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Release date: Fourth Quarter 2017
What is PsychoDelia?
PsychoDelia is a First-Person Platforming Adventure game with a psychedelic, surreal art style. The environments are
unique and visually stimulating. A balance of darkness and vibrant colors interplay with subtle details to create mind-warping
visuals! Each piece of environment is a puzzle for you to solve in order to progress, becoming increasingly complicated as you
play more and more. PsychoDelia creates a unique experience in a world contrasted by light and darkness.

What is the gameplay like?
In order to progress through the strange worlds placed before you, you must utilize objects in your environment;

-Flowers accelerate your movement temporarily and stack together, allowing you to reach disorienting speeds!
-Bulbs which launch you high into the air
-Altars change your environment and help guide you, as well as provide Power-Ups
-Mushrooms shrink you down to the size of a bug!

Each piece of of the (un)natural terrain becomes a puzzle of 'connect-the-dots', with the dots being your speed-boosting
Flowers. A simple enough concept, yet there are many factors that play in to finding the correct path (and many hidden
paths along the way). A small change in the terrain can become a daunting obstacle as it becomes harder and harder to find the correct path to follow given the limited duration of your speed boost. As the game progresses, you unlock various upgrades which
further the complexity even further beyond!

Special Altars hold the key to upgrades...Should you be able to navigate through the worlds to which these Altars lead
you, you will be rewarded with special abilities. These abilities are wide and varied, including;

-Increasing the natural power and speed of your movement
Over the course of the game you will increase your speed, jumping strength, the ability to 'Burst' forward while airborne,
and eventually the power of flight!

-'Planting' Flowers, Bulbs, and Mushrooms
As you make your journey you will unlock 'Totems' that give you the ability to place your own speed boosting Flowers and
launching Bulbs. This will allow you to reach much higher speeds and blast off fast and high into the air for dream-like
periods of semi-flight. Combining these abilities with wits and cunning will allow you to discover areas previously
thought to be inaccessible. Shrinking down to miniscule sizes with the Mushroom, you will reveal many hidden pathways and
secret places (as well as dangers) awaiting you within the world you inhabit.

-Manipulate AI
Shrinking yourself is great, but you will find that it leaves you vulnerable to the strange little bugs that inhabit parts of the
world. You will gain 'lure' that allows you to gain the attention of the bug-like creatures, which could turn out to be
invaluable in certain situations... Eventually, you gain the ability to possess and control some of the bug-like creatures,
giving you the power to use them to activate switches, destroy certain objects, and temporarily gain flight to pioneer into
hard to reach places! With a bugs eye-view you can change the way you see the world!

-Gain power over the darkness!
The Dark Orb allows you to shoot blobs into certain types of neon water and grow oil-like splotches of land, blotting
out the light and giving you the ability to leave the land behind! The darkness can be imbued with the slickness of oil;by
Combining this ice-like terrain creation with your previous upgrades you will gain even more incredible mobility.


All of these abilities will need to be combined in a wide variety of different ways in order for you to advance, so bring your
wits and platforming skills! As the game goes on you will be faced with further and further complicated puzzles which will
challenge your critical thinking. The path to the end is filled with challenges, environmental puzzles (not always with
linear solutions),overwhelming visuals, and ECSTATIC MUSIC from

Amazing Soundtrack by Happenstance
The track in the trailer is called "All Hallow's Eve"

It's from "Summer Sessions"

Everything Happenstance releases is improvisations that have grown from live streams on twitch, hitbox, and youtube, hence the name. They do a live stream jam a couple nights a week. This was their jam from yesterday
Dig it!

Experience PsychoDelia! Take the trip!
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Thank you
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Thanks man, me neither. Hoping I can keep getting some traffic
Mostly Harmless 2 hours ago 
look sick!
Can't Wait
Monkii  [author] 2 hours ago 
Thanks! and lmao Im gonna have to go back and make another BunnyTracks map after this now.
Xuan Lam 3 hours ago 
Well done Monkii...still waiting for BT-ROTM
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TheGotyMan 6 hours ago 
Totally love the style of the game, def looking forward to get it
Monkii  [author] 8 hours ago 
@Supah I had to take a lifetime of self-loathing and cynicism. , Ahh, i kid, i kid