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The Waning Crescent 1.2.7(RP Decor & Gameplay Improvement)
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The Waning Crescent 1.2.7(RP Decor & Gameplay Improvement)

Ver.1.2.7 (Update 27 + Hotfix) June 28, 2017
Waning Crescent::RPvPvE::Events::2X,HV,XP,CR
Address: Port: 24080
The Waning Crescent

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This mod will feature new feats with cosmetic updates, new placeables, materials and soon, weapons, armor, creatures. This mod is primarily meant for roleplaying on a server, with a group of friends, or by yourself. There is nothing special to this mod, it does alter the FeatTable, RecipesTable, CraftingStationNameTable, ItemTable, ItemNameTemplateID and LootTableResource DataTables, if any other mods modify these files it may cause some items not to appear or function.

Please view change notes for known issues.

What's new now though!? Have a look:

Most food and drinks items will go bad if not consumed in a timely manner, they are still edible some say.
The Gazelle, Antelope and Fawns all have a "lifespan." Wild Gazelle's and Wild Antelopes will die quickly as captivity isn't their strongsuit. Fawns will age into beautiful Gazelle's but for some reason they can not be inseminated, guess they'll make for good meat. Lactating Gazelle's provide you with milk or you can use her up to make more babies. Lactating Gazelle's can have their lifespans prolonged through Milking. You cannot recover a Tired Gazelle but you can use her up.

New Feats

::Home Maker::
  • Stone Cooking Stove (Crafting Station)
  • Ostrich Dinner (Perishable) (25 Raw Ostrich Legs + 5 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Stone Plate (Stackable)
  • Wheel of Cheese
  • Rolls of Cheese
  • Bread (250 Wheat + 15 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Raised Bread
  • Slice of Cheese
  • Slices of Cheese

::Tavern Starter::
  • Big Ale Keg (Crafting Station)
  • Ale
  • Barrel Of Grains
  • Barrel Of Greens
  • Tavern Bar
  • Tavern Barrel

  • Journal
  • Twine Paper

  • Kiln (Crafting Station)
  • Mead Jugs

  • Spinning Wheel (Crafting Station)
  • Thread
  • Cloth
  • Hyena Rug
  • Blue Stygian Carpet
  • Green Stygian Carpet
  • Orange Stygian Carpet

  • Gold Coin

  • Gazelle Corral (Crafting Station)
  • Farm Fence
  • Bucket
  • Bucket of Milk
  • Pail of Gazel MIlk
  • Transfer Milk to Flask - Pail
  • Transfer Milk to Flask - Bucket
  • Fawn
  • Butcher Gazel

  • Empty Cart
  • Open Crate with Top
  • Closed Crate
::Metal Worker::
  • Traveler's Lantern
  • Needles
  • Butcher's Cleaver
  • Empty Mug

::Skilled Apprentice Stonemason::
  • Smokestone Foundation
  • Smokestone Wall
  • Smokestone Windowed Wall
  • Smokestone Door Frame
  • Smokestone Sloped Walls
  • Smokestone Triangle Ceiling
  • Smokestone Triangle Foundation
  • Smokestone Fence
  • Smokestone Fence Foundation
  • Smokestone Stairs
  • Smokestone Pillar

New Materials

  • Produce Vendors Each vendor has a unique item(s) on them. (Admin Mode)

  • Gold Coin(1) (Rare drop from all mobs)

  • Raw Ostrich Leg (Rare drop from all Ostrichs)
  • Hyena Hide (Drops from Spotted Hyenas)
  • Needles (Crafted at Blacksmith Station)
  • Thread (Crafted at Spinning Wheel)
  • Ale (Crafted at Big Ale Keg)
  • Hops (Gathered from plants)
  • Fruits (Gathered from plants)
  • Wheat (Gathered from plants)
  • Rock Salt (Gather from Rocks)
  • Flask of Milk (Rare drop from Gazelles)
  • Gold Pellets (Gathered from Rock nodes)
  • Wild Gazelle (Rare drop from Gazelles)
  • Wild Antelope (Rare drop from Antelopes)
  • Fawn (Made at Gazelle Corral)
  • Lactating Gazel (Inseminated by Wild Antelope)
  • Butcher's Cleaver (Crafted at Blacksmith Station)
  • Bucket
  • Iron Pail (Purchased from Produce Vendors)
  • Log (Gathered from Trees)
  • Zamorian Armor Set (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Darfari Armor Set (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Shemite Armor Set (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Black Hand Armor Set (Purchased at Produce Vendor)

  • Scraps
  • Flask Of Ale (Poured at Big Ale Keg)
  • Roasted Ostrich Leg ( 1 Raw Ostrich Leg + 2 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Fruits
  • Wheat
  • Rock Salt
  • Flask of Milk
  • Rolls of Cheese
  • Dried Meat (50 Human Flesh + 50 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Bread (250 Wheat + 15 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Watermelon (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Apples (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Bananas (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Tomatos (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Corn (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Lettuce (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Potatoes (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Carrots (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Garlic (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Oranges (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Lemons (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Pumpkins (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Pears (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Pineapples (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Bucket of Milk (Poured at Gazelle Corral)
  • Pail of Milk (Poured at Gazelle Corral)

  • Traveler's Map (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Pile of Maps
  • Rolled Up Map
  • Map on the Edge
  • Unraveling Map
  • Stack of Gold Coins
  • Pile of Gold Coins
  • Pile of Logs
  • Traveler's Hatchet
  • Traveler's Pickaxe
  • Traveler's Waterskin (Drinkable Placeable)
  • Prepared Ostrich Leg
  • Stack Plates
  • Mug of Ale (Drinkable Placeable)
  • Closed Crate
  • Open Crate with Top
  • Empty Cart
  • Produce Cart (Admin Mode)
  • Watermelon (Admin Mode)
  • Banana (Admin Mode)
  • Pineapple (Admin Mode)
  • Pear (Admin Mode)
  • Pumpkin (Admin Mode)
  • All Chairs are public
  • Storage added to barrels, jugs, rugs.
  • All placeable food and drinks are public. (Reverts back to eatable version)
MOD ID: 892964932

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Dimos 10 hours ago 
plz fix it
Akuma Aug 11 @ 12:41pm 
Really wish this would be updated, same problem as others, crash on loading the game when this is in (as only mod to be sure)
Rekpire Aug 8 @ 1:55pm 
We miss your mod. :'(
Maziken Jul 29 @ 9:22am 
Crashes my game upon loading. :(
Xain Jul 27 @ 2:37pm 
+1 for for update <3
huh84 Jul 24 @ 4:18pm 
pleas up date ;)
Layn Jul 24 @ 8:29am 
A new update of planned for the mods?
TechMajin Jul 21 @ 8:51am 
ahh okay thanks!
Kathom67 Jul 21 @ 7:13am 
While this isn't a competitoon, I also switched to Homebrew now. I liked you mod much better.
jakharang Jul 21 @ 5:55am 
TechMajin, the mod was not updated after a patch, so it will crash.