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Skyrim properly pack - More races and more !
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Aug 16, 2012 @ 9:39am
Sep 14, 2012 @ 9:12am
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Skyrim properly pack - More races and more !

This is the skyrim Properly pack! In this mod I edited a few things I think should be added in skyrim ! Take a look at
(As you see I made lots of pictures. These pictures don't contain all of the things.)

some of the changes ! (some because I made lots of them)

1.The Dragonplate armor is highly improved .
2.Steel Weapons do more damage .
3.Skeevers are stronger.
4.Wolves are stronger.
5.Hagravens are stronger
6.Giants have less health, but do some more damage .
7.Mammoths are stronger
8.Boli is called boli the coward, and wears diffrent armor.
9.The Dremora race is now playable.
10.The Elderly race is now playable .
11.Vampire race is now playable .
12.The infected redguard and nord morphling is now playable .
13.Iron dagger does a bit less damage.
14.Daedric Warhammer does much more damage .
15.Khajjit claws do more damage.
16.Argonains do more damage with fists .
17.Orcs do more damage with with fists .
18.Some people like you more .
19.Unrelenting force shout needs no recharge .
20.Dremora race has Healing hands at start .

Thats all of what I can remember ...
However the dremora race is naked once you start playing. To fix that glitch you must open console commands and type down "Player.setrace nord" or orc or argonian, any playable race. However there is much more then 20 new things its just that I forgot the other changes.. sorry wish you like this mod... Thanks :) And I made a new version of the mod With a few more things. Please Subscribe to this and that mod to have proper chagnes. Tell me if there are any "Compatible" by using the 2 mods. Subscribe to the 2 mods to have no Comp bugs.

The new changes of part 2:

21.The new playable greybeard robes. Found at high hrogthar whirlwind test gate.
22. New giant club (playable). Find them from giants.
23. All new spell. Unrelenting Force shout casted by hand effect 3. Find the spell tome there where you find the robes.
Note: The greybeard robes are for spellcasters. (Destruction) Best destruction gear.
24. Enchanced Lydia.
25.The all new Giant club (playable) This makes giants do 35% more Damage.
The giant club does massive damage yet it swings slowly. You find the clubs from killing giants.
(If you download the new version, be aware that giants do atlest 75% more damage then before.
Yet they have less health. Please be carefull with giants !

New Version !

26.More locals in Riverwood and Bee and barb..Starter chest in Riverwood.
27. Console commands guide in riverwood chest.
28.Game Guide in riverwood chest.
29.Full iron armor set in riverwood chest.
30.Now you do not need to download the part 2 since I upgraded the mod .
31.Enhanced lydia wears Daedric armor and looks better (no more narrow face).
32.Playable giant club included and now greybeard armor support !
33.The Kid race now Playable.(MAJOR UPDATE)
34.Some pictures of the changes now uploaded.
35.The locals featuring: The wannabe hero; The wannabe hero flees from any combat or danger; he is a coward.
The Villager: The villager is netural with danger. He will try to help if he can.The drunken deserter: Attacks everone and flees from no one: Hostile. - brawls. The drunken breton:Flees from no combat helps allies and friends. walks around drunk.
36.Farkas wears ebony armor. (just for fun)
37. New merchant in riverwood.

Note:The starter chest is in riverwood. The starter chest contains: Console command mini guide. Skyrim starter book. Iron armor set. Weapon fork.I will be writing more things for the skyrim starter book and console commnads.

Thanks for subscribing to the mod.
Details :
1: Dremora race. The Dremora race has healing hands at start of the game. As you see the dremora race is naked. To fix the naked dremora glitch, type down "player.setrace high elf" in console commands. Your appearance will stay the same but you will not be naked anymore. Quality:Good

2: The Kid race. The kid race turned out fine, in fact it turned out better then I thought it would. Perfectly playable and tested. The kid race can Only wear the armor it is wearing, but it can wear lots of armor apart from you cannot see it on the kid. You can only see the proper armor of the kid. The kid race turned out Good to be honest.:Amazing

3:Eldery race: The Elder race has no problems apart from the 1st person hands. It has improved Destruction and Alchemy. The Eldery race facials are perfect ! The Elderly race turned out the best. Quality: Flaw-Less

4: The Afllicted: Just like breton ; turned out pretty fine no bugs or anything. No special effect.: Normal

5: The vampire race: The Vampire race is basicly a Vampire Darkelf. It is just like a dark elf but is a vampair, epic eyes, and No vampair negative effects. Quality: Great

6: If you have any more bugs to report or want to ask questions feel free! If you want me to add somthing new don't worry I (WILL) consider and reply to your post.

