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My Skin Is Not My Own
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During the height of the Merethic Era, the dragon priests that brutally subjectated the populas sought of ways to elevate themselves to a higher being. Something more dragon than human. To become demi-gods just a step below their dragon-god leaders. For decades their efforts failed, the vital piece of the equation missing.

Years later, during the Dragon Wars, the accumulated knowledge of the Dragon Metamorphosis were stored in glowing dragonstones, and scattered across Skyrim.

One such stone was transported to High Hrothgar, waiting for a powerful Dragonborn to unlock its secrets...

As you touch the stone, the familiar throbbing in your head is accompanied by the soft whisper in your ear as the word of power etch its way into your mind.

You try to shout out the words, but are overcome by sudden wracking pain. A loud ominous roar escapes your throat, your blood boils, eyes blur. When you recover you feel...different. You look down to see the toughened hide of a dragon, growing over your skin.

That is when you realise..."My skin is not my own."

Click the subscribe button and enjoy. This mod works best on a new game. If you are loading it up into a saved game, you may have to console re-learn some words of power you have already learned. The four final forms and ultimate form are learned through existing words of power that are progressed in normal story line play.

HD Texture Pack (both original and alternate mask/skin) & CBBE & Skimpy female model pack.

Adds 5 new shouts to the game, each word on each shout makes the dragonborn grow his own armor. This armor is dragon skin, so it cannot be sold, traded, removed (you can unequip, but it disappears like a bound weapon) or upgraded. Don't worry, the armors stats are tweaked to be competitive with gear that you can craft. The first two Thu'ums are progressive, six forms total ending in the ultimate form. The three additional Thu'ums are resistance sets (flame, frost, and poison). The base forms are a little more general purposed with stats abilities, while the affinity (resistance) sets are more defensive in their respective trees.

First word stone is in High Hrothgar (read backstory) in the main hall. If you go from the front door directly to the back courtyard you cannot miss it.
Second word stone is found outside of Kynesgrove, around the dragon mound where Sahloknir is revived during the main quest line.
Third word stone (this completes the first Thu'm and unlocks the first word of the three resistance sets) can be found in the front courtyard of the Thalmor Embassy, should be accessed when finding out that Esbern is still alive.

Fourth word stone hint: You must learn more of the dragon language.

All other unlocks are in easy spots to be found through normal questing, or storyline progression and need to be discovered on their own. For those who are loading into a already progressed game, you may need to enter the following console commands to re-learn words that you have already learned to get the final unlocks:
player.teachword 20E19 - Shul, final word for fire breath shout. Flame Dragon Shout.
player.teachword 5D16E - Diin, final word for frost breath shout. Frost Dragon Shout.
player.teachword 2F7BD - Kest, final word for whirlwind sprint. Storm Dragon Shout.
player.teachword 60299 - Aus, final word for marked for death shout. Forest Dragon Shout.
player.teachword 3CD31 - Lok, part of the clear skies shout. Elder Dragon.
player.teachword 46B8A - Ah, part of the call dragon shout. Ancient Dragon.

Known issues:
On the female sets, in first person view, I cannot seem to get the glove textures to load up properly. They keep defaulting to the default texture vs keeping the custom one. I can change it in CK, and save it. But if I load up the mod, or boot it up in Skyrim, it defaults back to the default texture. As soon as I can fix this. An update will be updated.

Update 1.1:
-Moved third word stone to front courtyard of Embassy for future access after questline.
-New mask texture, less "creepy", if the creepy version is preferred. The HD textures on Nexus still feature the creepy mask with the new mask as an alternate download.
-HD version of mask revision added to the Nexus download.

Update 1.2:
-Stormdragon (shock resistance) added.
-Re-textured all "skin" parts of every set.
-Slight re-color of every set.
-Armor for Silver Dragon and Shadow Dragon (secret quest sets), coded into game, only available via console.
-->Silver Dragon - More straight forward type of set, not quite tank type, but more of direct combat light armor.
-->Shadow Dragon - For you sneaky sneaky types. Built to be bit of a glass cannon.

Future Updates:
-Two secret final forms will be added with their own quest lines to obtain. This may take a bit, I want the questing scripts to be perfect.

Heavy armor version will be its own mod, will be completely compatiable and will include a tank type and caster type final forms.

Special thanks:
Its hard to put a value on who to thank first, so please don't be offended...
Frank Herbert, for the perfect quote, and the motivation to make this mod right.
leazer425, without their help with the scripting this mod would not be possible.
(^-.-)>, otherwise known as Kirby, for walking a blockhead like myself on how to make custom textures.
AmethystDeceiver, on Skyrim.nexus, for the use of their mask .nif files. Without these, my life was a nightmare. Couldn't figure out how to export the files correctly when I made my own masks.
and lastly
KainAsylum, for the inspiration for this mod. If I had not seen his mod, originally titled something like "Dragonscale Symbiosis" a week or two before I watched the Sci-fy channel's Children of Dune. I would not have thought of this mod.
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Evan, cshazlett 17 hours ago 
Ok and btw, thumbs up and was faved a while ago :D;
Lyall  [author] Jul 10 @ 9:29pm 
@Evan, cshazlett - I think I originally made it so that each step in the shout, you got a slightly different set, but there was issues with the scripting when trying to do it that way, so I ended up just making a bunch of different shouts for each step instead of each word being each step. I cannot fully remember. Unfortunately, while I still take the time to answer these questions. I do not have the time to continue working on this mod. I may look to trying and pick it back up just because it does make me kind of proud to think that almost 2 years after I originally posted this, people are still liking it enough to A) try it, and B) make good suggestions for future updates.
Evan, cshazlett Jul 10 @ 7:32am 
I suggest that as the shout gets stronger, the stronger versions of the armor cover more and more of your head and or sjtabor2's idea.
Lyall  [author] Jul 4 @ 7:49pm 
Odd, I do not remember setting a value to any of the pieces. If I ever pick this project up again, I will take a look at it.
sjptabor2 Jun 26 @ 11:55pm 
@Rhaeghar yeah i did, although i would suggest that you just change the value to 0 to remove infinite money cheats ( don`t worry I didn`t use it), but i would keep the bug for people who are curious enough to find it. this would allow them to 'mix and match' the dragon sets with (hopefully) decreased effects. just a suggestion
Lyall  [author] Jun 26 @ 8:42am 
@kstuddard - Yes, either equip items over it, or just unequip. The items disappear from your inventory when removed (or at least they should). Cannot summon individual pieces though, so if you want to get just one piece back, have to shout the entire set back on.
Lyall  [author] Jun 26 @ 8:41am 
@sjptabor2 - Odd, they are scripted to be deleted when they are unequipped. It took me hours to get the scripting correct...Are you dropping them while they are still equipped?
Dovahquinn Jun 21 @ 1:12pm 
too complex not worth it.
sjptabor2 Jun 8 @ 4:40am 
kstuddard you aren`t supposed to be able to, but I found out that you can. if you go into your inventory and drop them while you have them equipped, you can then pick them up and give them to your follower or sell them
PewPewTheGamer May 31 @ 8:19am 
You can remove the armor, right?