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Art of War
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Aug 19 @ 8:38am
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Art of War

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Art of War is a mod where every military unit requires a population to train. This single change has far reaching consequences on how war is fought, both on the battlefield and domestically.

New Features
  • Military units require population to train.
  • Changed military policies support faster population growth.
  • Revamped District adjacency.
  • New effects for Buildings.

Links and Resources

Military policies have been changed to provide ways to grow cities faster and replace the citizens lost to military service.

Unit production bonuses now apply to Anti-Cavalry units instead of Ranged units. Allowing Spearmen to counter Horsemen in a more cost effective fashion.

Every District has had its adjacency bonus changed. Some have had their role reworked. The Encampment is now a livestock yard, while the Industrial Zone focus on mining production from adjacent Mountains.

For a complete list of all the new adjacency effects see the reference image above.

Some Buildings have been changed to make them more dependent on the local resources the city has access to. Harbor buildings (Lighthouse, Shipyard, Seaport) all boost Finishing Boats.

The Stable provides production from Horses while the Barracks provides production from Iron and Niter. Access to these strategic resources will reward rulers who specialize their cities to infantry or cavalry production.

The Workshop provides production from Coal, Oil and Uranium. Making cities with those resources the best locations to start or expand your industrial revolution.
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San-Kyu Sep 12 @ 11:55am 
Right now this mod makes the game too easy - all the player needs to gain an advantage early on in any war and the AI just can't cope. Increased cost for producing military units means that all wars are decided within the first few fights. Without a decent AI to properly plan an assault it becomes too easy to bleed out AI even when they outnumber the player.

The AI isn't exempt from the snowballing either-from the ancient era alone its not uncommon to see the total defeat of two to three non-warmongering civs. To live up to the namesake of your mod perhaps you need more penalties to the active use of military forces (maintanence costs? War weariness per lost unit health?) and to simultaneously code for the AI to be much more reluctant on attacking. Unless they can either win decisively or take out their target in a single turn they should be more inclined to fortify or maneuver.
San-Kyu Sep 8 @ 1:53pm 
At 90 turns... and the mod certainly makes things alot harder, especially with AI deviousness. Balancing military and anything else is now much harder since both now rely on population much more closely. Having anything less than parity with other civs makes them war on you.

Teddy declared war on me, and I only survived because I turtled down and used my own city as bait for his attacks. Jadwiga declared war after I got peace from Teddy (at least she had the honor of not double-teaming me with Teddy).

Other civs are also keeping their cities at only 1 pop. There are brief periods where some civs raise it to 2-3 after getting 4-7 warriors/slingers/scouts. I can only guess how long it'll take them to found a 2nd city.

I guess its kinda realistic? Maybe have some techs give a small increase in growth times to slowly increase overall population as science marches on?
San-Kyu Sep 8 @ 12:02pm 
Trying out this mod, looks like a way to curb massive armies that plague turn times in mid-to-late game. Was also looking for anything to increase maintanence costs to maybe do the same thing, but this looks real interesting.

I have AI+, 8 ages of peace, CQUI comm.ed., better coastal cities and water tiles, CIV 6 improvements patch, Dynamic Diplomacy, Moar units, resourceful, and a few others but mostly cosmetic. One mod has a larger explored area on start and adds a scout to every start. another greatly increases barbarian spawn. another mod has that promotion doctrine thing.

First 40 turns so far, King difficulty, large world with 15 AI and 9 city states... I've met Jadwiga and Teddy, and both can't seem to hold their first cities beyond 1 pop. AI may be unable to prioritize growth over anything else, but its still early. I'm worried that I may have to do the same becase Teddy has 2-3 rank 2 warriors patrolling my borders.
Machiavelli  [author] Aug 15 @ 8:09pm 
Thanks for the info Dauceer. I have a theory as to the cause. I'll put a fix together and push out an update later this week.

On a separate note, I'm looking into a few ways to make it easier for folks to disable some parts of the mod if they don't want to play with modded districts & buildings or modded policies.
Dauceer Aug 14 @ 3:02pm 
I'm pretty sure this is unintended, but while using this mod alone, I've found that watermills no longer give +1 food to wheat and rice resources.
Natesos Jul 27 @ 12:03pm 
i agree with Zuntrix get ridd of all the unnecessary and frankly annoying bells and whistles and i think this would be a 5 star mod i think.
Kurnn Jul 24 @ 7:05pm 
A VERY interesting mod.
Seal Jun 25 @ 6:38pm 
I found the gameplay with this mod combined with a AI+ mod to make the game more intresting and it was much more of a challenge
Machiavelli  [author] Jun 23 @ 4:12pm 
That is possible. There are a couple of ways to do it. You can edit the mod info file in notepad and remove all the gameplay files except the units.sql.

Look for <InGameActions><update database...>
Zuntrix Jun 23 @ 9:19am 
Hi Machiavelli :)
Is it possible to use this mod with nonly the "Military units require population to train." script/effect?
I think you came up with a very good idea here!, but the changes to cities, districts and policies are too much of a change, and probably not well balanced yet. So i would be very happy to hear if that is possible :) good luck developing!