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Art of War
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Apr 23 @ 2:14pm
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Art of War

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Art of War is a mod where every military unit requires a population to train. This single change has far reaching consequences on how war is fought, both on the battlefield and domestically.

New Features
  • Military units require population to train.
  • Changed military policies support faster population growth.
  • Revamped District adjacency.
  • New effects for Buildings.

Links and Resources

Military policies have been changed to provide ways to grow cities faster and replace the citizens lost to military service.

Unit production bonuses now apply to Anti-Cavalry units instead of Ranged units. Allowing Spearmen to counter Horsemen in a more cost effective fashion.

Every District has had its adjacency bonus changed. Some have had their role reworked. The Encampment is now a livestock yard, while the Industrial Zone focus on mining production from adjacent Mountains.

For a complete list of all the new adjacency effects see the reference image above.

Some Buildings have been changed to make them more dependent on the local resources the city has access to. Harbor buildings (Lighthouse, Shipyard, Seaport) all boost Finishing Boats.

The Stable provides production from Horses while the Barracks provides production from Iron and Niter. Access to these strategic resources will reward rulers who specialize their cities to infantry or cavalry production.

The Workshop provides production from Coal, Oil and Uranium. Making cities with those resources the best locations to start or expand your industrial revolution.
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Mazzini May 11 @ 7:57am 
@Kepos, these sort of achievements are good part of testing "realism" Mods, which is "what if..", I see it doen t fit when you don t want to "test" and the effect comes as a surprise. however, thank you that is "good to know". A personal opinion for "Art of War" is: the policy growth bonus should be reduced at 5,10,15 % from 25,50,75% nowadays. You would have the "inhabited" land effect, of course
Kepos Apr 20 @ 8:20am 
Short update: seems a combination of Real Tech Tree, Art of War and last but not least Real Marathon has caused this effect. Most civilizations didn't prosper but built only troops. The simple calculation, armies have been way cheaper to build then colonizer, while every unit has cost population which AI might not be able to calculate. After checking off Real Marathon, things started to act as usual in a new game. Actually, Real Marathon seems not accessible, so I can't give a response to the author.
Kepos Apr 20 @ 12:28am 
Great experience, thx.
What I recognized is, that warmonger AI, in my case Greece+Mongolia, refuse to build cities but instead only build armies. Can you adjust it a bit, otherwise they are absolutely outnumbered. Besides using AI+, just for the records.
justinhnolan Apr 6 @ 6:51am 
Thanks for doing this. It makes so much sense. Can you scale the population cost based on the unit type? I.e. Melee units would take 1/2 population but ranged units would only take 1/4? Naval units only take 1/8 etc.
Mazzini Apr 6 @ 2:21am 
(or then you could apply the growth bonus you have given at miltary units building turns only, if possible; or again to assign the growth bonus to your capital only.

This last one I suppose to be more simple, and even balancing - because of initial effort when you are a unique city.

Something, so that the tremendous feature of population lag remains)
Mazzini Apr 6 @ 2:14am 
I find this Mod a great improvement, which is why I have a suggestion, or request if you want.

About policies, could you please balance the city growth bonuses.
Given the wonders, religious, growth bonuses,
to replace the +50% growth bonus with a +10% growth bonus; the +25% growth bonus with a +5% gorwth bonus, and the +100% gorwth bonus with a +20% growth;

it would then seem "balanced" with the "never enought population to slaughter" feeling.
SInce the mooder name is @Machiavelli, I m sure he will gently understand this.

Mazzini Apr 5 @ 10:41pm 
(apply the growth policy bonus in turns in which you are building military units, if possible, it could be an idea)
Toadman Apr 5 @ 6:56pm 
Have not tried the mod but Kodies comments on population growth I think sound really valid. If you can grow population faster via military policies than other peaceful policies that makes war the way to go. Hystorically war did not (imo) promote population growth. If anything it made famine, pestilance, deaths, etc. Look at france after WW!. Of course after ww2 the US had the baby boomers. I would think you should only get policies that promote growth if you are the winner. To the vivtor goe sthe spoils, babies, prosperity, slavery, ect. You lose you are screwed.

How would the game know if you are a victor or not. Obvously if you take a city you get population. Ot maybe if you have a poicy that TWEEKS the capture or destroy option, even liberate. WIth different population bonuses. Hard thing to manage/code I bet.
Machiavelli  [author] Apr 5 @ 6:52pm 
Good catch Maguyver, I'll fix that in the next version.

Kody, allowing Encampments to be placed next to cities was a last minute change and in hindsight it was a bad one. I've been considering turning the Encampment into a normal district (no health or attack). And moving the effect to the Aerodrome (which may get renamed to something like "military base").
Kody Apr 5 @ 2:04pm 
A couple pieces of feedback from playing with this mod:

1) Encampment district should be reverted to not allow placement next to the city.

- This devalues any siege strategy the player might employ as it's now required to take out the encampment in almost every case
- It nullifies the pasture production bonus as there is never a case where you would want to place the encampment further away from the city; it's simply a dumb decision to not place it adjacent to the city
- It makes conquering cities incredibly obnoxious (note: it's not difficult, but it's also not enjoyable)

2) Population growth bonuses are currently too good on the military policies

- You can recover the lost population so quickly that it doesn't actually feel like military units costing population has a real impact on gameplay
- It makes it far too easy to grow cities; a military policy is more than 3x as strong as a world wonder at population growth, with the added benefit of production speed