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Dragon Priest Mask Quest Markers
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Aug 18, 2012 @ 4:27pm
Jul 8, 2014 @ 8:45pm
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Dragon Priest Mask Quest Markers

This was an oft-requested mod by users of Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers. Killing a dragon priest (or installing the mod after one of them has already been killed) will begin a quest to find all eight dragon priest masks. Once they are all found, the quest will lead you to Bromjunaar Sanctuary and the final prize. The eight dragon priests will have quest markers (although no marker will show for Nahkriin until you meet him late in the main questline).

This mod doesn't actually touch the masks themselves - the markers point only to the priests, and if you lose the masks, they are gone.
However, this mod should be fully compatible with ones that change the stats of the masks. It has been confirmed to be compatible with Bromjunaar Extended. (In fact, I have modified no scritps, only added new ones, so I expect it to be compatible with virtually anything).

This mod is also available on the the Skyrim Nexus:

A German translation is available on the Nexus.
A Russian translation thanks to nerub221 is available here:

If you are interested in a more lightweight approach to making the masks easier to find, check out whickus's Dragon Priest Mask Journal:

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Ardent Wild Orchid Aug 22 @ 9:46am 
Oh, bethkids.
Ravenyth Aug 12 @ 3:07pm 
Triggered beautifully. Can't wait to find the rest of those masks. Thanks!
AgaTheMighty Aug 3 @ 2:25am 
It's not working for me.
HCHS63rdWilson Jul 24 @ 6:06am 
Can you mark the wooden mask a quest item before the quest is done? Because once the wooden mask is put on and then thrown out of the inventory, it will be lost, which makes it impossible to complete the quest. And yeah I made that mistake once, before you ask.
More importantly, thank you for making this mod.
RustyCookieMC Jul 16 @ 2:11pm 
this and stones of barenziah q m arent working for me :(
☢ Bot Gaben ☢ Jul 8 @ 4:40pm 
мод для слабых, в моровинде вопще небыло маркеров ! и что вы думаете ? эта игра стала 1 из самых лутшых из серии TES
ANW wolfpack Jun 28 @ 6:19pm 
@frankp14: There is no fixed place to start the quest: if you kill a dragon priest (e.g. when at the end of the college of winterhold quest) the quest will start automatically.
Keep Calm & Game On Jun 28 @ 1:20pm 
This Mod conflicts with fixes from Unofficial skyrim Patch: If I place a mask at Bromjunaar and take it again, it is gone.
The conflicting script is in the savegame, so you have to start a new game to have full Bromjunaar functionality again.
SteezyBreezy Jun 27 @ 7:28pm 
Damn, I sold the krosis mask :/
frankp14 Jun 22 @ 2:08pm 
where do i go to start the quest?