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ConcPerfect 2017
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ConcPerfect 2K17 - Dev Update #2
Course Descriptions

The world of ConcPerfect is split up into different courses. Each course usually has 9 or 18 jumps, with some special cases.

This post will give a quick overview of each course and what they offer for the seasoned (or newbie) concer!

2017 Standard Cup Courses

Upon release the game will come with the first cup already open and available. Each course must be completed before moving on to the next one.

Future cups will be released in time, depending on player interests. These future cups will be free of charge for anyone buying the game in its first release!

Smooth Conc`in
Green pastures and light hills. This is the ideal beginning concer's course! Smooth Conc'in used to be called the "Rolling Greens Golf Course" until it was clear that Concing brought in a more reliable revenue than golf ever did!

This easy course should get your feet (and, if you flub a conc on jump 4, your whole body) wet with the basic mechanics of concing!

Boris's Bangin` Butte
Sometimes the unforgiving desert ain't too bad! Based in the rocky and scenic state of Nevada, Boris's Bangin` Butte offers the intermediate concers a little more of a challenge while still remaining largely beatable and not frustrating. Conc your way from the wild west ghost town to the territory of the friendly Native American tribe (lead by Pete the Native).

This course is ideal for beginners to start their racing career, as it is much more difficult to master this course than it is to master Smooth Conc'in!

Wesley's Wild World
The first indoor conc course and also the debut location of the hit arcade game "Space Master". Wesley's Wild World offers tricky jumps involving teleporters and dark maze-like corridors.

The unique atmosphere and banging, heavy, techno beats will surely please any concer - but don't be fooled! This course is where things start getting tricky... make sure you take enough patience to see your way through to the end & make it to the prize counter!

Gerald's Grand Gallery
Located in a remote Rocky Mountain range in Colorado, Gerald's Grand Gallery combines concing powder with lush snowboard-ready powder! The site this course is on used to be a 5-star Ski Resort, but much like "Rolling Greens Golf Course", the burgeoning sport of Conc Jumping ran it out of business and now it is totally dedicated to hosting the sickest high-altitude jumps in the land!

This is where the tests of true concing skills begin. Along with jumps that have extreme verticals, you'll be tackling moving platforms, puzzle-oriented jumps, and large moving walls that are eager to smash any concer that jumps too early!

Pete's Perilous Park
Professionals only! Deep inside the volcano that consumed Fort Wayne, IN -- Pete's Perilous Park is a danger filled course packed with difficult jumps that test all of your skills as a concer. The daunting atmosphere will pressure anyone daring to take on this challenge to think twice.

Being able to complete this course with all your bones in place is the mark of a true concer!

Custom Courses
Custom courses are a great feature for anyone wanting to practice their skills independent of muscle memory. With over 45 jump components to choose from, there is over 200 million different configurations possible with custom courses!

Each jump is categorized with a difficulty level, and you can pick and choose which level of difficulty you want to be included in your custom course allowing you to really laser-guide your conc jump training regime.

Custom courses are also a great way to even the playing field for races - given that the chances are that every course you generate is brand new for every player!

Additionally you can also save custom courses if you want to go back and play them again and try to beat your best time.

Future Courses
We plan to release courses in packs of 5, themed in "Cups". The original Cup, called the "2017 Standard", has the 5 courses listed above.

With each new cup release, the Custom Courses generator will gain all of their components, allowing them to be in new custom courses anyone might generate.

Difficulty wise, the standard cup is just that -- a standard difficulty. Cups released in the future will be of varying difficulty -- harder, easier, but most of all more unique. Additionally future cups will see enhanced gameplay options and new 3D assets.

Thank you all for all your support so far, and we hope to get the game in your hands as soon as possible!

Release date: Summer 2017
ConcPerfect 2017

Quick Description
ConcPerfect 2017 is SwimDog Co.'s latest creation! Race your friends at super high speeds with concussive blasts sending you to heights you never thought humanly capable! High-paced and tension filled racing is the goal in Conc jumping!

Detailed Description
ConcPerfect is a skill based 3D platformer, with some puzzle elements. Players will be faced with a variety of obstacles that they must overcome with the use of a propulsion inducing blast (conc grenade) and careful maneuvering. Some obstacles may be complex and require some basic puzzle solving skills to figure out the correct path to complete it. Timing and precision are two skills this game will test harshly.

There are two multiplayer modes: Casual where you and your friends go through the courses as fast as you want or Race where you go head-to-head to see who can complete the course first!

* 5 detailed courses
* Over 45 jump components
* Customizable player models
* Time based achievement system
* Randomized courses (9-jump or 18-jump)
* Tailored tutorial course
* Well defined and smooth conc jumping mechanics
* Two multiplayer modes
* 9-Track Soundtrack included with release
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What Kind of Concer Are You?
Professor Gerald
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Xanatos (MEME MASTER) Sep 8 @ 7:43am 
Q Dude Apr 22 @ 8:37pm 
Looks fun! i know some ppl who would buy this game
NAS✗ Apr 21 @ 6:49pm 
good viva venezuela
Red Moon Entertainment Apr 13 @ 3:05am 
It's a mix of parkour and wipeout xD
Looks pretty dope.

We are running the Game Development World Championship and would like to see you participate. It's good for your visibility and won't cost you a penny.

You can check it out at .

Good luck with the development!
Cosmic Apr 5 @ 8:15pm 
That song is dope.
Xanatos (MEME MASTER) Apr 5 @ 12:57pm 
Winndypops Apr 5 @ 12:55pm 
Looks pretty goofy but I think I could get behind it.
Gravelore Apr 5 @ 12:54pm 
So that's what they been up to, upvoted
boris  [author] Apr 5 @ 8:45am 
@fisheye Thanks for the comment! I'm glad some of the old school concers are finding their way to our project.

The core physics engine was based off of Goldsrc's so nearly all the old moves are supported. That being said there have been adjustments to improve "quality of life" and accessibility to the game and conc jumping in general. For example concs no longer slide around the floor like hockey pucks when you toss em out infront of you, nor do they bounce like dodgeballs.

Juggling is supported but Hand-helds have been changed slightly. It is now more beneficial to let go of the conc while in the air and have it blast you on the edge of the blast. Handhelds do still work but they don't behave like they used to.

Regardless, this is an evolving project which will be changed over time and the way handhelds are handled is still something on my mind.