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Adrianne Avenicci Death Fix (Whiterun Blacksmith)
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Aug 22, 2012 @ 8:19am
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Adrianne Avenicci Death Fix (Whiterun Blacksmith)

There's nothing like walking into Whiterun and witnessing a fight between a vampire, and the villagers. It cockles the heart to see that vampire get owned by the villagers. But then you realise the Whiterun blacksmith has just been killed by said Vampire... So you rage quit... Well ragequit no more, as this mod makes Adrianne Avenicci unkillable.

You may knock her down as much as you wish but kill her you shall not!!
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Switchblade Jul 7 @ 1:06pm 
i resurrected her but she would just disappear....idk why but i resurrected her then i went mining came back to no blacksmith, and i could use the husband but 2 ppl seeling the same stuff is better then one
The Fish  [author] Jul 3 @ 3:52pm 
*slow clap* Well done. Allaltitude Gaming. You're undoubtably a decedent of Sherlock Holmes!
you know what else you can do?

~ for the consol,click on her corpse and type resurrect.DONE
JamesOfCragg May 27 @ 3:52am 
Adrianne Avenicci is the most annoying character in the whole of skyrim. In my last game she was killed by vampires & I applauded & cheered. "Have you met my father?"..."...more inside. "I don't profess to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun... over & over & over. I avoid going near her because I can't take it any longer. In fact if I want to use her place to do any smithing, I go there at night when she's not there so I can work in peace. Sorry Fish i'm not in any way knocking your mod. I just could never use it. If a mod was made that limited her repetitive diologue or changed it in some way, i'd definitely use that one. Again, i'm not knocking your mod so please don't take offence.
derankm8 May 7 @ 3:15pm 
I had a few problems after installing this mod. The owner of Drunken Huntsman and Uthgerd attacked me for no reason, not sure if its a mod conflict.

PSA: If this every happens to you, kill those NPCs and revive them back using "recycleactor" command.

Cool mod regardless, tired of those vamps killing Adrianne.
davidbroom21 May 28, 2015 @ 3:19pm 
she is very sweet lady I like her its sad if she dies
caberot Apr 28, 2015 @ 8:36am 
When she died I got a letter of inheritance saying she was killed. Then I spawned her and reset all of her factions. I even made her into a follower. I gave her armor, stronger weapons and enchanted items that maxes out her health and healing rate. A few Skyrim days later I get another letter of inheritance saying she's dead again.

So I fast travel my @$$ over to whiterun and there she is alive and well. She's not selling anything or smithing. She's just walking around whiterun minding her own business. I had to re-add her to all her necessary factions to make her a merchant and blacksmith again. Don't know how she died or anything or who killed her.
destinywar12 Feb 25, 2015 @ 12:14am 
will this spawn in a new one
Brohanga Dec 27, 2014 @ 1:04pm 
Belathor was killed at the beginning of my game and the shop has been closed for the past year (Skyrim time). Oddly the guy that works there still tells me to come
Loomy Dec 22, 2014 @ 9:28pm 
just download a dawnguard sentries mod (no offence to the mod maker)