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A Case of Distrust
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 19 @ 10:13am

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Articles via Kotaku and Adventure Gamers
There were two articles written about A Case of Distrust:
This is great news, since really there wasn’t much to cover (no preview or new demo). It means the media is excited about the idea, which will lead to easier coverage in future!

Casual Connect Asia – Indie Prize Finalist Nomination
Casual Connect Asia is a game conference taking place in Singapore. I submitted A Case of Distrust a few months back, and was recently told that the game was nominated for the Indie Prize! Unfortunately, that’s as far as this prize will go for the game. The schedule has ballooned and a trip to Singapore is off the table. But the nomination itself is great, and there’s always Casual Connect USA to attend this summer!

A Third of the Way to the Top 100 Greenlight Games!
In just a few short days, A Case of Distrust is about one third of the way to the top 100 games on Steam Greenlight (in terms of number of Yes votes received). A game doesn’t need to be in the Top 100 to get accepted onto Steam, so this number is actually very good!

A massive thank you to everybody who contributed to the Greenlight campaign (if you haven't yet, do it now!). This means a lot! Thanks again!

Development Logs
Release date: 2017
PC Malone takes her freshly rolled cigarette, sticks it in her mouth, and lights it. She exhales blue smoke and, looking through it, spots the stack of papers near her desk — all old cases from the force that she’d quit long ago. She begins to wonder about her future as a private investigator. Whether the modern world will ever give her more than just thankless adultery cases. Emancipation still has a long way to go. More smoke fills her lungs and she sighs another plume. “Is this life worth what I’ve given up?”, she wonders. “Maybe I should help Green…”

A Case of Distrust is a 2D story-driven adventure game, set in 1924 San Francisco, playing as a female private investigator. Explore underground speakeasies, smoke-filled billiard halls, classic barber shops, and more. Catch suspects in lies by using your wits, evidence, and statements. Uncover the truth in a mystery full of deception. Intrinsic challenges face our heroine, as she struggles against a pushback on emancipation, leading to many doubts, both internal and external.

This game is a blend of the board game Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, the adventure games 80 Days and Phoenix Wright, the poster design of Saul Bass, and the hard-boiled novels of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

Ben Wander - Design, Code, Visuals, Writing
Ben is a AAA industry veteran, with experience at BioWare and Visceral Games. He jumped ship to indie in October 2015 because he couldn't get enough of this indie scene -- indie games were all he was playing! He'd had a 1920s setting in mind for a long while, and had always loved narrative games. So, with some savings in pocket, he took the plunge!

Mark "Marowi" Wilson - Music/SFX
Another old hand, Mark has worked at Team Bondi (LA Noire), BioWare (Dragon Age: Inquisition), and Riot Games (LoL). He, too, felt the pull of the indie scene, and eventually left his job for creative freedom. When Ben mentioned his game had no audio support, Mark sprung at the idea of being the game’s Audio Designer. He creates all the music and sound effects you hear in A Case of Distrust.
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waranistudios Apr 27 @ 5:40pm 
Nice art!
edirock Apr 27 @ 5:21pm 
Great!!! Voted!
freddyguys Apr 27 @ 12:00pm 
medamine_dghim Apr 27 @ 6:46am 
Amazing bro ! upvoted !
fizzii_ish Apr 26 @ 5:06pm 
Nice style!
Gear Worx Productions Apr 26 @ 2:16am 
Interesting approach and visual styling :D Good luck UPvoted!
JForthDesigns Apr 26 @ 1:27am 
Looks very interesting.
dreamssoftgames Apr 25 @ 2:05pm 
voted! Great!
DNT Games Apr 25 @ 12:55pm 
Definitely my sort of thing! Upvoted!
LunarCoreGames Apr 25 @ 12:54pm