New version !
38. Updated the starter book.
39. When you drink ale, you make a burp and become drunk for 20 seconds.
40. Fixed General merchant in Riverwood.
41. Added a group of travelers outside riverwood.
42.The group of travellers are giving away a Free dog pet companion.

New Version !
Colourful Hair: For : orcs dark elves and bretons imperials and Nords.
43.Orange hair for Orcs, dark elves and bretons imperials and Nords.
44.Blue hair
45:Turqoise Hair. Note: If you want one of your old characters to have colourful hair, Your in luck! Type player.showracemenu In console commands!
46.:Green hair:
47 : Note: I think you get it that there is alot of new hair colors I just can't say all of them now...
48: New race: The Evolution Fish!
49:Craftable Lockpicks! You need an Iron ingot for 5 lockpicks, And if you want 15 you would want a steel ingot.
50. New race: The pale.
51. Craftable Daedra hearts You need 2 human hearts and 2 ebony ingots.
52. Craftable Human hearts. You need 1 Daedric heart.

At the request of : Ju

The All new SAMURAI RACE....

53. The Samurai race!
54.: The effects of the samurai: It has martial arts as requested, Can fight underwater, and unarmed reach is higher.
55. all new armor: Samurai Crown samurai Cuirass and samurai gauntlets and samurai boots. All found in the starter chest in riverwood.
56. New weapons: Samurai Dagger, Samurai Katana. Samurai katana deals nice damage and is faster. The dagger is also good.
Thanks for the nice Idea dude!

New Version
56.New race: The Khajjito.
Note"Look in details of the khajjito ingame in the descripton"
57. Fixed the fish race glitch it is now fully playable....

New version: Bug fixes and races.
58.:New race burnt up woman.
59.Bug fix: Dremora are now not naked, can wear any and all armors in the game.
60.When kids die there is no glitch.

Note: Coming soon, Going to fix the weird old man hand

61. BUG FIX no more vampire race: it made the game crash so I had to delete it from playable

Note: Does anyone think I should make a Dawnguard version of this mod where you can wear an Elder scroll on your back?

New update: Less unkillable NPC's!

62. Ulfric is killable.
63. General Tuilus is killable
64. General Tuilius flee's from Combat.
65. Astrid is killable.
66. Astrid flee's from combat.
67. Hadvar is killable.
68. Ralof is killable.
69. Ralof has a slightly Changed face.
70.Finally.... Maven Black briar is now killable!
71. Boli is now killable (Greybeard)
72. Arngeir is now killable (Greaybeard)
73.And the rest of the greybeards.
74.Arnbjorn is now killable.
75.Festus krex is now killable.
76. And the rest of the Dark Brother hood.
77. A few other NPCs are now Killable.

Dawnguard version coming soon, Release date:2013 January 2nd.
Link to Dawnguard version:(Link not up yet).s

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Slipcoc  [author] Sep 12, 2015 @ 11:29am 
thanks ;d
Slipcoc  [author] Sep 12, 2015 @ 11:29am 
Yeah, this was my first attempt at creating mods and I really did mess some things up, but I guess for those of us that have too many played skyrim hours we can mess our game up a little just for fun ;p
Raven Sep 6, 2015 @ 3:40pm 
Hmmm. I do like this mod. In fact, I'm having fun playing as a Samurai, but I'm having a hard time with the martial arts. But like you said, this mod appears to be a tad broken.
But hey, at least it has a potential for fun. Considering there's less unkillable npcs
Slipcoc  [author] May 18, 2014 @ 9:13am 
Uh, hey ngailto, this mod is kind of broken, I added a lot of things but it really did mess the game up... I kindya abandoned this mod, and I do think that you should delete it, sorry :P
Frauggu May 14, 2014 @ 4:14pm 
It was the only mod i had on and riverwood had like half of it gone
Slipcoc  [author] May 4, 2014 @ 7:35am 
I'm working on different mods so I might not be able to update the cheat book. I know nothing of riverwood glitching out. It must be another mod. If my mod is the only mod you have I will look into it, but I am sure my mod did nothing to affect riverwood.
Frauggu Mar 11, 2014 @ 5:16pm 
I had to do it multiple times and riverwood is glitching out and stuff and it wont stop crashing.
also can you update the cheat bar code book
Slipcoc  [author] Mar 11, 2014 @ 11:23am 
There is a fix, if you move down in the comments section you will find it