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This Grand Life
Genre: RPG, Simulation
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 28 @ 1:23pm

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About The Game

In This Grand Life, you manage your character's finances while helping them achieve their goals. Cruise your way through life with a silver spoon, or struggle endlessly to find employment as a convicted felon. You cannot control your past, but you can change your future. What choices will you make?

Your life is divided into weeks. You try to accomplish as much as you can each week while economic conditions and special events create interesting choices to think about. Do I go to work this week, or take part in the Hot Dog Eating competition at the park? Should I spend time looking for a better job, or stick with my current job until economic conditions improve?

You make decisions on where to work, what to study, to invest your money or spend it all getting happy. Pay your bills, take care of your needs and maintain good work performance to achieve your life goals.

Current Features
  • Balancing Needs - Core game loop of balancing short-term needs such as hunger, fun, hygiene and health with long-term goals like happiness, wealth and education.
  • Stylised City Maps - The game map is based on a real major city, thanks to satellite imagery from the European Space Agency!
  • Education System - Study courses and graduate with qualifications, required for some higher level occupations. Go to trade school or university.
  • Promising Careers and Dead End Jobs - Prestigious career paths like Banking and Chef, plus lower level occupations like Janitor and Salesperson.
  • Progressive Taxation System - The more you earn, the higher your tax bracket.
  • Possessions - Fridges, TVs and Computers which help with your short-term needs.
  • Special Events - Home Robbery, Hotdog Eating Competition, Steam Sales and more.
  • Investment and Debt - Borrow money to achieve your goals or invest for a future where you won't have to work. Minimum repayments and interest rates calculated realistically.
  • Life Expenses - Electricity bills, rent, loan repayments and consequences for not paying them on time.
  • Traits/Privilege System - Begin life with advantages like rich parents, or disadvantages like alcoholism.
  • Tutorial - An interactive tutorial where your mother tells you to get a job.
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PokingWaterGames  [author] Apr 12 @ 1:19pm 
I have thought about how to implement a family and relationships, but it would be a large task that doesn't really fit into the game. One way I could do it is with another needs bar where you need to spend time/money to satisfy the "Relationships" or "Family" need. I already have Alcoholic and Smoker traits that work this way.

Also there is a Child Support trait where you need to pay money every month, but the child doesn't live with you.
Kennard Apr 12 @ 6:43am 
Can I start a family in this game?
Cause starting a family will impact the finance. :)
OneStop05 Apr 8 @ 5:47am 
I'm hoping this will be release soon, because it seems like a great game.
kingpookufirst1 Apr 3 @ 11:21am 
PokingWaterGames  [author] Mar 28 @ 11:24pm 
(B)oredPanda Mar 28 @ 11:16pm 
Waiting for this.
(L.o.V.e)Maria(L.o.V.e) Mar 28 @ 6:25pm 
Okay, I think it's good, because it's in the process
PokingWaterGames  [author] Mar 28 @ 6:23pm 
It is hard to say at the moment, but final release version will probably be around $10 USD, won't be less than $5 but won't be more than $15. Sorry that is the best estimate I have right now.
(L.o.V.e)Maria(L.o.V.e) Mar 28 @ 6:19pm 
Okay Well And How Much Would It Be The Price Of Themselves?
PokingWaterGames  [author] Mar 28 @ 6:16pm 
See below comment - It's not free2play, will be paid but not too expensive :)