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Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Apr 3 @ 2:37pm
Butterfly Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
The cross platform multiplayer butterfly game. Explore landscapes where all trees plants and flowers are interactive, drink nectar, chomp, chat, fly, wriggle, explore and survive whilst developing your butterfly.

Give that Wing some Zing
Your butterfly wings are paintable and you are encouraged to get your brushes out and paint, sport a set of nice wings and the upvotes will pour in from other players, allowing you to further unlock upgrades your butterfly.

Make Sweet Love
See a wing you like? you can approach that player and give then a cheeky wriggle, if they are feeling like getting cheeky too they wriggle back turning you into a notoriously hungry caterpillar.

Plant species vary in tastiness and nutrition find what you like best, mmmm delicious, we recommend the dandelion.

Fully fed you pupate, as a pupa random imaging code will decide your new wings, mixing and blending in a mixture of both your original wing and your lovers. Hatching into a unique (hopefully more beautiful) new butterfly.

Butterfly Game Dev
The core foundation of this game will be ported from our existing Butterfly Game, which started as a browser game though now is available on Android (good feedback with just over 5.5k active wings).

All multiplayer games need a critcal mass to make them work, by cross platform seeding of our current player base we can ensure this game goes live with players!

New Features
Please note this will NOT be just a port of an existing android game we are planning to put a fair bit of effort and features into this title, including;

  • Richer more detailed landscapes
  • More AI baddy creatures, birds, snakes & mice
  • Challenges- both flight and forage based
  • More butterfly species
  • Pockets Save- a big request feature, currently players can oversave other players wings, by tying this game into your steam account we can introduce pockets to save or load your favorite wing designs.
  • Extra game level, where you decide what it will be!

To cover dev and hosting we'll be looking to sell this for around £2

Butterfly is beautiful mellow game we hope you can see its uniqueness and potential to grow...
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✪marwansven20 Nov 5 @ 4:01pm 
loook cool but were do i play it
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Love this game but not available :/
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why i cant Play it on Gamevial it say i Need to upvote it on steam :( please help me guys:(
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when can i play this game its not on gamevial
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i want this game
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I love playing this game on Gamevial, It'd be awesome to see more features get added to it here on Steam c:
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Love it ! Please make backgrounds and emotes - we are many butterfly collectors on Steam
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games i meant to say
zillanationoverun57 Apr 17 @ 11:50am 
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