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Flinthook's Official Starter Guide
By Dom2D
New to Flinthook? This guide will help you get started! We'll quickly go through the controls, then I'll explain the basic systems in Flinthook - Ghost Gems, Perks, XP, all that stuff. Hope it's useful to you all! :)
The game can be played with mouse and keyboard, but a controller is recommended! Here are the controls with an XBOX controller (note that you can use a Playstation controller too). Also remember that you'll need to collect your gadgets in the tutorial before you can use them!

Left Stick - Walk left and right!
Left Stick - Aim in 360 degrees! It's not a twin stick control scheme! You walk left and right AND aim your gun and your hook with the same stick, which makes it pretty intuitive.
Left Stick Down (in Mid-Air) - Fast fall. Use this to make a quick retreat from the air.

A button - Jump. Hold it down to jump higher, release early to do a quick hop.
X button - Shoot. Aim with the left stick and shoot in any direction.
Right Trigger (RT) - Throw hook! Aim with the left stick in any direction, and toss the hook at a ring to propel yourself towards it.

Y button - Use subweapon, a bomb for example! Each subweapon can be used only once, so you'll have to pick up another one somewhere to use it again.
B button - Pick up subweapons, talk to characters, buy items in shops, activate objects.

Left Trigger (LT) - Slow down time. Your slowmo meter empties fast, but it also recharges automatically within a few seconds, so use it all the time to adjust your aim, time a jump, dodge bullets, and so on.
Left Bumper (LB) - If you've bought the boots in the Black Market, you can Aim Lock! This locks your feet down on the ground, so you can aim and shoot freely without moving.

Start Button - Pause the game, access options and other stuff! Oh and, you can see the current ship's variants on there too!
Back Button - Access the status screen directly, where you can see your current perks!
The Basics!
Flinthook's ultimate goal, other than to collect gold and treasures of all kinds, is to hunt down and defeat rival pirates. The game is split in different chapters, called Bounties, in which you have to go through a number of levels, then encounter a boss ship. Hopefully you'll be strong enough at that point!

Ghost Gems
After playing the tutorial, you'll unlock the first Bounty - Bad Billy! Before you can face him, you have to find him using your Compass Buddy - a weird slimy little creature that can find anything if you feed it enough gems.

Therefore, in every ship, your goal is to find the big treasure chest full of gold - but more importantly, it contains a Ghost Gem. Once you feed enough gems to your compass, it will point you to your Bounty's ship!

Once you start, you'll be given a choice of what Perks to equip. Perk cards are cool, they give you a wide variety of effects like longer range for your gun, faster movement, double jump, more healing, and many more. Each Perk card shows a number, stating how many Perk Slots it takes to equip, and the bar at the top shows how many Slots are available.

Your collection of perks start at a measly handful, but it'll grow as you level up and gain perk packs. You also start with a small number of Perk Slots, but you can buy more at the Black Market with special coins found by beating levels and defeating bosses.

Take your time to pick your favorite perks, and don't worry, those are permanent, you won't lose them if you die! Then press the X button to confirm your selection and pick which ship to attack.

You get a choice of three ships, with a couple bits of information to help you decide.

- Difficulty Number: The number on the card, next to a little skull icon, shows the basic difficulty of that ship. A higher number means tougher hazard layouts, tougher enemies, and so on. But be careful - this shouldn't be the only factor in your decision!

- Ship Size and Type: The picture on the card shows which category of ships you'll be facing, small, large, or huge! The bigger they are, the more rooms you'll have to zip through. Later in the game, you'll also have to pick between different environments, make sure you observe the ship's color and style.

- Variants: This is where it gets complicated. At the bottom of the navigation screen, you'll see mysterious icons with vague names - those are the variants. Each variant affects the whole ship
with a special effect - some add spikes everywhere, some make more gold appear, some add enemies to battle rooms, and so on. You'll have to learn what each variant does, and remember which ones are too tough for you! Make sure you compare variants and difficulty numbers - some lower numbers can still have hardcore variants applied to them...

Hint: Variants with names that sound deadly are probably deadly.

Death, XP and the Black Market
If you die in a Bounty, you'll have to start over. If you complete a Bounty, you unlock the next one permanently, and you can go back to the old bounties to practice or get a high score/speedrun!

When you die, you lose the items you've collected and have to start the bounty over. BUT - gold you collect is added up and turned into XP, which gives you Perk Packs when you level up! This is how you build that Perk collection, and start really customizing your hero the way you want it, like a good sandwich(?).

There are also a bunch of permanent upgrades to buy in the Black Market, using Black Market Coins found by finishing levels and beating bosses. Items here have varied permanent effects like giving you the ability to Aim Lock, scoring bonuses for finishing battle rooms quickly, multiplying your XP gains, raising your health points, and a lot of other super useful things.
Here's a few random tips to help you get started!

- Keep moving! There's a lot of bullets and dangerous objects coming at you in this game, better be on the move! Use your hook to zip across the screen quickly.

- Use your slowmo! Your slowmo recharges every couple seconds, it's NOT one of those limited powers you see in other games - so use it ALL THE TIME! Hold it for a second as you jump over an enemy to aim down and shoot it, then keep going over its exploding body! Activate the slowmo before doing a tough jump between lasers or saws! it's super powerful!

- Don't give up! Even if you die, every piece of gold you collect contributes to your XP, which eventually will level you up, giving you new perks to play with. Try to beat a level at a time to collect Black Market coins, which will also power you up if you spend them in the Black Market (in the main menu).

- Bubbles are there for popping! You can pop bubbles on enemies or on bells with your hook, either to make enemies vulnerable or to turn on colored blocks or rings! Oh but, you can't pop shiny pink bubbles, those are magical.

- Ask for help! I'm sure the fine people on this page will help you out. You can probably cheat a little bit and look up what variant icons mean and find a few secrets here and there that will make your life easier! ;)

Thanks for reading, good treasure hunting!

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Rexic The King Jan 23 @ 8:47pm 
does it matter if i open chests by pressing b or shooting them? does levels only give packs and add mroe items to black market?
I Am The One Nov 4, 2017 @ 7:39pm 
Ok, so im already aware that you lose your ghost gems when you die, but do you need to collect all 3 to know where your bounty is? And how do you find your bounty?
TheTrainDoctor May 6, 2017 @ 3:41pm 
Please don't recommend a controller. This game does not take full-advantage of controllers and in my time playing the game a mouse is the optimal way to play. You are giving information is is misleading to the consumer and potentially from that, negative coverage of the game. :conwayfacepalm:
Silv2k Apr 30, 2017 @ 12:14am 
what does the huanted chamber do?
Put the roof on the house :) Apr 27, 2017 @ 9:44pm 
I originally tried using a controller, and honestly a mouse and keyboard are far better, at least for me. I find aiming the direction I am moving is really awkward. You do get an upgrade (Free actually) that lets you stand still and aim, but the mouse just makes it so much easier. Being able to free aim while moving makes the combat smoother, easier, and way less frustrating.
Elsooperbeasto Apr 25, 2017 @ 1:46pm 
write something about the debuffs/Buffs you see below a ship.
个个都是人才 Apr 23, 2017 @ 11:30pm 
beast780 Apr 23, 2017 @ 1:26pm 
Well done!
Photonic Apr 22, 2017 @ 8:28pm 
Nice guide! ^^
Moosebite Apr 19, 2017 @ 1:34am 
This guide is great! The only thing missing is how you should manage your perks.