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PACTS D02 "Pool of Faith"

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PACTS D02 "Pool of Faith"

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PACTS with Cave Johnson
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Penassa’s Auto Cognitive Test Series (P.A.C.T.S)

Series D:

This series of 4 test chambers provides test subjects with stimulating, yet non-aggravating, Brain stimulus; D series is a test co-op test series optimised to test yours and your partner interaction and communication skills!

Chamber D02

This chamber is a co-op fling chamber with some fizzler action not very hard! Altho some trust a communication is required.

Design Comments.

This is my second chamber in a series of 4, this is also my first co-op series, hope you enjoy it , and to all the not so many fans out there I will try and make a chamber every week! (Don’t hold me to that: P), actually this week I have released not one, not two but three chambers D02, D03 and D04 respectively.

Series Status:

SP series: A; B; C
Co-op series: D

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