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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Nirnroot Glow Fix
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Feb 9, 2012 @ 8:00am
Mar 12, 2012 @ 5:05am
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Nirnroot Glow Fix

Mart's Nirnroot Glow Fix

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V1.1 - Initial release
V1.2 - Fixed a crash caused by the Red Nirnroot mesh, thanks to Iriodus for the report!
V1.3 - Updated method for previous stacked Nirnroot glow removal


This is a subset of the mod Mart's Savegame De-Bloatifier -- -- released stand-alone for those who just want this bug in the game fixed.

In short this mod:

* Removes stacked supernova Nirnroot glows, and prevents glows accumulating in future
* Reduces savegame bloat by using only two activators instead of three for Nirnroots
* Removes the additive empty nirnroots every time a cell resets, reducing savegame bloat

Note: the fix doesn't actually need an .esp, but the CK won't upload a package without one, so it includes a dummy .esp -- and you *must* load this, or it won't load the mod package itself where the fixes are.


Huge thanks to Throttlekitty for creating the updated Nirnroot meshes!
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Buzz-O-Matic May 13, 2012 @ 7:38pm 
yea this doesn't work
Uki Apr 12, 2012 @ 6:05pm 
Does not work for me. Subscribed/downloaded successfully, but nirnroots still have that ridiculous glow visible from far away in broad daylight. ><
Martigen  [author] Mar 12, 2012 @ 5:06am 
New version up!
Martigen  [author] Mar 7, 2012 @ 7:41am 
Just a note -- the latest official Bethesda patch now fixes the issue mentioned below. However, it still might be worth unsubscribing and re-subscribing to the mod after Skyrim is updated to 1.4.27.
Martigen  [author] Feb 10, 2012 @ 1:22pm 
As it turns out -- there is a known issue where mods with .BSAs (basically, all mods on Steam Workshop right now) don't always override original vanilla files from the the Bethesda .BSAs. Bethsoft is aware of the issue.
If this mod doesn't appear to be working for you, this is why. In this case I recommend unsubscribing and downloading the loose-files version (as in, not using a .BSA archive) from Nexus at . Simply extract to your Data directory.
Martigen  [author] Feb 10, 2012 @ 10:18am 
Note my earlier description was wrong -- you *do* need to load the dummy .esp, otherwise the .bsa file of the mod won't load, and that's where all the magic happens.
Martigen  [author] Feb 9, 2012 @ 2:55pm 
Ciner, can you download the mod from Nexus -- -- and install it manually (just unzip the contents of the archive to your Data directory) and let me know if it works. I'm beginning to suspect something is going on with the CK's packaging and installing via Steam Workshop.
Jojy Feb 9, 2012 @ 1:57pm 
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but when Sartorius said 'new/modified monsters from previous bethesda gmes' I immediately though of "mart's" mutant mod for fallout 3. Am i close? Either way, thanks for the nirnroot fix.
Ciner18 Feb 9, 2012 @ 1:01pm 
Subscribed mod was installed picked a ninroot but the glowing light still remained... ?
Martigen  [author] Feb 9, 2012 @ 12:31pm 
Hey Sartorius, not yet, don't have as much free time to mod as I used to!