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Lords & Peasants
Mar 21 @ 8:51pm
Apr 20 @ 9:38am
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This is just the beginning...
Lords & Peasants Mid April Update
We have implemented both UNET and Lidgren as our networking solutions and have decided to go with Lidgren which is light, fast and really easy to use.

Terrain Blend improvents
The ugly terrain from the trailer has been improved as can be seen below:

More buildings
We have also added some more buildings such as:

The bakery:

The siege workshop:

The church:

If you would like more frequent updates make sure to follow us on twitter:

Release date: Q4 2017
Lords & Peasants is a medieval real-time strategy and city building game developed by Inverted Cat Games. It has both single and multiplayer modes with up to 16 Players. Start out as a lord of a small village and develop it into a prospering city. Manage your city and rule over the peasants. Forge alliances and intimidate your enemies. Recruit an army and conquer the lands to create your kingdom.

Main Features



  • Peasants are individually simulated
  • Birth, age, growing up
  • Character traits, needs and happiness
  • Move between villages and towns
  • Can change profession/behavior



  • Medieval towns and surrounding NPC villages
  • Bandit camps and other neutrals
  • Procedurally generated map

Dynamic trails


  • Subjugate surrounding NPC villages
  • Dominate the world economy through trade
  • Ally with others and defeat hostile factions

Combat Formations


  • Multiplayer with up to 16 players
  • Play over LAN or Internet
  • Hotjoin games or let AI continue playing for you after you leave


  • Customize game mechanics such as production chains, resources and names
  • Include your custom models & textures
  • Utilize the full power of the C# language for a script-less modding experience

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