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Royal Bloodline: Vampire Lord perk tree 1.31
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Aug 16, 2012 @ 5:02pm
Feb 5, 2013 @ 8:01am
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Royal Bloodline: Vampire Lord perk tree 1.31

Royal Bloodline: Vampire Lord perk tree and abilities (1.31)
Requires Dawnguard

This mod adds 9 new perks (including brand new abilities like flight) and some minor tweaks to the Vampire Lord.

IMPORTANT: If you are having problems with flight or, simply would like another Armor check the optional files from the "Downloads" section on the Nexus:

Remember to give me a "THUMBS UP" if you like this mod!



This mod aims to add another level of epicness to the Vampire Lord and empowering it for the higher difficulties, while staying close to the original gameplay. However, most importantly it is supposed to be fun. This mod adds 6 new perks (including brand new abilities like flight) and some minor tweaks to the Vampire Lord.

!! Also check out the Royal Bloodline Volkihar Throne Room Overhaul: !!



1. The royal armor is not showng correctly
- EITHER you don't have the newest version
- OR Some other mod overwrites my script. Make sure to have my mod last in your load order!
- OR Some other (incompatible) mod put the "DLC1PlayerVampireChangeScript" file in your skyrim/Data/Scripts folder. Delete it (ATTENTION: keep in mind that this might/should make the mod placing the script there not working anymore)

2. Flight doesn't work
- Try the "Optional flight fix from the optional files in the Nexus's download section (

3. If you don't have enough available perks

a) Go to your CK. Open my mod as active file.
b) In the object window select *All
c) In the search bar type: DLC1VampireTotalPerksEarned
d) Add the amount of new available perk points you want.
e) Come back to my mod page and endorse it :D

4. How do I fly in the exteriors of towns?
- After having passed a town's gate you need to quit leivatating mode(hit ctrl) and then simply reactivate it again...

5. Compatibility with "Better Vampires" and "Belua Sanguine Revisited"
- In general the mods are compatible. (Make sure you load my mod is set AFTER BV or BSR in your load order!). However, my mod used to overwrite the Spells that these mods give to the Vampire Lord (normal Vampires have all the spells).
- From what people kept telling me it is also working with BSR.

6. Compatibility with other Vampire Lord Armor Mods
- Use the "No Royal Armor" optional file. It is compatible with all Vampire Lord armor mods out there!

7. Do I have to download the main file if I want to use an optional file?
- Yes, install the main file first and overwrite it with the contents of the optional files.

8. The cape keeps clipping thorugh my body
- The cape is a mess. Unfortuantely I can't change that, since it is governed by the game's physic mechanics...
- For me I usually just need to hit sprint and it clips out and it won't clip back in...
- If you can't stand it please use one of t


Recent Changes: (05.02.13)

- Removed falling damage in levitation mode
- Release of an optional file that limits flight to sprinting in leviation mode (recommended, check the Nexus page)


New perks:

Royal Bloodline
+ 10% to Health / Mana / Stamina
This perk changes the Vampire Lord’s armor to Harkon’s royal version (incl. Cape and Skeleton)

Sanguine Perfection
Rank 1: Increases your Blood Magic magnitude by 10%
Rank 2: Increases your Blood Magic magnitude by 20%
Rank 3: Increases your Blood Magic magnitude by 30%

Sharpened Talons
Rank 1: Increases the melee base dmg by 15% adds a 05% critical strike chance to deals +10% dmg.
Rank 2: Increases the melee base dmg by 30% adds a 10% critical strike chance to deals +20% dmg.
Rank 3: Increases the melee base dmg by 45% adds a 15% critical strike chance to deals +30% dmg.

Summon Goliath
Summons a Gargoyle Boss variant instead of a regular Gargoyle.
Removes the original summon Gargoyle Spell.
Requires the Gargoyle Perk next to Royal Bloodline.
Requires Sharpened Talons and Sanguine Perfection maxed.

Blood Transmutation
Adds a spell that converts 50 Health in 25 Magicka and 25 Stamina per second.
This should be a handy, but balanced option if you ever get caught in trouble during daylight.
Careful: This spell can kill you (we wouldn’t want to make things too easy now would we?)
Requires Sharpened Talons and Sanguine Perfection maxed.

Highly evolved Wings
Levitating slightly over the ground is unworthy for every true Vampire Lord!
This perk adds the ability to fly in “Levitating-Mode” with working collision (Give it up for J3X)
To give it a little more travel utility it also adds +50% Stamina.
Only works in exteriors (unfortunately Cities are listed as interiors as well, trying to fix that...)
Requires Summon Goliath and Blood Transmutation

Darkens the sun for 30 seconds
During that time you deal 50% more magic and melee damage while taking 50% less damage.
Your Regenerations will work during that period as if it were night
Can only be used outside, during the day (5h-19h) and once per day.
Note: At the moment if you activate the spell during the night it won't take effect but will trigger the cooldown. I will try to make it so that the spell is only in yourlist during the day...

Nightmare Rune
This places a rune that will fear NPCs up to lvl. 40 crossing it for 7 seconds.
I know it doesn't sound spectacular but i wanted to find another crowd Control possiblitly for the VL without overpowering him like the Wereolve's "Howl of terror"
This spell only fears for a short duration, but it fears higher lvl npcs.
Update: Now has a cooldown of 20 secs, that will only trigger when the Rune actually exploded.

Sanguine Shield
A powerful shield that will cost you 35 mana per second but also block up to 50 damage,


More features:

Bugfix for causing less damage with Serana accompanying you
Tweak to the Activation Blocker to let you interact with chests locked doors etc as well as to loot. (thanks to DarkenDE to pointing out how it is done!)



The Vampire Lord is to the most parts governed by a handful of scripts.So other mods that edit the Vampire Lord will probably modify those scripts, which means this mod should conflict with most mods that edit the Vampire Lord's perk tree and the effect that transform you into the Vampire Lord.



Huge thanks to J3X that made this mod possible with his great flightspell and a lot of patience for my poor scripting skills! Check out his spell where this flight spell originated from:

Thank TMPhoenix for somehow manage to properly decompile the first DG scripts and sharing them with us.

DarkenDE, Kinjo and everybody that provided input

IzzyChan for his awesome Vampire Lord sketch. Check out his you will find some fine pop art there:
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Golden Fedora Jul 21 @ 12:03pm 
do you have to enable the flight of do you already fly while in "hover mode"?
because i think you should have to enable it with a spell or something, as it would get slightly annoying durring combat.
ARE THOSE WAFFLES?! Jul 5 @ 3:17pm 
Dude, take a chill pill. It's a videogame, it was your mistake for you to get it, not the author's. So, calm down, and use another chance.
respite11 Jun 16 @ 4:38pm 
Put the other version up where you can get rid of the cape. looks kinda weird and has shitty physics
Nameless880 Jan 21 @ 7:56pm 
so do you get an armor upgarde and more bat like wings?.
melanie.moomoo Nov 7, 2016 @ 11:33am 
after years of scientific research i finally found out how to get all the perk points by dounloading a mod named perks ui and when you become a vampire try to undo the perks and then do them again if that doesnt work i dont know
kurt_gervo Sep 7, 2016 @ 4:48pm 
how do i fly
TrapNinja-_-242 Sep 6, 2016 @ 12:06am 
my perks dont work on the new skill tree and my vampier royal armor wont show
Saint [TEC] Walker Jun 20, 2016 @ 4:15am 
Mερнιѕтσρнεlεѕ Jun 17, 2016 @ 1:19pm 
CK is the greatest crash-happy piece of dirt. Any other way to get perk points?