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Aug 11, 2012 @ 10:20pm
Aug 13, 2012 @ 5:27pm
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These 7 powerful magical artifacts can be equipped to give a mage ultimate power. Each palantir equips into it's own slot so it doesn't take the place of any other item. For visual effect, the clouds inside the palantiri swirl and rotate. Balanced stats on the orbs (250% regen magicka and 25%reduced cost for spell school, one of the orbs grants 100 extra magicka, and the last orb grants resist magic 25%). The orbs will float around your character when equipped.

For the palantiri locations, they are located on dragon priests. Kill the dragon priest to obtain the palantir. Also, palantiri may be found on dragon priests that are already dead (if you've already killed them). Not every dragon priest will be carrying a palantir! The mod is set up to randomly drop certain palantiri on random dragon priests, while some named dragon priests will also be carrying a palantir.

This mod uses body slots 54-60.

If you don't want to equip the item, it makes a great addition to your hoard of treasures. :P

Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

This file is large at 21MB so it could take a minute to download after subscribing.

In-game Item ID's: Based on your mod load order. For all of you who just want to spawn them type in this "help palantir 0" and there you go you will have all the item codes for each.

Rev 1: Added the actual names of the palantiri.
Future Updates: Slightly decrease the size of the palantiri. Create another mod where the palantiri don't show.

PLEASE READ: I have another mod in addition to this one called Master Palantir. It is just a single palantir that is overpowered and is the master to all the palantiri. According to LOTR lore, there was 1 master palantir that was larger than the other 7. There were actually a total of 8 palantiri.
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miraak Aug 8 @ 1:14pm 
there are alot of mods who use the dragonborn dlc and btw everybody has the dragonborn dlc if that person plays skyrim
clonewarsfan Aug 8 @ 9:56am 
@Miraak that is a cool idea i hope that he does that but he might not since it would require you to have the dragonborn dlc

@Ijames thanks for making the plantir mods i can't wait to collect all 8 plantiri
miraak Jul 26 @ 7:50am 
btw give miraak the eight one not that my name is miraak or anything but that he is a dragonpriest and then you get the strongert palantir fro the strongest dragon priest ;P
miraak Jul 20 @ 6:39pm 
can someone be so nice and add the ID codes pls ;3
Strife Jul 20 @ 7:24am 
The mod needs to be Updated with the skyrim Creation kit to be viable/work Correctly in game
it would be very nice if the author would update this great mod so everyone can try/use it
alternatively you can update it yourself using the creation kit ive done so myself once or twice
there should be some guides floating around online for how to do it its been a while so i can't remember the processs very well something about loading it up and saving it so the esp is updated hope this answer or helps a few of you guys
StefOmega May 22 @ 3:07am 
What happens once you've obtained all of them?
Flamy May 15 @ 12:19pm 
killed 4 dragonpriests, no palantir :-(
Leapardgecko200 Apr 9 @ 10:45am 
if you where all of the orbs at the same time and crouch with ebony mail it turns them black im not saying its a problem but it looks really cool
I hope this is not too much of an request, but could you please check if it messes with the Sarthaal amulet? Since i intsalled this mod and about five others, which i deleted the sarthaal amulet never shows up in my inventory, neither if i spawn it so i can't do the college.
JK3 Feb 26 @ 2:04pm 
You should make like a boss dragon priest for orb #8 or give it to miraak