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The Waning Crescent 1.3.5(RP Decor & Gameplay Improvement)
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Mar 27, 2017 @ 6:06pm
Sep 28, 2017 @ 9:46pm
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The Waning Crescent 1.3.5(RP Decor & Gameplay Improvement)

Ver.1.3.5 (Hotfix) September 27, 2017
MOD ID: 892964932
The Waning Crescent :: Building :: Sandbox
Address: Port: 24000
The Waning Crescent

If your game is not starting, please Unsubscribe and then Subscribe again to begin updating mod. If the mod hasn't been updated in two patches assume I'm inactive.

You may experience longer than usual load times when using this mod.
If your recipes are not showing up, reset them in admin mode or drink a Yellow Lotus Potion.

This mod will feature new feats with cosmetic updates, new placeables, materials and soon, weapons, armor, creatures. This mod is primarily meant for roleplaying on a server, with a group of friends, or by yourself. There is nothing special to this mod, it does alter the FeatTable, RecipesTable, CraftingStationNameTable, ItemTable, ItemNameTemplateID and LootTableResource DataTables, if any other mods modify these files it may cause some items not to appear or function.

Please view change notes for known issues.

What's new now though!? Have a look:

Most food and drinks items will go bad if not consumed in a timely manner, they are still edible some say.
The Gazelle, Antelope and Fawns all have a "lifespan." Wild Gazelle's and Wild Antelopes will die quickly as captivity isn't their strongsuit. Fawns will age into beautiful Gazelle's but for some reason they can not be inseminated, guess they'll make for good meat. Lactating Gazelle's provide you with milk or you can use her up to make more babies. Lactating Gazelle's can have their lifespans prolonged through Milking. You cannot recover a Tired Gazelle but you can use her up.

Breaking it down, Storing it up
Placing then dismantling Logs will provide the player with wood. Crafting Barrel of Grain/Greens then dismantling will return the grains/greens and barrel you stored them in. The same goes with logs in the barrel. Dismantling any gold stacks will give the player the individual gold coins back, be careful, gold coins are open to ANYONE once placed.

New Feats

  • Ostrich Dinner (Perishable) (25 Raw Ostrich Legs + 5 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Wheel of Cheese
  • Rolls of Cheese
  • Bread (250 Wheat + 15 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Raised Bread
  • Slice of Cheese
  • Slices of Cheese

::Tavern Starter::
  • Big Ale Keg (Crafting Station)
  • Ale
  • Tavern Bar
  • Tavern Barrel

  • Journal
  • Twine Paper

  • Kiln (Crafting Station)
  • Mead Jugs

::Apprentice Weaver::
  • Spinning Wheel (Crafting Station)
  • Thread
  • Cloth
  • Silk
  • Hyena Rug
  • Braided Rope

  • Gold Coin

  • Gazelle Corral Attended/Unattended(Crafting Station)
  • Farm Fence
  • Bucket
  • Bucket of Milk
  • Pail of Gazel MIlk
  • Transfer Milk to Flask - Pail
  • Transfer Milk to Flask - Bucket
  • Fawn
  • Butcher Gazel

::Apprentice Carpenter::
  • Empty Cart
  • Open Crate with Top
  • Closed Crate
  • Storage Barrel
  • Fence(s)
  • Wood Wall(s)
  • Wood Path(s)

::Journeyman Carpenter::
  • Nordheimerian Housing

  • Stone Platforms
  • Stone Stairs

::Metal Worker::
  • Iron Lantern
  • Needles
  • Butcher's Cleaver
  • Empty Mug
  • Dismantle: Iron Lantern

::Skilled Apprentice Stonemason::
  • Smokestone Foundation
  • Smokestone Wall
  • Smokestone Windowed Wall
  • Smokestone Door Frame
  • Smokestone Sloped Walls
  • Smokestone Triangle Ceiling
  • Smokestone Triangle Foundation
  • Smokestone Fence
  • Smokestone Fence Foundation
  • Smokestone Stairs
  • Smokestone Pillar

New Materials

  • Produce Vendors Each vendor has a unique item(s) on them. Lv5 for Access to players (Admin Mode)

  • Gold Coin(1) (Rare drop from all mobs)

  • Raw Ostrich Leg (Rare drop from all Ostrichs)
  • Hyena Hide (Drops from Spotted Hyenas)
  • Needles (Crafted at Blacksmith Station)
  • Thread (Crafted at Spinning Wheel)
  • Ale (Crafted at Big Ale Keg)
  • Fruits (Gathered from plants underwater)
  • Wheat (Gathered from foilage)
  • Flask of Milk (Rare drop from Gazelles)
  • Gold Pellets (Gathered from Rock nodes)
  • Wild Gazelle (Rare drop from Gazelles)
  • Wild Antelope (Rare drop from Antelopes)
  • Fawn (Made at Gazelle Corral and extremely rare drop from gazelles)
  • Lactating Gazel (Inseminated by Wild Antelope)
  • Butcher's Cleaver (Crafted at Blacksmith Station)
  • Bucket
  • Iron Pail (Purchased from Produce Vendors)
  • Log (Gathered from Trees)
  • Zamorian Armor Set (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Darfari Armor Set (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Shemite Armor Set (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Black Hand Armor Set (Purchased at Produce Vendor)

