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Port: 2228

TeamSpeak server:


What is "ArmStalker"?

ArmSTALKER is an Arma 3 Gaming Community, which is conducted in Russian Language. This community has been centered around a team of developers who are creating a heavily modded Arma 3 Server - which features a customized theme centered around the "Stalker"/"S.T.A.L.K.E.R." universe of Science Fiction. The Team are creating their own Arma 3 Multiplayer game mode for their community, their own database, and handmade game mechanics, also using pieces from other Arma 3 modifications like ACE and TFAR in their mod, even using many game assets from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. PC games made by GSC Gameworld. All in an effort to bring the Zone to life in Arma 3 for the Community built around this server. In addition, the team have made it their goal to share this modification that they create with the world once they get it to a state where it will run reliably. The team creating ArmStalker is hoping to make it a quality total conversion for Arma 3 - removing as much of the familiarity of Arma 3 as they can in the process - and recreating the feel of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. This attention to detail will hopefully allow players to be immersed, and to have a great multiplayer Stalker Themed experience in it's own Fan-made universe... Players in our community live in many places worldwide, and the role play that has been created as the rules of this single server is very elaborate. This has governed the design of ArmStalker in many ways. It will be an Open World Multiplayer Player vs Player vs Environment vs AI Mutants game mode - once it is completed. More info about the project is available here so please read more!

This modification is a branch of the main mod "ArmSTALKER Online".
Actions of the mod are held on the Alpha Zone map, in which you can find such familiar locations from the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. As: Cordon, Dump, Marshes, Agroprom, Army Warehouses and Radar.

At the moment there is only one private Role-play server, however, soon we will open the second server, open to all.

================ »>


=> Brand new map.

=> Mutants, with excellent AI and transient animations.

=> 4 types of anomalies.

=> This hardcore.

=> A huge amount of weapons.

=> Dozens of gas masks, unloads and bulletproof vests, including unique models created by us.

=> All groupings and several different models for each.

=> Dynamic soundtrack, which includes music and character comments.

And much, very much more.

================ »>

Mod is a kind of test pad where you can help us test some things that would be difficult to test in a static environment. Playing WarZone you help us in developing the basic fashion. But in general, it was made in order to brighten up your expectation before the main modification ARMSTALKER ONLINE.


The following archives are licensed under APL-SA:

- armst_a2.pbo
- armst_a2a.pbo
- armst_a2b.pbo
- armst_a3c.pbo
- armst_agm.pbo
- armst_agm2.pbo
- armst_headlamps
- armst_namalsk.pbo
- task_force_radio.pbo

This list files copyright belongs to Romzet. The product can be uploaded to STEAM exclusively through an account named Romzet:

- armst_anomalies
- armst_char_man
- armst_char_mut
- armst_char_mut2
- armst_char_mut3
- armst_czomaps
- armst_client
- armst_ekip
- armst_drg_ui
- armst_misc
- armst_item
- armst_kom
- armst_macros
- armst_map
- armst_mutants
- armst_nerv
- armst_newmap
- armst_s
- armst_s2
- armst_s3
- armst_s4
- armst_s5
- armst_shlemy
- armst_sound
- armst_uidata
- armst_voice
- armst_weap
- armst_wheeled
- armst_zdead

To all third-party modifications included in our modification, we obtained permission and source code from the authors of these modifications

You may not use the material for commercial purposes. This includes running this package on server instances that employ any monetization schemes, including, but not limited to, donate-reward systems. Bohemia Interactive's approval of your monitization scheme does not grant you rights to wave this clause of the EULA.

Copyright belongs to Romzet. The product can be uploaded to STEAM exclusively through an account named Romzet.

More informs in FACEBOOK




Данная модификация является ответвлением основного мода "ArmSTALKER Online".
Действия мода проходят на карте Alpha Zone, в которой вы можете встретить такие знакомые локации из оригинального S.T.A.L.K.E.R. как : Кордон, Свалка, Болота, Агропром, Армейские склады и Радар.

В данный момент есть только один закрытый Role-play сервер, однако, в скором времени мы откроем второй сервер, открытый для всех.


Вас ждут:

=>Совершенно новая карта.

=>Мутанты, с отличным ИИ и пересенными анимациями.

=>4 вида аномалий.

=>Настоящий хардкор.

=>Огромное количество вооружения.

=>Десятки противогазов, разгрузок и бронежилетов, в том числе уникальные модели, созданные нами.

=>Все группировки и несколько разных моделей к каждой.

=>Динамическое звуковое сопровождение, включающее в себя музыку и комментарии персонажей.

И многое, очень многое другое.


Мод является своеобразной тестовой площадкой, где вы сможете помочь нам в тестировании некоторых вещей, которые трудно было бы протестировать в статичной обстановке. Играя в WarZone вы помогаете нам в разработке основного мода. Но в целом, он сделан для того, что бы скрасить ваше ожидание до выхода основного мода.

На все сторонние модификации, включенные в нашей модификации, мы получили разрешение и исходный код от авторов данных модификаций

Вы не можете использовать материал в коммерческих целях. Это означает, что вы не можете включать данный мод в сборки серверов, на которых используются любые системы монетизации. Согласие Bohemia Interactive на вашу схему монетизации не предоставляет вам права на использование этого условия EULA.

Больше информации в нашей группе в Вконтакте -
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Mad Frankie 1 hour ago 
Just an FYI for anyone who cares at ARMStalker.

I tried to load up a mission I've been putting together on the Alpha Zone map today after yesterday's update to the mod. I got a missing addon error for "armst_novice_new". I used notepad++ to edit all occurrences of my mission.sqm to "armst_bandit_new" as a fudge to get around this omission, but it needs fixing.

Beerbellygod 15 hours ago 
Lakaraks code only seems to crash out the game.

How odd it is that the biggest Con of this mod seems to be the ridiculous Elite-ism of the developers.
Yelrix Mar 15 @ 7:14pm 
Is it possible to just download the character skins?
X1WOW Mar 11 @ 11:45am 
I cant select campaigns, scenaries, option controls, i cant activate the ace 3 medic menu...
Lakarak Mar 9 @ 12:31pm 
_EndSplashScreen = {
for "_x" from 1 to 4 do {
sleep 3;

[] spawn _EndSplashScreen;

add this into a init.sqf
Lakarak Mar 9 @ 12:29pm 
you could still play multiplayer if you add a script to your mission
OneEyedMorrighan'sWolf Mar 9 @ 3:08am 
@Hex they disabled multiplayer for any server besides their own.
AviaToR Mar 7 @ 10:31am 
Как поиграть в него? Ну скачал всё, запускаю а там все сервера красные. В какой серв входить?
you need rus game versin everything work make good
(SFM)GoldWing Mar 6 @ 5:07pm 
-1 Can't play privately with friends in a zeus game. Get's stuck on the loading screen and fails to load.