Portal 2

Portal 2

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Capture the Franken-Flag!

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Capture the Franken-Flag!

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Geneosis' Cooperative Chambers
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I played a lot of coop maps now, some interesting puzzles and some deathmatch maps... But there was one thing I never found : A capture the flag map!
So I decided to make my own :p Hope you will enjoy ;)


Each player should take the cube of the opposite color and place it on the cube button of his base. But be carefull : as every ctf game, your own flag needs to be in the base to get the point!

The first player to get 3 points win the match!

Destroying your Franken Cube will return it to the base. Also when a player die, the Franken Cube of the other player will always retorn to the base!

There is 3 entrances for each base : The central one is to exit the base, and the 2 "secret" entrance are there to enter and steal the cube :p Anyway each player can access tunnels in his own base and place turrets in, so that the other player can't destroy them ;)

The flip pannel on top of each base will turn black if your partner take the flag...

Have fun!

Type : Fun
Difficulty : Medium

Update 1 :
- Added pannels to close the secret entrances, and buttons to open them
- Added 4 lights on top of the grid that is on top of the Flag room

Update 2 :
- Moved score bar on the opposite wall so that you can see it when you respawn
- Added "wait for me" buttons at the beginning so that both players need to be in the map to start playing

Tags :
geneosis, ctf, defend, steal, transport, hide, win, versus, vs

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