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This test chamber is quite challenging, although no ninja skills are required. A sharp mind is the only tool you'll need. Well... that, a portal gun, and two cubes.
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mood3rd Sep 22, 2013 @ 9:51am 
good map
after completing it, I watched your video.
I did not do it the same way.
I never used the piston or area behind it, to solve the puzzle.
I was having a terible problem, with my malfunctioning mouse.
which often refused to turn me.
so frustrated by that, not by your puzzle.
the gist of how I did it:
I used the funel, to go to the upper grating.
then went around it & jumped to the upper cube.
then leaving the funel there, destroyed the cube.
it respawned & went above the exit.
I then used the funel to destroy the 1st cube.
then crossed the light bridge & repeated the placement of the cube,
onto the funel button.
then funeled back & around the grating.
fired a portal / funel past the upper cube dropper.
then funeled to above exit area.
used funel to destroy cube on button.
grabed the other & used portals to retrieve othe cube in original funel.
put them on buttons & exited.
Copper Leaf  [author] Aug 3, 2013 @ 11:32am 
Hello cracked_magnet,
thank you for your feedback!
I have corrected the geometry error that allowed this kind of solution where you could just float everywhere around.
The thing with the cubes... I don't mind so much. From a logics standpoint, the sulotion is essentially the same, just a bit less convenient, so I think I'll let that one be. I could prevent it, but that would introduce unnecessary clutter.

I have uploaded a new iteration of the chamber that should fix the aforementioned issue. Anyways, thanks a lot! :)
cracked_magnet Jul 13, 2013 @ 1:07pm 
Got this one from toncica's favourites list. Firstly, I must say what a great map this is. There are so many angles you can look a the problem from. After solving it (I've actually got 2 solutions, but one of them is difficult to do consistantly so I'm not really counting that one) I had a look at the video (kind of wish I hadn't) and it turns out my solution is different in one key aspect. Anyway here's the solution demo
I've also got a blind demo of my first impressions and inital solution if you want it.
Copper Leaf  [author] Apr 18, 2013 @ 1:27am 
Thank you toncica and Old Git, your videos were most helpful to me.
I have addressed these unexpected methods by adding a slight delay to the funnel; this should prevent the previous exploits without altering the overall experience of the map :)
I also changed the wall pattern a bit; this should prevent flinging.

I didn't stop making maps; I am just very busy with work at the moment, which is why I have only time to fix up my older maps. I may return one day!
toncica Apr 17, 2013 @ 7:17am 
Solution without using the laser connected funnel:

Finally went back to this excellent map. I admit I had to peak at the solution video to get the trick, very clever. After that the first time I completed the puzzle was done in a quite convoluted way, bringing the standard cube over with the funnel to block the laser and then catching the respawning companion cube with the other funnel to get it out of its glass cage.
Old Git Apr 16, 2013 @ 12:44pm 
Great map, had me stumped for a good while. I did it rather differently from your solution:
Copper Leaf  [author] Jan 9, 2013 @ 9:56am 
Hello piXelicidio,
thank you for your feedback. This map is intended to be very hard. You have to look at everything and deduce the solution, and if something doesn't work out right away, you have to adjust that part. If you weren't able to see everything, this map would be even harder, though that would just make it unnecessarily hard.

This map is specifically designed this way, to be challenging yet fair, the solution to be very hard to discover yet easy to execute. (For example, I made sure that this map could be completed even if one were to use only a touchpad.)

I have added a disclaimer to the description, and a video containing the solution.
piXelicidio Jan 5, 2013 @ 9:13pm 
I have no doubt your level should have a great genius solution as Chrishrly says, ... but I personally give up soon. Much time looking all not knowing from where to start. I think seeing all the items in the same space make me more frustrated. Sorry, I just want to add my opinion as an average player, I'm not very advanced player, maybe is me that like easy ways of implement the solution and some hints in the map design.
Copper Leaf  [author] Jan 4, 2013 @ 8:45am 
I am glad to hear you enjoyed my puzzle! Also, thank you for providing the demo file. That is the solution, indeed. Some of the early steps can equivalently be done slightly less complicated; but still, the solution is entirely correct! Very exciting, really.