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SD's Formation Tweaks
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Apr 24 @ 1:11pm
Jun 18 @ 11:40pm
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SD's Formation Tweaks

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OK. This is mostly a visual improvment mod, it makes the formations wider by about 50% or so, but makes them MUCH taller, that is, the ceiling and floor is much wider than before. I think it looks a lot nicer, especially when you have really big ships. It does this for fighters and bombers too, hopefully make the swarm whirlwind a bit more interesting to look at. This actually does effect combat slightly btw, because some ships will just be farther out. But.. it looks a lot nicer.

Hey, maybe that's a reason to have two admirals and split your doom stack lol.

It makes one gameplay tweak, the "combat back off rate". When a ship is supposed to stay at range, it really doesn't put much effort into that. It just goes "uuuh I'm too close, I'll turn away ever so slightly..." well that annoys me. So I made this value much higher, ships will put serious effort into staying at range now.

(Some testing obserations: I think this looks A LOT better than default. But you might need some extra PD due to increased spacing between ships, the altitude doesn't seem to matter though. Ships DO back off properly now, and will even turn away from their enemy to gain distance if necessary. Its nice when a tweak does what you want it too!).

-- 1.5.* compatible (tweaks values in defines, doesn't overwrite the whole file)
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SalsaDoom  [author] Jul 10 @ 11:47am 
I haven't the faintest idea. I think it might be, since it doesn't change much outside of some graphics, but I haven't tested since I don't play ironman.
Daniexus Jul 10 @ 11:43am 
Compatible with ironman achievements?
Computer Jun 11 @ 10:01am 
yo this just made space combat actually feel like space combat now.

if only i could tell the world about how this needs to be in the default game. dumb european companies.