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Kitty'eh's Armored Dogs&Wolves..
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Aug 9, 2012 @ 4:49am
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This mod adds SEVEN Armored dogs & wolves as playable charecters AND as followers!
This mod includes:

+Armored Shiranui (White light majesty)
+Armored Black Husky
+Armored German Shepard
+Armored Aussie
+Armored Border Collie
+Armored Wolf
+Armored Red Husky

*******Please Rate&Subscribe. It really helps! D:*******

A/N: I don't have the time to answer stupid questions like; (I select wolf or dog race from the menu, but it crashes my game!) Description. Not there to just look pretty!

-----------------Things you should know BEFORE you install----------------------------



for the best follower menu EVAR. :D

+They are behind jorrvasker.

+They are...
-Does not bleed.
-Does NOT affect stealth meter.

------------------------How to play as them---------------------------
For this, you will need;
+Jackelhead's monstercamerafix. [Found on www.skyrimnexus.com]

+A brain

Step one------> Once you have Jackelhead's fix so you can SEE yourself [as a wolf] load game.
Step two------> *Important!* DO NOT USE 'showracemenu' OR NEW GAME CHARECTER CREATOR. It hates anything that's not Khajiht, Orc, Nord, Breton, argonian, etc.
Step three-------> Press "~" in game.
Step four------>Type in;

-armoreds--------For Shiranui
-armoredbh----black husky
-armoredgs---german shepard
-armoredbc-----border collie
-armoredrh-----red husky

*Oh, yeah, don't try to ride a horse when you're anything but human...your game will crash. :3

Problem: "I press 'E' but the dialogue does not pop up..."

Solution: Press 'E' Repeatedly.

Problem2: "When I dismiss them I cannot talk to them..."

Solution: Spawn them. If you re-spawn them EX: [via "~" 'help shiranui' "Player.placeatme ____________(<---code) 1 ]
The smaller version will work.
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casey12496 Nov 14 @ 5:11pm 
the dogs were getting really annoying so i unsubscribed (no offence) but then like a week later they comeback, i check if i have it subscribed and i dont... what do i do?
blackdruidwolf Nov 11 @ 8:13pm 
I'm experiencing a couple or errors and not sure what to do. I really love these dogs and am not sure if you're aware so here it goes.
The dogs follow pretty close as a companion and tend to get players jammed in doorways and unable to get out. Usually Unrelenting Force shout helps move them if you're quick enough to hop out before they come back to you. Not a major problem but figured I'd mention it.
There is a really cool animal follower mod that allows you to ask the pet to "back up" allowing you to move out of a space they block you in. Just a suggestion.
The bigger issue which really is a bummer is that if I send a dog home because I want to pick it up later and it's in the way, I can never again with that character reclaim that particular dog. Is there a way/code to over ride this to get the dog to follow again? I tried it out (saved first) with different characters and it seems pretty consistant.
Other than that, this mod is pretty awesome and thank you!
KiaraWarren Nov 2 @ 1:33pm 
The camera is under the dogs belly and when i run or walk i can see through the ground plz help! do i have to use console commands to fix the camera?
Zoroarrkk Oct 26 @ 4:15am 
i cant get Black husky or wolf.. but i can get the rest... wtf
Storm_at_Sea Oct 19 @ 6:50am 
Finally get it to work, but the dog doesn't always follow me. I just backtracked to find it, and it's the last place I was, but it was never told to stay or wait (or anything). It had been following behind my horse, then just decided it wouldn't. Please make an announcement on this page whenever you update this so we'll know and can re-subscribe.
Ammy?!  [author] Oct 10 @ 3:52pm 
This will be updated....someday...
Storm_at_Sea Oct 10 @ 5:47am 
Going 4 pages back, I see this isn't a new problem. Will try what a user tried to help it (that doesn't work for everyone), then I'll uninstall it if that doesn't work. I'll check here off/on if I uninstall it, & if the modder fixes it, I may try it in the future.
Storm_at_Sea Oct 10 @ 5:17am 
The Press E problem described above, anyone found a working solution (repeatedly pressing E doesn't work for me, tried on multiple dogs/times), *that doesn't involve dl'ing another mod?*

I had Serana as a follower, tried dismissing her and the 'solution' above, still nothing. I always read mod descriptions (habit) and I know I meet requirements.
Thunder Sep 14 @ 6:54am 
do u need dawnguard?
felliott56 Aug 6 @ 11:20pm 
Great idea but my game crashes everytime I try to pass over a dog race, so I am about to unsubscribe if you don't impress me with armored dogs as followers