Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

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More Starting Equipment
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Apr 22 @ 8:25am
May 4 @ 7:27am
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More Starting Equipment

New primary weapons:
Flechette Launcher, Ricochet Rifle, Med. Satchel (single targetted medkits), Ammo Bag (used to store and give specific ammo)
Unlocked weapons:
Mining Laser, .50 cal MG

New offhand items:
T75 explosives, Swarm Bait
Unlocked items:
Assault Jets, Blink Pack, Fire Extinguisher

you have to be a host for this to work
clients also need this addon to be able to start with these weapons
(not sure about this one) clients without addon can still join the game, pickup and use weapons
you can join other servers without unsubscribing (new items won't be available)
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May 25 @ 6:50pm
What is next for this mod?
May 18 @ 9:31pm
More weapons mod
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Bladekill May 23 @ 6:24pm 
so how do I add infinite ammo again?
这个添加了一些基础装备,很实用,very nice。
hutchins May 20 @ 9:54am 
my english is succ May 19 @ 5:01pm 
50 cal is too strong. it's been trivializing half the games that i see it used in
BeastMaster64 May 19 @ 1:05am 
i hope its usable both host and a client
Sadlyfe™ May 16 @ 3:50am 
can i also request a reload and refillable 50cal if its possible? =)
Sadlyfe™ May 16 @ 3:44am 
can you put in pistols as offhand? that other mod that restores removed weapons does it, but that one is missing stuff and doesnt work togehter with your mod
[弾幕の伝説] Mobius May 14 @ 6:20am 
Swarm bait works for me. Not sure why everyone says it's not working. One guy came into my lobby and I showed him that it worked. It has quite a medium-small range though. Not sure if the duration of the effect reduces with more baited Swarm.
{NOR}Alcyone May 13 @ 6:50am 
it doesnt seem to draw any swarm even if i throw all of them while running
O'Nightmare!  [author] May 13 @ 3:30am 
it does work. It's a bit tricky though.