

EnderF0x Jul 2 @ 4:03pm 
Why Putin not? :(
salmr(A Space Butterfly) Jun 30 @ 4:31pm 
Obama plays Skyrim. Yep.
President Obama Jun 28 @ 6:53pm 
How can the president not like that? oh right I did! I would like to thank you for this awsome mode. Mix it with the : Immersive Menu Background, and your skyrim is taken in a whole new level.
M1CH4EL Jun 22 @ 6:06pm 
this is amazing :)
KThompson77 Jun 16 @ 3:13pm 
Subscribing did not make it work, my main theme music is still active :[
BlAZINGscout2.0 Jun 14 @ 1:09am 
if only bards had this voice
alphaxel13 Jun 10 @ 3:54am 
very good job :)
liamlegault117 Jun 6 @ 7:58pm 
you have an awesome voice thanks for the mod