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Monster Hunter for Skyrim
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Feb 9, 2012 @ 12:52pm
Jul 18, 2013 @ 12:37am
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This mod adds craftable weapons from Capcoms game "Monster Hunter" into the world of Skyrim. All the weapons are completely new and user-made models with from-the-scratch made, high detailed texture.

For all you high-res-junkies who want razo-sharp textures, go here
and download the high-res-texture pack.

18.07.2013 - UPDATE:
- finally finished a new weapon: Judgement, a Greatsword
- Remove useless clutter like bone and ice crystal
- More to come (really :)

9 craftable weapons:
- Assassins Dagger
- Odyssey
- Frost Edge
- Buster Sword²
- Iron Sword²
- Carbalite Sword²
- Ravager Blade²
- Guardian Sword³
- Judgement²

²Counts as Battle Axe
³Counts as Great Sword but has Battle Axe anims

Features several so called "Infomagazines" you can find in Bethelor's General Goods in Whiterun. This is just a little Bonus.

All weapons are craftable at any forge in the category "Misc". Note that steel smithing is required.
Upgrading/Improving the weapons should work. Tested at smith at the Whiterun-gates.

Known issues:
- If NPC (Guards, Companions or whatever) pick up the Guardian Sword, they won't unsheath the sword. That's because of the way the sheath is implemented. I made it so the sheath stays on your characters back all the time.
- Some of the greatswords clip through the characters arms when blocking or in third person. There is nothing I can do against this, as much as I wish I could (same for the weird charged attack anims).
- The item description blocks the text of applied enchantments. You'll have to deal with it.

Please note that I try to keep the size of the weapons close to Monster Hunter.

747823 - Texture, edited normals maps, specular maps, shaders
cR45h - Textures
Syncing - rest (model, uv, bake, nif, collision, etc)
Sionnach - helped here and there

You are not allowed to re-release this mod somewhere else, the only placed where you can download this mod are skyrimnexus and the steam workshop. You are allowed to use the model and the texture for pure personal use but you are not allowed to release the model and texture files anywhere.
You are also not allowed to change the model, the UV or the texture. You are allowed to create a new texture from the scratch.
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kirbybcole Aug 18 @ 12:12pm 
how do i craft these weapons?
Syncing  [author] Aug 17 @ 2:36am 
Wrong mod lol
jjgonellijr Aug 16 @ 6:32am 
no monsters are spawning( the only monster ive ever found is a adult deviljho)
MidnightScar Aug 2 @ 8:36pm 
lol nicely done ;) big fan of (Monster Hunter Freedom (2) (Unite) and Tri)
TheFrostEmperor Aug 2 @ 8:42am 
Oh, ohke. Thanks.
Syncing  [author] Aug 2 @ 7:27am 
A sword, like in MH
TheFrostEmperor Aug 2 @ 6:27am 
Is the Assassins Dagger a dagger or a sword?
[TSOC] baconboi2557 Jul 28 @ 3:47pm 
This is awesome thank you so much keep it real brah. :D
GEO Javilourez™ BG Jul 21 @ 12:02pm 
Can you put monsters pls?
Syncing  [author] Jul 13 @ 1:03am 
You can just search for the names by entering "help 4 <name>", if can't remember exactly. I listed the names above.