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Roxy -- Wolf-Dog Follower
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Aug 18, 2012 @ 9:45am
Jul 9 @ 5:13am
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The unique dog follower, Meeko, is now a bit more unique, as well as fearsome, now following you as a white wolf, under the name "Roxy"!

Rather than adding a new follower, this replaces Meeko, a dog found in the Morthal Swamps. You can still find and recruit him (now a "her") as normal, or continue a game where you've already done so, but now (s)he's around 50 levels* cooler.

*levels refers to levels on a scale of coolness, not to ingame character levels

This is a simple mod, purely aesthetic, made mainly for my own pleasure (Roxy is, of course based off my dog), but I decided to upload it to steam to familiarize myself with the upload process, and just in case anyone else likes the idea of a unique wolf-follower

Fun new update: You can now control whether Roxy acts like a dog (sitting, panting, and barking at everything while following you) or a wolf (standing menacingly) by talking to her and saying "Could you act more tame?" or "...more wild?". Once again, this change is purely aesthetic and will only change Roxy's animation a bit, not her performance or her stats

-slight animation glitch when loading a save with Meeko following you; fixed by fast travelling or waiting

This will not be compatible with any mods that alter Meeko's data,

I have made a new, more compatible version (be sure to unsubscribe from this version first):
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°AnimalGRL° Nov 16 @ 5:18am 
#JustSubscribed. great job ^^
talynamber Oct 6 @ 6:19pm 
This one is in Meeko's shack? The same shack? Just wanted to make sure, I treid another Meeko to German Shepard mod that just did not work. I would so love a wold/dog/whatever than can change behavior..dogs in Skyrim bark too much
ChloeMacintoshRedust Jul 8 @ 1:36pm 
oh i just realised theres more than one stray dog and they travle, i'm not ordering anything but i think it would be better if u made another wolf dog follower and not change any vanilla dogs? i dont know its up to u to even make the mod im requesting.
ChloeMacintoshRedust Jul 8 @ 8:41am 
thx i noticed it when i was gonna take a screen shot of the glitch with Roxy.
W_Dog  [author] Jul 7 @ 4:06pm 
@sixtiesgirl: Thank you for uploading the screenshot. The eye-bulging bug's been here the entire time, but I've never noticed it. Skyrim's wolf's "trotting" animation is broken, and has the eyes set too far forward; it's not a problem in my mod. I've fixed it with a workaround (editing the model so that eyes can't move; this also means the eyes can't look around, but I'm not sure that the wolves did that anyways, so it shouldn't be noticeable), but I hope I can fix the animation itself if/when I know how.

Anyhoo, that will be uploaded soon, and I can definitely make another wolf follower mod for Stray Dog.
ChloeMacintoshRedust Jul 3 @ 8:51pm 
could u make one for Stray Dog? make him a wolf? u already made a white wolf, and a ice wolf, why not another? i would greatly appreciat it.
ChloeMacintoshRedust Jul 3 @ 1:48pm 
its hard to explain, all wolves eyes bug, just setrace any of ur followers and walk backward and you'll realise their eyes bulg.
W_Dog  [author] Jun 11 @ 2:38pm 
@Mega-Lobster: I haven't tested, but I don't see any reason why it shoudn't work. If it doesn't, try the "Compatibility Edition"

@sixtiesgirl: What do you mean by eyes bulging? can you take a screenshot?

@Heyos1: Are you sure that it's this mod that's causing the problem? Disable it to check if that fixes it, and look at any other mods that may alter Meeko
Heyos1 Jun 9 @ 4:19am 
i found him, and said whats wrong dog foloow me then you can follow me if you want but it doesnt work roxy doesnt follow me
ChloeMacintoshRedust Jun 8 @ 5:19pm 
the eyes only bulg when u click "Act Wild." can u fix it? c: