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Aug 11, 2012 @ 10:20pm
Aug 13, 2012 @ 5:27pm
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These 7 powerful magical artifacts can be equipped to give a mage ultimate power. Each palantir equips into it's own slot so it doesn't take the place of any other item. For visual effect, the clouds inside the palantiri swirl and rotate. Balanced stats on the orbs (250% regen magicka and 25%reduced cost for spell school, one of the orbs grants 100 extra magicka, and the last orb grants resist magic 25%). The orbs will float around your character when equipped.

For the palantiri locations, they are located on dragon priests. Kill the dragon priest to obtain the palantir. Also, palantiri may be found on dragon priests that are already dead (if you've already killed them). Not every dragon priest will be carrying a palantir! The mod is set up to randomly drop certain palantiri on random dragon priests, while some named dragon priests will also be carrying a palantir.

This mod uses body slots 54-60.

If you don't want to equip the item, it makes a great addition to your hoard of treasures. :P

Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

This file is large at 21MB so it could take a minute to download after subscribing.

In-game Item ID's: Based on your mod load order. For all of you who just want to spawn them type in this "help palantir 0" and there you go you will have all the item codes for each.

Rev 1: Added the actual names of the palantiri.
Future Updates: Slightly decrease the size of the palantiri. Create another mod where the palantiri don't show.

PLEASE READ: I have another mod in addition to this one called Master Palantir. It is just a single palantir that is overpowered and is the master to all the palantiri. According to LOTR lore, there was 1 master palantir that was larger than the other 7. There were actually a total of 8 palantiri.
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Paradox Theory Feb 28 @ 1:45pm 
Nevermind, I was spelling palantir wrong.
Paradox Theory Feb 28 @ 1:03pm 
The help thing does not work.
Strife Feb 19 @ 12:25am 
oh btw the mod might need an ck update its from 2012 :-P
Strife Feb 19 @ 12:23am 
this is the only mod i have installed from the workshop cause i like the orbs for my mage god builds ofc the mod could be better but what mod coulden't be :-) all my other mods are from the nexus if they had anything like this one i would have gotten it there :-) just cause the mods there are usuallly safer to load that said what most of you guys are asking would make the mod far more complicated and maybe even heavy scripting :-/ don't reeally recommend that even tho i would like them to move around my char too would be cool.
Making em a bit smaller would help the clipping issues tho^^
anyways a great rping mod and mage mod
deadshep Jan 15 @ 5:54pm 
i keep trying the help thing and it never works
austinjblades Jan 11 @ 6:38pm 
I like this. the visuals of them when you have many of them equiped take some getting used to and some placement of them needs to be fixed but finding them and using them has a number of roleplaying applications that sound quite fun.
Son Goku Dec 19, 2014 @ 8:43pm 
and thay need spin not just sit there
Son Goku Dec 16, 2014 @ 8:46am 
need be smaller plez good mod thow mavk that smaller
Gamerix Oct 22, 2014 @ 8:58am 
the weapon palantiri equips to right under my feet and into the ground
Xanderjk Oct 10, 2014 @ 6:54am 
I really like your mod
But I have one problem
They look stupid when equipped
Can you make it’s their like on a belt or something and the belt is a different item??
With the clasp as the master one or a big gold star or something please
I just find that running around with multiple glowing orbs floating in mid-air silly
But other than that really like it – as well as the master one two