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Flying Mod
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Flying Mod

"Ahh, the pleasant sensation of surfing the aether. Who am I to restrict anthropomorphs from such delight? He might have crashed a few times but eventually we got there." -CryptoSeven

Here's a video Wolfire did on this mod. It includes instructions on how to install and use it:

If you want some flying character models to go with it, check out these mods:


- "f" key toggles flight on or off.

- Hold left mouse button (`lmb`) to flap wings and gain height.
When doing this you control direction with wasd movement keys.

- Hold `rmb` to glide. In this mode you will fly where you look.

- "Shift" key activates air dash. When dashing you will go very fast and can bounce off the ground.
With high enough speed it can even be used to kill enemies.
You get one dash per flight but can reactivate it by wall jumping or killing enemies.

- While gliding you can grab enemies.
Make sure to have enough speed and swoop in on them holding `rmb`.
Hold "space" key and `rmb` if you want to glide without grabbing nearby enemies.

Credits and Links:

I did not make this mod originally. That credit goes to CryptoSeven.

Github for this mod[github.com]

The original A198 version[forums.wolfire.com]

Originally made by CryptoSeven[forums.wolfire.com]

Update by merlyn[forums.wolfire.com]
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Apr 23 @ 9:07pm
Height Gain Glitch
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White Male Nov 4 @ 4:18am 
@kavika, looking forward to see what else you are brewing on ;)

Is it the ashar.file that needs to have be changed in order to make nps´s use flying? :)
kavika  [author] Nov 3 @ 11:54am 
+White Male thanks for that very graphic description of the results lol.

The flying mod doesn't currently have a proper NPC control script, so it's a little harder than just adding a model. If you feel scripty at some point and want to try to work on this, be my guest. The github link is in the description. I didn't write it, and am busy working on other mods, so I probably won't be doing it myself any time soon.
White Male Nov 3 @ 12:45am 
@kavika - If you made the Avian species an integrated part of Overgrowth, then the flying could be "locked" to only work for Avians, like high jumps only work for rabbits :)

This would simply be awesome!! :)

The sole idea of getting attacked from above by flying NPC´s makes my dick hard ;)
Zeldy Nov 2 @ 7:11pm 
It's no longer up-to-date, unfortunately. Or am I doing something wrong to make it say that?
kavika  [author] Oct 24 @ 5:53pm 
+ronniesr7 they don't know how to yet. could be added, but I don't have the time to do it unfortunately. if someone wants to add it and make a pull request on github, I'd be glad to put it in the workshop version.
ronniesr7 Oct 24 @ 4:29pm 
can you get other NPCs to fly too with this mod?
Cinnamon Oct 20 @ 5:45am 
I absolutely love this mod, it's awesome! Wish it could be incorporated into some type of character in the game. Would be super interesting to have a short campaign with a bird character! The models available are cool, I'd love to figure out how to make my own and rig them for the game, and add sound effects, that would be amazing.
Fenrir Oct 19 @ 6:11pm 
Yep gone for good. Think i'll just ignore this mod it look's VERY cool but all together broken. I may be wrong but either way. Intel i get a clear answer that work's i think i'll go without.
Fenrir Oct 19 @ 6:08pm 
I said broken where Link Removed is. No idea why it say's link removed
Fenrir Oct 19 @ 6:07pm 
Ugh. I left the game and tryed again now it's all {LINK REMOVED} I'll have to reinstall it again. -_-