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Alvora Tactics
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 27 @ 7:22am

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Greenlight Progress 4-18-17
  • Greatly improve the lighting engine (Lanterns & some other lights now use raycasting!)
  • Reimplement the Journal, which was originally going to be cut
  • Fix many, many bugs
  • Take like 12 naps

I would still very much like to get Alvora released in April, instead of being forced to take more naps. Once the game is approved, it will still take me roughly a week to code and test Steam integration, so whether this thing gets out in April or early May depends on the Greenlight.

Thanks again for your support!

Release date: April 2017

Alvora Tactics is an indie Tactics RPG that combines strategic combat with immersive exploration. Explore and conquer Great Serpent Alvora with your own customizable band of warriors!
  • Deep, yet straightforward & easy to understand tactical combat
  • Explore a mix of procedural and handcrafted areas full of varied & challenging encounters
  • Destructible terrain and elemental interactions – set a jungle ablaze with fire magic, or summon water then electrify it!
  • Combine 10 races, 23 classes, 150+ upgrade-able abilities, and 50+ passives to create your ideal party
  • Unique fantasy setting; no elves, orcs, or dwarves
  • Built from the same engine (and by the same guy) as the highly-rated Voidspire Tactics
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Ramsey Rinehaus Apr 21 @ 7:22pm 
LOOKS AWESOME!!!! I absolutely want to play this game
Losian Rooke Apr 21 @ 3:35pm 
Hell yeah! To the dev - Voidspire was great, you were responsive when I had a pretty specific bug and gave me steps to fix, so thanks again for that, and caring enough to do so. :) Would very muvh love to see more from ya of this style of game.
jessedn Apr 18 @ 6:59pm 
I am loving Voidspire and have directed my friends to come vote for this one. Hopeully we can help push it over the edge.
Rad Codex  [author] Apr 18 @ 10:56am 
Thank you everyone! Your support really means a lot. : ) I'll do an update soon about how the Greenlight is going.
Sabrebear Apr 17 @ 7:52pm 
Hell yeah! I loved Voidspire, so more is just better!
suoverg Apr 17 @ 7:18pm 
<As you can tell, huge fan of Voidspire. Would absolutely buy the next game by this developer!
TheGameSquid Apr 17 @ 3:21pm 
Definitely voting for this one! Voidspire was a job well done. Wish you all the best with your new game!
JCtheBlueNinja Apr 16 @ 2:07am 
Definitely looking foward for this one. Voted!
swhirlings Apr 15 @ 12:20pm 
Voidspire was awesome! Looking forward to this, should be excellent.
Gota Apr 14 @ 2:26pm 
I really like the early-SNES visuals. Remembers me of FFIV (or II in US count). Are the sidequests procedural and the main storyline "handcrafted", as you say? That'd be interesting.