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Minecraft in Portal 2 (Part 2: The Mine) [Fantasy]
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Aug 21, 2012 @ 2:56pm
Aug 26, 2012 @ 8:55am
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Minecraft in Portal 2
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Ah! Skeleton!

for download press the subscribe button --^

+ Craft system (Yeah, yeah, i know the workbech is kinda wierd and bit buggy but it is works)


- There are 5 recipes, a cake and a diamond ;)


- If something does not work the first attempt, try to take the stuff and put it again.
- Do not lose your tools

For all who got or will get stuck - there is a walkthrough video among the screenshots, precisely the first one ;)


۝ How can I play/download/install it?
Press the Subscribe button, it's green and has a plus sign.
The maps will appear at your community test-chambers queue in Portal 2 and automatically downloaded when you'll press play

۝ How did you make this?
The maps was made via the Hammer editor (not the in-game editor)
If you own Portal 2 you also own Portal 2 Authoring Tools where you find the Hammer editor.

۝ Your scale is wrong! Why?
Actually there is one proper scale which just different. The ratio is one Minecraft's pixel is a two units in the Hammer, so one Minecraft's block is a thirty two units - that's all and i dont wanna change it.
Some things have changed just for convenience.

- Criticizing?
- Make an offer!
- Offering?
- Try to do it yourself!
- Are you made it?
Yes - listen to a complaining from a lot of haters.
No - shut up.


Check my workshop and collections for more awesome maps

Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed ^^
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Portal4Sam Oct 9 @ 8:26am 
that was AWSEOME
can you make more levels like that plz
Dvojka Sep 22 @ 6:47am 
coolkid5341 Sep 19 @ 4:04pm 
that was awsome :)
tomaek13 Sep 3 @ 4:14pm 
make it on tinking with time michin
AndyStriker13 Aug 31 @ 11:53am 
is there a way to open the locked chest? if yes then please tell me
lino2014 Aug 29 @ 1:31pm 
after destroy the house and kill the creeper i can't get the axe crafting materials back, help me, please, i tried lots of times puting in different positions, and it just not work, help me please, your map is epic, and I want to end it.
TheInfected Aug 16 @ 11:32pm 
Privately in my profile. Friends olny comments.
TheInfected Aug 16 @ 11:30pm 
@Ninja Killer, Just hold on.
@timoteeei, How to find minecraft textures. I know how to do hammer now.
Ninja Killer Jul 28 @ 2:57pm 
Loved it Make Part 5 plz
CAT of DUTY Jul 24 @ 1:21am