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Total War Battle Mod
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Total War Battle Mod

This mod allows you to pause before a major battle, replicate the battle in a Total War custom battle, then have its outcome influence the battle in EU4. I've always dreamed of a game with the campaign of EU4 and the battles of Total War, and this is as close as I've seen anyone come. It is a bit crude, as you use a decision to trigger an event where you select the outcome: decisive victory, close defeat, etc. This then gives you a temporary modifier affecting damaged taken and discipline. These values are still a WIP but I've played a few campaigns and tweaked them to make a difference but not be too OP.

If people like this concept I have a few ideas to make it more accurate, as at the moment its up to the player to balance the TW battle to reflect tech, combat ability, discipline, etc. I treat each unit of infantry as one unit (I use medieval kingdoms 1212 mod) and same for cavalry, and try and use high and late period units and experience chevrons to make a balanced battle. In addition I round units the nearest half, and treat "half a unit" as a cheap militia unit. For example, a battle with 5.5 infantry on one side would be 5 solid infantry units and 1 militia. Also one can use the battle difficulty setting to reflect starting morale: very hard for low player morale vs high ai morale, and so forth. This requires a good bit of effort crafting each battle but I personally enjoy it, and I hope you do as well.

Suggested Total Wars
1356 to ~1500: Medieval Kingdoms 1212 mod (or Medieval 2)
1500-1700: Either use a Medieval 2 mod like Renisance TW or 1648, or Empire with the Colonialism 1600 mod.
1700 on: Empire or Napeleon, if using Extended Timeline then you could use Fall of the Samurai or Great War mod.

Obviously not Ironman compatible. Should be compatible with most all mods, in fact it pairs quite well with the 1356 mod ( Extended Timeline should also work.

*Note for Pdox devs or other modders*If any of you chaps read this, if you could add an on_action trigger for not just "battle_won" and "battle_lost" but say "battle_start" that would help this mod tremendously. Adding some variables to read battle status and info would be awesome. If these already exist in some way please let me know!
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SpyCzech  [author] Aug 9 @ 12:15pm 
Yeah a CK2 version has been requested a few times, my thing is I've never modded CK2 before. Plus the combat system is totally different and would make this mod hard I think. If someone more experienced with CK2 modding wants to colloborate it could happen, but probably not sorry.
Mór-ríoghain Aug 8 @ 1:36am 
Cool concept, shame that it can't be integrated more but this will totally do what I need it to. I wish the TW strategic layer had more depth and scope because that would be a dream game, but it really does benefit from that layer not being super complex. can see that in sword of the stars, too. anyway, I'm wondering if this could feasibly be implemented into Crusader Kings 2? I'm still new to EU4, but this would be pretty neat with the Game of Thrones mod for CK2 once I get around to learning how to play that game and all. I'd imagine with the same engine and scripting it might be fairly portable. You might have been asked that already I imagine though
sbk247 Jun 19 @ 12:56pm 
how do i actually use this mod?
wHAt's YouR FavoUrItE aNiME Jun 17 @ 10:07pm 
you pause the game, exit(probably the best), and open medieval 2 total war
zoki Jun 16 @ 3:30pm 
wait so how do you make it work
FirstFlame Jun 15 @ 8:18am 
Can we have the picture of what the battles actually look like? I just got into Total War, and I'm a bit concerned if this actually works.
jaredpailing May 22 @ 12:18pm 
Yeah 5 will be a good one, it gets a bit tedious using it to fight smaller battles, plus I think it would encourage people to not try and expand aggressivly against powerful foes if they're limited.
SpyCzech  [author] May 22 @ 11:53am 
Cool glad to hear it. Do you feel like 5 battles is a good number?
jaredpailing May 22 @ 9:57am 
I like the limited battle concept. It makes big wars more enjoyable, every battle matters basically. can be ignored for minor wars e.g invading a single province.
SpyCzech  [author] May 19 @ 5:28pm 
Updated with the new battle allotment system: you get 5 battles per year, refilling in december. I am thinking of tweaking it to be 4 battles per year plus your leaders military skill, but I'm going to keep it simple for now. Let me know of any bugs you find or feedback!