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Pit Fighter Tycoon
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 10 @ 6:00pm
Apr 20 @ 2:22pm
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Pit Fighter Tycoon has been Greenlit! (also, a new DevBlog!)
Intergalactic Drug Trade, Spying and more!
Release date: Early 2018
Pit Fighter Tycoon is a simulation of intergalactic Alien rivalry, where you abduct, genetically modify, drug and then force Humans into gladiatorial Fist-Fights. Usually to the death. But more importantly, to make loads of cash.

You're a Tycoon after all!

How do I become the greatest Pit Fighter Tycoon?
Travel the Stars
Each in-game week you'll travel between the stars to visit different Alien planets. Pick your opponents, and then send your Human Slaves to fight and die in it's arenas for the entertainment of the Alien masses! You can then spend the Credits from your glorious victories to harvest more Human Slaves.

Perform Unethical Surgeries
Humans are soft and weak, which is why you'll need to perform weird barbaric surgeries on them and remove their squishy, useless organs to replace them with ones you've purchased on... totally legit markets (*ahem*).
If training your humans in combat skills is taking too long, fill their bloodstreams with dangerous and addictive (but hopefully beneficial?) drugs! If their heart explodes, we can find another one.

Manipulate Genetic Sequences
When you find yourself a champion, you'll want to clone them. Then make them better by messing with their genes. Stronger humans can compete in bigger fights, bringing you more money! But large changes to genetic code can result in horrific mutations.

But don't worry too much, as these abominations can be repurposed into a powerful drug-cocktail of Human Goo, which will enhance your other Slaves!

Use the earnings from the misery of your Human Slaves to build new Arenas, Upgrade your ship facilities and eventually buy out your Rival Tycoons. Nothing says 'Victory' quite like owning all of your enemies' stuff.
Then move to bigger, better and more popular Fighting-Leagues to make even more money!

Crush your enemies and master this strategic management game to become the ultimate Pit Fighter Tycoon!

  • Watch Human Slaves fight and die in the Arena.
  • Manipulate the DNA of your Slaves to create your ideal fighter.
  • Build Surgery Wards and 'enhance' your Slaves.
  • Sell drugs, organs and Humans on Intergalactic markets.
  • Abduct oblivious Humans from their home planets.
  • Upgrade your training facilities and hire better trainers and doctors.
  • Build new Arenas and Facilities to generate more Credits.
  • Repurpose useless Humans into Drugs for your strongest Slaves
  • And much more!!
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StarGuardianVix May 16 @ 9:04pm 
(new update on their blog, for anyone not following closely)
Sloggernaut Apr 15 @ 6:53pm 
I'd buy for $10, probably as high as $15. Less than $10 is a no-brainer.
✪ Øof ✪ Apr 15 @ 3:37pm 
Great because if you put this for 5 to 10 bucks ill buy it
Rectacrab  [author] Apr 15 @ 3:27pm 
I'm a long way off locking in the price, but I'm currently thinking less than $10 is a good pricepoint. Subject to change though!
✪ Øof ✪ Apr 14 @ 4:40pm 
How much will this be? Cause i want to buy it now
cre-8 Apr 13 @ 3:19pm 
when i looked at this the title without the word "tycoon" reminded me of a midway game called pit fighter. it looked like live action crap but it was fun!
Sloggernaut Apr 13 @ 12:04am 
Love the concept and some of the features displayed. I hope this game gets to see the light of day, and that it'll be just as based as you've sold it to be.
John Inch Apr 12 @ 3:23pm 
15 seconds in not sure...20 seonds in convinced :)

voted yes!
Henarky Apr 12 @ 2:08am 
I often dream of the golden era of gladitorial fights...

The brutal & dark atmosphere has me excited, I look forward to much blood being spilled in the constant struggle for more money.

The human organ inventory looks like fun, I can't wait to mutate my first human in the name of progression.

thanks rectcrab,
you've got my vote.

Mike "LGBBQ" Pence Apr 11 @ 7:51pm 
The art style looks great! I will definately buy if it gets on steam. It'd be cool if you could build your own arena in the future. Looking foward to it