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One Minute Solar
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Russian
Players: Single-player
Mar 13 @ 4:12am
Mar 13 @ 8:36am

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Release date: 2018
One minute solar is a star system construction kit. You can place planets into orbits, terraform them, guide the evolution of life on their surface, and group your favorite star systems into galaxies.

You will create stars, set minor planets into orbits around them, gather asteroids and use them to build up planets. Planetary core, mantis, atmosphere, ocean — all these will become your building materials.

  • Single and multiple star systems and star clusters
  • 8 star classes, each with its own behaviour and anomalies: pulsars, supernovas, variable and neutron stars, giant and dwarf stars
  • Your own galaxy that can be created by grouping stable star systems together

Planets can have satellites and huge gas giants can even have whole worlds orbiting them, ranging from primitive ice deserts and methane giants to beautiful paradisiacal places.

While star system lifespan is limited, you can increase it by adding new planets to it. The more complex and sophisticated the planet, the more it will prolong the system’s life.

  • Wide selection of celestial bodies ranging from meteors and comets to ice giants and brown dwarfs
  • Stellar wind, magnetic field, temperature, planets’ gravity wells – all these affect the star system balance
  • Possibility of life on all available worlds and satellites

At some point a planet may develop life. You may either create it yourself or it can be brought in from the depths of the space by a stray comet. In a friendly environment the population of organisms will grow and very soon you will able to try your hand at evolution. You will be able to create new life forms by choosing their attributes from an extensive evolution tree.

In the end you’ll be able to make an evolutionary chain that will lead you to creation of a sentient being — we’re confident that you have what it takes. And this will be just a first step to brand new kind of history: communities, slavery, wars, plagues. But don’t worry, if something goes wrong you can always roll back the progress a few steps back: just direct a meteorite shower onto a planet or cleanse it by moving it closer to the star.

  • Over 60 unique organism attributes
  • Social structure and forms of government
  • Technological progress
  • Star system colonisation
  • Interstellar projects

Why do we do this?
We want to give you a chance to create faraway worlds, encourage your imagination, and maybe get you interested in all the space things! Oh, who are we kidding… we just want to see how many galaxies a player can create for his virtual universe.
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LunarCoreGames Mar 24 @ 5:23pm 
Yes vote! Looks interesting!
Quadre  [author] Mar 24 @ 9:35am 
Thanks you!
RGame Mar 24 @ 5:56am 
Cool game! :)
Absolutist LTD Mar 24 @ 1:31am 
Upvoted, good luck! :)
Crabby Team Mar 24 @ 12:42am 
nice project
NEGAN- The Walking Dead Mar 23 @ 5:12pm 
Voted, the concept its great :D
CAVOK Mar 23 @ 4:46pm 
Very interesting! Upvote
Valkeala Software Mar 23 @ 10:19am 
nice and simple project.
THE HANGED MAN Mar 22 @ 8:42am 
Немного не ясен смысл этой игры, но как песочница игра то, что надо.И идея не банальна, и интерфейс красивый.Хотя музычка немного не атмосферна.Но всё равно я жду и обязательно куплю её.
Armagedon00pro Mar 22 @ 5:36am 
Очень годный проект. Обеими руками "за"! Ждем выхода.