Portal 2

Portal 2

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2017 Maps
This collection will be continuously expanded as I release more maps throughout the year. These are some of my best maps. Includes part of the "Primary Fire" collection (monoportal puzzles). Map quality ranges from decent to good (no more bad maps hopefully).
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Created by HugoBDesigner
[Medium] I couldn't trap you in Prisoner, and I couldn't fool you in Pointlessness, might as well just Punish you this time.

Mono-portal puzzle around gels, funnel and bridge. Eh, I'm starting to just accept gels. Not necessarily like them, though.

Stack Overflow
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Hard] Named after the famous coding website "Stack Overflow", whose name inspired me to make a cube-stacking laser redirection puzzle. It has two little "tricks" that have proven this a rather challenging puzzle.

LB, you're my last hope, I hope you can...
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Medium] Two chambers seemingly easy at first. The plot twist? Your orange portal is nowhere to be seen! But at least you got a "pocket". What can you store in it?

Special thanks again to Teamspen210 for the help with the Beemod. Hopefully all my future...
Total Recall
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Medium] A simple cube recall puzzle focused on fizzlers. Should be easy, right? Two cubes, you can just- oh wait, a single button recalls both of them, and they don't auto-respawn! Good luck!

Update: Fixed RectorRocks's unintended solution.

Hard Asbestos Bridge
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Easy-Medium] The spiritual successor to Punishment (more like "oh, I like this, better make a puzzle around this mechanic"). You have a light bridge and a funnel together to work your way around.


Update: Fixed Nock's ...
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Easy-Medium] A puzzle focused on a "dynamic" faith plate, which at first seems like it's not working correctly. Will it take your faith from it?


Update: Fixed Nock's unintended solution.
Update 2: Fixed jumpy cube landing ...
The Red Cube
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Easy] One-off puzzle I had lying around. This puzzle was made exclusively for me to practice using death grills. Alternative title: Murder Barbecue.

A bit finicky because of physics but not so much so that you have to redo anything.


Created by HugoBDesigner
[Medium] A puzzle focused on... grating? Oh, and funnels. But mostly grating. What gives?


Playthrough by Nockscitney: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBFPlRa0uIw
Playthrough by RectorRocks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPQ...
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Easy] Two puzzles I made to try out Beemod's Portal 1 style. It's quite finicky, unfortunately, but not so much that you have to redo parts of the chamber. Both puzzles involve pellets and timing. Think Rexaura: if the timing doesn't work out, you're prob...
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Hard] A laser redirection puzzle that was inspired by Mevious's "Remorse" map and partially by RectorRocks's "Can't Let Go", but in the end the inspired move didn't even make it through. Two lasers, two redirection cubes, one funnel, lots of portal manage...