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Minecraft in Portal 2 (Part 1: Escape)
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Aug 9, 2012 @ 3:34pm
Aug 17, 2012 @ 6:37am
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Minecraft in Portal 2 (Part 1: Escape)

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Minecraft in Portal 2
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Beware of creeper!.... SSSSsssss....BOOOM!




Hint: You can use an axe like in the original Minecraft game ;)

minecraft creeper awsome hammer outdoor

Actually this map is my first one what I made ​​from scratch in the Hammer Editor, so don't judge me for ugly looking stuff, design and etc.

۝ How can I play/download/install it?
Press the Subscribe button, it's green and has a plus sign.
The maps will appear at your community test-chambers queue in Portal 2 and automatically downloaded when you'll press play

۝ How did you make this?
The maps was made via the Hammer editor (not the in-game editor). Actually this map is my first one which I have made ​​from scratch in the Hammer Editor so it could suck in some aspects, but my next maps are getting better and better
If you own Portal 2 you also own Portal 2 Authoring Tools where you find the Hammer editor.

۝ Your scale is wrong! Why?
Actually there is one proper scale which just different, so one Minecraft's block is a 32 basic units of HE- that's all and i dont wanna change it.
Some things have changed just for convenience and/or because i were noob in minecraft

- Criticizing?
- Make an offer!
- Offering?
- Try to do it yourself!
- Are you made it?
Yes - I'm ready to listen.
No - shut up.

============> Awesome Playthroughs <=================================
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltNCxzlRWcs - by CoBro Henry from CoopCrowd
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOHxvac8sGY - by InTheLittleWood
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLOCAYeySmc - by Setosorcerer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrmdLuTf9uI - by Rachelkip


Check my workshop and collections for more awesome maps

Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed ^^
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May 8 @ 10:55pm
< >
Mandrew Jul 27 @ 3:08pm 
Where did you get the textures?
Mikelend Jul 26 @ 4:10pm 
not very realistic compared to real minecraft
Dumbledore Jul 17 @ 4:44am 
MishaOne Jul 7 @ 5:24am 
Mandrew Jul 5 @ 7:11am 
Is there a way to eat the cake?
Magenta Mage Jun 30 @ 6:01am 
Poorly made. First puzzle you come across doesn't make a lick of sense, had to look at the walkthrough to see you had to press the orange buttons in the correct order, not even trial and error, the buttons wouldn't reset if you pushed the wrong one, so it's less of a puzzle and more just randomly pressing the use button everywhere. On the contrary, middle part of the map was way too easily solvable. No depth to it, just 2 momentum portals and you're outside. The tree chopping part was awful. The creeper blew up when I wasn't close to it, making a bunch of bullshit restarts. Needs to be fixed. Was a good idea, but it was poorly executed. 2/10
Max200404 Jun 25 @ 9:34am 
good work!
recfire Jun 20 @ 8:48am 
good work !!!
f0xtr0t Jun 10 @ 9:46am 
the map was good the bazooka was super clunky.. unable to finish.:( gr8 concept!
Nico Robin May 8 @ 7:37am 
Well to be honest that was the most annoying map I've ever played ground is breaking so much and cutting down that tree oh God