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Experimenting with Magicka
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Aug 8, 2012 @ 5:06pm
Feb 22, 2013 @ 5:29pm
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UPDATE: Added Chameleon

In this mod I am trying out some spell concepts. These aren't intended to be balanced or safe, but rather to test crazy ideas I have and capabilities of the CK and Papyrus scripting.

To obtain these spells, open the console and type "coc mlnhold". In front of you should be a row of buttons along the wall, pressing one will give you its spell and equip it to your left hand automatically. The button in the centre of the room will take you to Riverwood, and the single button in the back will bring you to a room full of hapless TestJeremyRegulars to try out the spells on.

Here are the current spells, listed in order of what the row of buttons will give you:

Shooting Star: Throw a chunk of crystallised arcane energy that shatters violently when it hits something. Enemies close to the impact can be hurt by shrapnel and it has a small chance to throw someone off balance. The projectile is affected by gravity, so aim above your enemies at long distances.

Gatling Arrow: Continually fires arrows in a rapid stream as long as the button is held down. Trying to pick up the arrows seems to horribly crash the game, so be careful with that.

Convect: Intense heat radiates from the caster as long as the button is held, igniting all opponents up to a few metres away and partially neutralising any fire spells that hit you while it's being cast. High magicka cost and takes a moment to kick in.

Leaf Blower: Hold the button down to blow whatever poor soul you aim it at out of your way, as though they were a leaf in the wind. The wind keeps blowing as long as the button is held down, and with good aim you can push someone high into the sky. This spell is not the least bit balanced, anything that isn't a mammoth or dragon is completely helpless against it. Don't use it on someone if you want to be able to find them again afterwards, they're likely to be flung all the way to another hold.

Fire Burst: Release firebolts in rapid bursts of 3 at a time. Great for long ranges, as you can move the mouse while firing to add spread to the burst and increase your chances of hitting something. The fireballs come out of your face though, and I'm not sure if there's any way to fix that.

Viral Lightning: Kinda like Chain Lightning. Except with one key difference: rather than being an area-of-effect shock spell like the vanilla Chain Lightning, this one actually casts itself again at a random nearby target when it hits something. Because casting itself again is an inherent property of the spell, it will spread out of control very quickly as it leaps to new targets. Each leap takes up some of your magicka, and it will only stop when either you run out of magicka or there is literally nothing left for it to kill. The more magicka you have, the deadlier it's potential.

Chameleon: An invisibility spell, though instead of having a duration you hold the button and it will last for as long as you have enough magicka to keep channeling it. While you're keeping it held you can perform normal attacks without becoming visible, though power attacks will break the spell and cause you to reappear. Picking up items, activating things or casting a spell with your other hand will cause you to flicker for a moment, potentially giving you away.

This mod may recieve sporadic updates that add new content whenever I feel like trying out an idea.
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MrMeows Jun 6, 2013 @ 1:04pm 
Problem with Fire Burst coming out of your face? Just rename it to Spitfire and say it's intentional!
These spells look pretty fun, especially Leaf Blower. That's the most powerful knockback spell I've ever seen.
richard.l.homan Mar 1, 2013 @ 3:37pm 
I won't be using this mod just yet, as I'm still working on a somewhat vanilla-esque playthrough (I just now got the game... Yes, I DO know I'm pathetic lol). But I'll definitely be istalling it to try out later. Looks cool. The two that look the best to me are the ones that actually seem to fix their original-spell counterparts: Chameleon and Viral Lightning.
keithwhite95 Feb 20, 2013 @ 3:31pm 
dude thats tight
mr_bl3azy Dec 22, 2012 @ 9:24pm 
Thats preetty cool :)
「大麻の女神」  [author] Dec 18, 2012 @ 10:46pm 
My Shooting Star spell doesn't use any custom art, just vanilla effects tweaked in some (arguably) clever ways. Specifically, the projectile is a simple Candlelight/Magelight and when it impacts it uses a modified form of the effect when you kill an Ice Wraith. There's a couple other things it uses for effects that I can't remember off the top of my head.
mr_bl3azy Dec 18, 2012 @ 9:19pm 
Interesting, I wonder if the star spell is similar to my power of the stars mod.
(3E) Skum Dec 10, 2012 @ 1:46pm 
no, thank you for the addition :) when I'm looking for mods I'm really into unique powers, like something created from scratch.. hope I can get this working for myself!
(EDIT): lower case made it work, used in conjuncture with fletcher's amulet the gatling arrow is fun :)
「大麻の女神」  [author] Dec 10, 2012 @ 3:30am 
Try instead "coc mlnhold" without the capitals. I'll look into adding new ways to acquire them but it will probably be after I've sorted out some bugs and perhaps made them a bit more balanced. Thank you for the feedback.
(3E) Skum Dec 10, 2012 @ 12:01am 
coc MLNhold does nothing when typed into the console... perhaps an alternatave acquisition method?
indigo lightning Dec 9, 2012 @ 5:53pm 
The shooting star one looks awesome.