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Kibble Matrix
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Apr 9, 2017 @ 9:37pm
Apr 16, 2017 @ 12:00pm
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Kibble Matrix

Create Matrix Kibble || Last 2x Longer and Cooks 3x Faster
Uses ANY Dino Egg to Make Kibble || 100% Stackable || Compatible With Stacking Mods

Mod ID: 902290346
Current Version: 1.1 (Updated April 16th, 2017)

Please see the patch notes for more details on the changes in the latest update.

The Kibble Matrix is a device you can craft in ARK that will make kibble cooking more convenient and also adds new food items to the game that will enhance your playing experience.

Once the Kibble Matrix is crafted, you can do the following:
  • Create a special kibble called "Matrix Kibble" that lasts twice as long and cooks 3x faster than regular kibble.
  • Converts dino eggs into Matrix Kibble eggs that are used to create Matrix Kibble. Eggs are converted based on the weight of the original dino egg. For example, if a dino egg weights "20", you will be given "20" Matrix Kibble Eggs that can be used to make Matrix Kibble of any type. Matrix Kibble eggs can also be eaten for food.
  • Create a delicious "Berry Puree" from berries (Azulberry, Mejoberry, and Tintoberry). This puree is used to create Matrix Kibble. Can also be used to tame dinos that prefer berries (taming multiplier can now be set by the Server Admin).
  • Create a delicious "Veggie Puree" from veggies (Longrass, Rockarrot, and Savoroot) . This puree is used to create Matrix Kibble. Can also be used to tame dinos that prefer veggies (taming multiplier can now be set by the Server Admin).
  • Create "Smoked Meat" and "Smoked Prime Meat". Smoked Meat can be made from raw meat and raw fish meat. Smoked Prime Meat can be made from raw prime meat, raw prime fish meat, and raw mutton. Smoked Meats have a 25% bonus health, food, and taming rate over meat jerky (taming multiplier can now be set by the Server Admin).
  • Can be used to store and preserve food like a refrigerator (store and preserve meats, kibble, berries, veggies, and even Wyvern Milk).
  • Can hold up to 250 inventory slots for storing lots of food and Matrix Kibble.
  • Taming multipliers for Berry Puree, Veggie Puree, and all Smoked Meats can now be set through the GameUserSettings.ini (see below for example).

Players will have the ability to craft two different versions of the Kibble Matrix. You can either craft the "Tek Kibble Matrix", or if you prefer, the player can craft a more primitive looking version called the "Primal Kibble Matrix".

The Tek Kibble Matrix is powered by electricity and has green lights that glow when powered. The Primal Kibble Matrix is also powered by electricity and gives off smoke when powerered.

Each Matrix Kibble type is named exactly for the dino that prefers it (e.g. "Pachy Kibble" is used for Pachy). This will help the player in using the right kibble with the right dino. Also, each Matrix Kibble has it's own distinct icon which features a picture of the dino that prefer that type of kibble.

Matrix Kibble does not require a specific type of dino egg in order make kibble. You can use ANY dino egg to make ANY type of Matrix Kibble as long as you have the proper amount of eggs.

In order to craft the Kibble Matrix, you must learn the engram (requires level 25, but costs no engram points), and then you can craft the Kibble Matrix in your crafting menu.

This mod is 100% stackable and should work in any mod order in your mod list. The mod should work for both multiplayer and single player.

For players that used custom dino mods (e.g. Extinction Core, Annunaki Genesis), this mod should be compatible as long as the dino still perfers the same time of kibble as it's counterpart.

There will be lots of customizations added in future updates, including additional INI options for Server Admins.

GameUserSettings.ini Settings for Server Admins

Please add the following to your GameUserSettings.ini and customize as you wish.

[KibbleMatrix] BerryPureeTamingMultiplier=2.0 VeggiePureeTamingMultiplier=2.0 SmokedMeatTamingMultiplier=1.25 SmokedPrimeMeatTamingMultiplier=1.25

If you try to set a taming multiplier lower than 1.0, the mod will automatically override it back to the default setting (setting a taming multiplier lower than 1.0 can cause adverse effects).

Click here for Spawn Codes

Click here for Updated Patch Notes

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
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SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE Feb 3 @ 12:32pm 
benai Jan 29 @ 3:14pm 
Will this mod ever be updated one of the few good kibble cooker avialable?
Sayvil Jan 29 @ 12:06pm 
and add nexs kibble ^^"
Sayvil Jan 29 @ 12:06pm 
I tested a mod. here are my tips for improving it.

- the recipes should only be available to players who have learned the engram of your mod.

for example: the player learns the "Primal Kibble Matrix". unblocks at the same time all engrams contained in it.

This will create jobs
[Delta] Kalavecy Jan 21 @ 9:01am 
Hi, does this mod still work ? Because we just tried it and the Rex kibble is as effective as raw meat for taming... maybe we missed something.
Jessonic Jan 14 @ 6:13am 
Would like to add this to our server, but the kibble is out of date. Will it be updated?
GnubbelNubbel Dec 6, 2017 @ 5:51am 
do u update the new dinos? Kentro, Yuti and so? would be awsome. and the best Kibble mod i have found here. not so tresh like----> pull 30metal in and get kible out. wtf
get kibble matrix for the weight they have. best balance. great job.
Division Dec 5, 2017 @ 4:51am 
the mod still working on latest version of the game ?? or may some crashes ? or just for the new dinos isnt working? @Dangerous for breeding you need the kibble for the other dino. just say you breed an Allosaurus baby. he wants a Dodo Kibble. so you need an kibble for an Pteranodon or Ichthy
Chaplynn Dec 5, 2017 @ 3:59am 
@DangerousDD it does work.
Division Dec 5, 2017 @ 2:12am 
did it still working with last version of the game ?