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Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 21 @ 8:35am
May 24 @ 7:17pm
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New Mechanics + Screenshots
  • You will be able to stop monsters from spawning for a certain time.
  • You will be able to discover hidden rooms.
  • You will receive a rating at the end of every level, high ratings can unlock secrets.

    So, when can you expect the game to launch? That's something we've been discussing about since we started the development. In our last log we said that it might be released by Winter this year and we haven't changed our minds. We're working fast for you to get your hands on the game as soon as possible, maybe even before Winter. For now, let's leave it like this.
    In the last couple of weeks we've been working on new levels and enemies, we posted some images on Twitter and Facebook, now we're posting here too. Note that these screenshots are merely concepts. That's everything for today. We'll try to give you weekly updates (no promises). If you have questions, leave it on the comments below or send us a message on Twitter: @beermengames.
    Stay tuned!

Patch 0.0.2 and the future of the game
  • We unlocked the three main skills at the beginning of the game to balance the difficulty. Test and see if it's easier to play;
  • The price of the item “Chicken thigh” was reduced from 3400 to 3200 shards;
  • The price of the item “Shoes” was reduced from 800 to 600 shards;
  • The price of the item “Pillow” was reduced from 800 to 600 shards;
  • The price of the item “Grape” was reduced from 1800 to 1600 shards;
  • Fix on item “Firearm”, now it doesn’t give you a negative attack speed;
  • Enemies won’t attack you instants after dying;
  • We limited the amount of memory fragments to 10, they do not vary anymore;
  • Increased Spark’s move speed.

#Final version expectations:

In the alpha version we build some of the game concept with samples of character movement, combat mechanics, some enemies and how items and abilities work. But a lot of things will improve. We are collecting a lot of feedback from players around the world so we can build a solid experience. With this goal in mind, the features already confirmed in the final version are:

  • The game will have a total of 10 levels, each of them with its own theme, arts and enemies;
  • The phrases that appear when you die will have a context and connectivity. They will be part of an important mechanic in the story of the game;
  • You will be able to unlock new skills throughout the game and choose three of them to play the way you think it’s best;
  • The levels won’t be fully randomly generated;
  • There will be Boss Fights and Minibosses;
  • We will increase the number of items and some of them will be unique and characteristic of each level;
  • Release date: Winter 2017.

Wait for the next updates and thanks again!


After being summoned to a place where darkness reigns, Spark finds himself to be the last light of hope to discover the reason of his own existence. Survive the hostile landscapes in a world full of Mystery while collecting memory shards That may reveal the truth behind Spark's story.


*This is a early version of the game and does not represent the final product. Please leave us your feedback and help us improve the game.
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