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(Yet Another) Ranger Mod
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Aug 21, 2012 @ 3:21pm
Sep 10, 2012 @ 12:03pm
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Version History
  • a1.6 New Winter variant of the armor. At the moment its's stats and everything are identical to the normal armor, it just looks different. I will be doing more to differentiate the two sets.
  • a1.5 New Ranger dagger and longbow! New model for wristguard.
  • a1.4 Added 'Armored Wristguard'. Acts as a light shield. Cape should now be enchantable.
  • a1.3 Added a shortsword, based on Oblivion's elven weapons. Let me know what you think.
  • a1.2c Resized boots to lessen clipping. Amulets can now be worn with capes (Good spot Twinkie).
  • a1.2b All pieces now temperable at a workbench.
  • a1.2 New model for the hood which fits better with cape. New female boots. Tweaks to crafting recipe.
  • a1.1 Quick Fix - Armor is now craftable to all players regardless of level or perks. Temporary measure until armor is properly integrated.
  • a1.0 Initial Release.
Coming Soon!
  • Craftable and deployable traps.
  • A unique idea for a themed player home.
  • Finish HD-ifying the textures.
  • A more lore friendly way to integrate the armor.

A six piece ranger-themed light armor set wearable by all combinations of race and sex. Made up mainly of chainmail and leather, this set is ideal for the sneaky huntsman type allowing the wearer to blend in seamlessly with the forests of Skyrim.

NEW Finally in stock, another, entirely seperate set of ranger armor more suited to the colder conditions of northern Skyrim. Whilst it matches the style of the original set, this armor allows the wearer to blend in with snowy conditions, and also features thick fur as protection from the elements.

Three new weapons are also included; a shortsword, a dagger and a longbow with custom arrows.

The Items

The armor's made up of six pieces, all optional and interchangeable:
  • Cuirass (35)
    A chainmail shirt covered in a woodland-green tunic.
  • Boots (8)
    Hard-wearing leather boots.
  • Gauntlets (8)
    Stiff leather bracers ideal for archers.
  • Hood (10)
    Reinforced with leather to provide basic protection.
  • Cloak (5)
    A matching green woolen cloak. Stay warm on those cold winter nights!
  • Wristguard (10)
    A heavy iron plate to attach to your bracer. Perfect for blocking light attacks.
There are now also three custom weapons you can use:
  • Shortsword
    Smaller than a standard sword this weapon has a smaller reach but a higher rate of fire. Whilst damage seems low at only 10 the faster speed means its DpS is equal to that of a glass sword (12).
  • Dagger
    A nifty matching dagger to suit all your hunting needs; deer or otherwise...
  • Longbow
    No ranger is complete without his trusty bow. The longbow is big and slow but packs a punch when it goes off!
Where to get it
Not available anywhere at the moment - you'll have to craft it yourself at a forge (No perks/level required). This goes for the new weapons too. Armor is under the leather section and weapons are under elven. Please note, this is just a temporary measure until I properly integrate it. If the new items do remain craftable, they will definately have revised recipes and requirements.

Mod work all by me a__gun

Finally, any moddlers out there who think they could make a male armor mesh fit a female body properly, please do let me know as I really do prefer the male model and it would be great to port it to the female body.
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