  • Scraps
  • Flask Of Ale (Poured at Big Ale Keg)
  • Roasted Ostrich Leg ( 1 Raw Ostrich Leg + 2 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Fruits
  • Wheat
  • Flask of Milk
  • Rolls of Cheese
  • Dried Meat (50 Human Flesh + 50 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Bread (250 Wheat + 15 Rock Salt at Cooking Station)
  • Watermelon (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Apples (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Bananas (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Tomatos (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Corn (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Lettuce (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Potatoes (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Carrots (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Garlic (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Oranges (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Lemons (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Pumpkins (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Pears (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Pineapples (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Bucket of Milk (Poured at Gazelle Corral)
  • Pail of Milk (Poured at Gazelle Corral)
  • Braided Rope (Braided by Hand

  • Traveler's Map (Purchased at Produce Vendor)
  • Pile of Maps
  • Rolled Up Map
  • Map on the Edge
  • Unraveling Map
  • Stack of Gold Coins
  • Pile of Gold Coins
  • Pile of Logs
  • Traveler's Hatchet
  • Traveler's Pickaxe
  • Traveler's Waterskin (Drinkable Placeable)
  • Prepared Ostrich Leg
  • Stone Plate (Stackable)
  • Stack Plates
  • Mug of Ale (Drinkable Placeable)
  • Closed Crate
  • Open Crate with Top
  • Empty Cart
  • Storage Barrel
  • Produce Cart (Admin Mode)
  • Watermelon (Admin Mode)
  • Banana (Admin Mode)
  • Pineapple (Admin Mode)
  • Pear (Admin Mode)
  • Pumpkin (Admin Mode)
  • New Fences
  • New Walls
  • Stone Platforms
  • Nordheimer Empty Housing
  • Wood walk paths
  • All Chairs are public
  • All Coins are public
  • Storage added to barrels, jugs, rugs.
  • All placeable food and drinks are public. (Reverts back to eatable version when dismantled.)

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Sam Gun Graven
Aug 26, 2017 @ 4:02pm
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< >
Syandre Mar 15 @ 2:52am 
A good mod with many, many cool items for the game and improve decor... But currently cause many issues because not updated for a long time, and no response for his future.
Many armor can't be crafted on better quality, cloths are missing from mod vendors and are uncraftable. Spinning wheel work station crash the game too, now.
Many decorative items works fine, but parts are unstable.

We have using it many months on our server, but sadly, it's time to remove it to avoid more problems with future game update.

We have appreciate this mod, we hope to see an update for release if you have the time one day.

Currently, this mod can be used if you are an administrator for generate bugged or missing items, but not if you have "normal" players on your server.
Garin Vek Feb 21 @ 7:38pm 
Crashing when accessing the spinning wheel
The Pilgrim Feb 4 @ 12:21pm 
soooo.. i assume this is gonna be discontinued since none of the moderators seem to reply anymore?
The Pilgrim Jan 27 @ 1:58am 

Thanks for the response, i'll favorite this mod for now, looks quite interesting. :)
Diether Jan 26 @ 8:27am 
@The Pilgrim

The mod runs and adds a lot of very good stuff to the game. There are however two major issues at the moment that I have found:

1) Hops can no longer be harvested
2) The spinning wheel crashes your client (aka you can not make silk)

It needs updating, but it seems like the developers are not really responding. I still have hopes of them giving a sign of life since they do seem to be online regularly.
The Pilgrim Jan 24 @ 2:59pm 
Any issues with this mod? safe to DL? or does it need to be updated? thx
Diether Jan 19 @ 12:31pm 
It'd be nice if the author's would let us know if they plan to update it or not. If not, I would request someone takes over the mod to at least fix the two bugs (hops and silk). If anything I am willing to take a look into it.. but I never modded before.
Nover83 Jan 2 @ 4:54am 
When will the update? Objects always bug, especially silk ... It becomes long and problematic ... HELP !
FiveHorse Dec 21, 2017 @ 7:46pm 
Sad thing is that both authors are listed as Online at the time this comment was posted
Jorr Dec 21, 2017 @ 7:11pm 
Good mod but I'll be and hops are essentially a need in this game. With out them, it's useless to use. And the mod did say if they miss patches, they are inactive. Last time seen, Dec 6th. Calling this one inactive.