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Wooden Hanging Bridge
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Mar 29 @ 4:32am
Apr 4 @ 12:00pm
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Wooden Hanging Bridge

Wooden Hanging Bridge

  • Dynamic Wood Bridge

  • Absolute Placement Flexibility
  • Place Start and End Point from far to build a bridge!
  • Max Distance 10'000 units

Cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/jd_Bridge_V2/PrimalItem_HangingBridgeBuilder.PrimalItem_HangingBridgeBuilder'" 1 0 0

Mod is clean and stackable


Feel free to donate if you like it!

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Thanks everyone!
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6 hours ago
Servers using this mod (live updated)
Oct 9 @ 8:59pm
Bug Reports
Jun 28 @ 7:01am
what is the bridge's engram classname?
Ark Angel
< >
Alex Nov 20 @ 9:54am 
dude can you add a metall one ?
zebatka1 Nov 13 @ 1:34pm 
hello can you add more distance to bridge or tell me where i can do that
Äukia Nov 2 @ 2:42pm 
When I try to place it on ScorchedEarth it just goes sideways - can't use the Start and Finish function. Oct 23 @ 4:33am 
@dubCUT doesn't appear to be working with custom Player Pawns, is this using a line-trace that only works with PlayerPawnTest or does it work with ShooterCharacter?
Tantanpou Oct 18 @ 4:43am 
"it just turns sideways and behaves strange. even stranger than the fact, that it still works great inside the unreal engine editor and the island and center (i think)."
<< I can craft and place a bridge like usual, but when I pick one up and try to place it again the "turning sideways" problem prevents me from placing it correctly.
Once I managed to place a bridge although it was sideways which resulted in a glitch that teleported me to position (50,50).
Map: Ragnarok
Fanible Oct 11 @ 7:11pm 
Any way to get an update that gives you an option to remove the dangling vines? On some of the bridges going straight across, it looks nice, but steep bridges it looks odd how it looks stiff at an angle.
Skywalker Oct 11 @ 5:52pm 
Hello, i can't place them on tree platforms on the Island map. But i also have running an other bridge mod. Don't know if give that problems.
Auffenronsung Oct 10 @ 8:17pm 
It is working on our server using the Island map. Only issue we have is if the ends are rotated at times dino's get caught at the ends as if there is a gap in the wood or something. Love the mod, makes piranha infested waters much safer.
Noxsa Oct 9 @ 9:02am 
i'm playing on ragnarok and can confirm that this work on this map BUT, you can't walk/run dino's over them, just players for weird odd reason. i don't have problems with placing the bridge sideways, just everytime i place a bridge no dino can walk on them and yes not even on XL size.
dubCUT  [author] Oct 9 @ 8:54am 
Hello Everyone.
I'm still trying to read through all the comments. thank you for your feedback! i'll take a look at the issues and wishes soon. this thing is quite complicated and i haven't looked into it or tested it for a while. now i noticed that i can't place it on ragnarok myself. it just turns sideways and behaves strange. even stranger than the fact, that it still works great inside the unreal engine editor and the island and center (i think).
can you confirm full functionality on the island and center on a multilplayer server?
exept for the issue that the multi menu only works on the start side.
i assume there are no conflicts in single player games, right?

try to access the menu from the other end of the bridge