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Formula F1Fanatic 2017 [WIP]
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Mar 18 @ 3:08pm
Mar 28 @ 11:27am
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Formula F1Fanatic 2017 [WIP]

We're honored to present you our approach to 2017's F1 cars. After a last couple of months of hard work from the members of our community
think the mod it's ready for sharing with other rFactor 2 users.
We've been developing the mod since the start of 2016, when we switched to rfactor 2 as the core sim of our community.
The mod features:
-Five dry tyres compounds (Ultrasoft, Supersoft, Soft, Medium, Hard)
-Two wet tyres compunds (Intermediate, Wet)
-One car model for every team, with different types of steering wheels, bardgeboards, etc.
-Every car liverie for 2017 season.
-Physics made to match real 2017's cars.

Version 2.12 features the next improvements and fixes:
-Improved AI behavior.
-New tyre phisics.
-Less drag to match real speeds.
-New steering wheels available in cars upgrades.
-Pink Force India is now available.
-Fixed a bug where a blue bob appeared in cars' mirrors.
-4 new sounds available in cars upgrades.
-New cameras.
-New model for cars' collisions.
-Giorgior (only uploading the mod and as a contact)

We'll appreciate your feedback, we want to keep the mod updated and so we think of it as a constant Work in Progress.
You can contact us via workshop comments, our web www.f1fanatic.es or twitter @giorgior_r and @jose46lopez.

Tenemos el placer de presentar nuestro mod de la temporada 2017 de F1. Depues de unos últimos meses de duro trabajo por parte de los miembros
de nuestra comunidad, creemos que el mismo está listo para ser compartido con otros usuarios de rFactor 2.
LLevamos desarrollando el mod desde principios de 2016, cuando cambiamos a rfactor 2 como simulador núcleo de la comunidad.
El mod cuenta con las siguientes características:
-Cinco compuestos de neumáticos de seco (Ultrasoft, Supersoft, Soft, Medium, Hard).
-Dos compuestos para lluvia (Intermediate, Wet).
-Un modelado para todos los coches de la temporada 2017.
-Skin de cada coche.
-Físicas realistas de los coches de F1 de la temporada 2017.

Version 2.12 cuenta con lo siguiente:
-IA mejorada.
-Nuevas físicas de neumáticos.
-Menos drag en los coches para coincidir con velocidades reales.
-Nuevos volantes disponibles en las mejoras del coche.
-Force India rosa.
-Arreglado un bug en el que aparecía una burbuja azul en los retrovisores.
-4 nuevos sonidos disponibles en las mejoras del coche.
-Nuevas camaras.
-Nuevo modelado de colisión.

-Giorgior (sólo subiendo el mod y como contacto)

Agradecemos el feedback, ya que queremos mantener el mod actualizado ya que pensamos en el como un work in progress.
Podéis contactar con nosotros a través de los comentarios, nuestra web www.f1fanatic.es o twitter @giorgior_r and @jose46lopez.
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Giorgior Racing  [author] Apr 25 @ 11:44am 
We have the fuel set up to 75% lenght races.
edwardjames2013 Apr 25 @ 7:01am 
Fixed the lack of driver problem... deleted one of the F! packages which fixed the problem. Its not one through STEAM either. Its external..
But im also experiencing the same problem with fuel. All tracks will only allow 105L's, or 35 Laps worth. The furthest ive managed is 45 laps at Austria, with serious fuel saving tactics implimented.
edwardjames2013 Apr 25 @ 3:31am 
Ive got the same problem with a few drivers not being there and Ferrari being missing. Which mod specifically did you delete??? As i installed a few at a time and cant pin point which one it is... Thanks in advance
Peavii Apr 24 @ 3:58pm 
How come you can't set enough fuel for the entire race or can you?
U2 Apr 24 @ 3:26pm 
the same happend to me.. you need to erase the isi formula mod or the other shitty mods,, and it works
Whipdiddywhip Apr 24 @ 7:48am 
never mind my last comment, it appears another f1 mod i installed was causing it for some unknown reason, the srhf1 mod i installed, weird, uninstalled it and they all came back
Whipdiddywhip Apr 24 @ 7:45am 
i seem to be having issues with this mod, i have no ferrari team and some of the drivers are missing, like no hamilton / massa / palmer / alonso

s.galisteo.borrell Apr 24 @ 2:58am 
para que fuera perfecto, que cada coche tuviera un rendimiento como en la f1 real
U2 Apr 23 @ 5:28pm 
Hola Jorge, quiero comentar y felicitar por el mod, un gran trabajo, muy buenos graficos ,sonidos y imprecionante rendimiento!! hice una vuelta comparativa a pantalla dividida con Vettel manejando la ferrari y el tiempo es muy parecido y se va cabeza a cabeza,
un saludo desde argentina y gracias por el trabajo,
el manejo por fin es agradable, se puede disfrutar no como otros mods que no podes salir ni de una curva,

muy recomendable,

guga_cyr Apr 22 @ 5:42pm 
Looks good, Sounds good, but feels a lil off (to me) - think it's too much rear grip, but have only run the default setup so maybe after a few tweaks my impression of it will change.