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[V92B-W] BF2142 Parachute
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[V92B-W] BF2142 Parachute

In 1 collection by Reverend Jesse V92
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V92 Base, Weapon Extension, Parachutes, Battlefield 2142

This is the 2142 parachute as a usable weapon. This requires you to equip it via the weapons or entities menus, and you only have one parachute per weapon, so make it worthwhile.

While the parachute weapon is equipped and you're falling, press +attack (Default: Left Mouse Button) to deploy it.

  • Usable BF2142 Parachute Weapon
  • Weapon Entity

  • Weapon, so you can restrict it to certain classes/jobs
  • Uses parachute ammo, so you can't spam it
  • Has nifty audio sounds



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No. The problem is that its not in the entities menu.
Reverend Jesse V92  [author] Sep 8 @ 7:59pm 

I was dismissive because 9/10 of the reports I get of it not working are because people converted from ZParachute and don't understand how this one works.

You spawn the parachute entity from the weapons menu, and at that point you have it equipped. When falling, select the parachute weapon and it will auto-deploy. Think of it as pulling the rip cord.

In a future update I plan to make it so it will auto deploy without having to select it.
Ah, well, the least i can do is try again. thanks anyway, i suppose.
Reverend Jesse V92  [author] Sep 8 @ 7:22pm 

I'll look at it when I get time but I was working the last I checked.
Well, you didn't really help me. I already tried these things you said to do, before I asked, and they didn't work. I have your base still, but, uh, it doesn't work
Reverend Jesse V92  [author] Sep 3 @ 10:25am 
@weird name

Then you're beyond my help.
To be honest, that doesn't really help.
Reverend Jesse V92  [author] Sep 3 @ 4:39am 
@weird name

1. you need my base
2. They're weapons, they auto deploy while falling.
Hello. I am here to ask about the parachutes. 1: Do we need the stuff listed at the top of the desc.? 2: When i get these addons, they aren't in entity's/weapons section. 3: When I search up "parachute" in the search box, it show the parachutes. I click on it, equip it, and it ends up being a scripted weapon that shoots bullets. How can i fix this?
Reverend Jesse V92  [author] Aug 17 @ 10:56pm 

The next update fixes that.