Jpcsp r2667 FF Dissidia Duodecim gameplay
"Another gameplay video I made showing off proper play this time. :P
Storymode gameplay in Confessions of the Creator Gaia gateway with a near lv100 party (with Tidus vs Tifa boss manikin). Recorded with Fraps, fps while playing was about 15-20 fps (the indicator in the top right glitches and shows 60 fps while recording), without Fraps I can get as high as 20-30 fps on Planet's Core.

System specs:

AMD A8 3500M 1.5 Ghz Quad Core
AMD Radeon HD 6740G2 1 GB (6650M + 6620G Crossfire), Catalyst 12.6 drivers
Windows 7 64 bit

Jpcsp settings (r2667, 64 bit, using Hyakki's launcher):

-Xmx 1280
-Xss 100 (mb)
-Xms 256 (mb)
- ResCodeCacheSize 320M
- MaxPermSize 432M
- UseSSE 99
- Garbage collector: ConcMarkSweep

Graphics settings:

Fullscreen, 1600x900 res, 4x AA

- Only GE Graphics
- Enable saving GE screen to Texture
- Enable vertex cache
- Enable shaders
- Enable VAO
- Enable dynamic shader compilation (rec. for AMD/ATI)

Other settings:

Media Engine enabled, use SonicStage to decode files
Compiler size 1000
Both memory options ticked (probably required to launch game in the first place)

Recorded with Fraps, fullscreen, resized to 1280x720"