Idle Evolution

Idle Evolution

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Translation / Localization
By NewProject and 1 collaborators
1.- Download this .zip:

2.- When you unzip it, you will find 2 files, copy them into the game folder:
.\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Idle Evolution\strings.txt
.\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Idle Evolution\quiz.txt

NOTE: If you want to return to the texts of the game, you only need to rename this 2 files.

3.- Open and translate:

-> "strings.txt"
It is a JSON format file.

To indicate a line break, use " /newline/ " (with a space in front and back) (without quotes)
To indicate a hotkey, use "[shift]" (without quotes)
Never use " in the middle of a sentence. The " indicates the beginning and the end.

NOTE: If there is an error when you start the game, use any internet "JSON validator" to find the problem. Ignore the warning about duplicates.

-> "quiz.txt"
It is a plain text file. Each line is a question with the answers.
/*/ is the separator

- Example:
02Which choice is the densest state of matter?/*/1/*/Solids/*/Liquids/*/Gases/*//*/
ID + Question / Position of the correct answer / Answer 1 / Answer 2 / Answer 3 / Answer 4 (void) /

4.- Publish:
Once all the texts are translated and working, you can do what you want with the 2 txt.
If you want to add them in the game officially, send me an email to:

5.- Final tips:
-Keep in mind that the space in game is limited, try that the translated text is not exesively long compared to the original.
-If any language needs it, I have the option to reduce the text, add special characters or anything else.
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疯脚趾 | InsaneToe Jun 4 @ 5:07pm 
Thanks for this! :)